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Chapter 543

As time passed, the night slowly encroached upon the ones camping in this hilly area . The expedition members all got into their tents for a good night’s sleep . Aside from the patrols walking about, the only other sound one could hear is the sound of wood cracking away in the bonfires .

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The patrols are only concerned with external threats, they would never expect people of their own to be up to nefarious goals .


A figure streaked out of one of the tents in a blur . He evaded their lines of visions and he sneaked into another tent .


It’s the tent where Shokuhou Misaki is staying at .


Wu Yan & co stayed at the highest area and unlike Fei Fei & Sylph, the girls aren’t staying in their own tents, they paired up or slept together in groups inside a tent . Well, most of them are staying in their own tents anyway .


Apparently, one of them insisted on getting her own tent, who else but Shokuhou Misaki, she’s too dignified to sleep with the other girls .


The wolf which sneaked in here started snickering in an evil manner .


He made sure to keep his voice down so he won’t stir Shokuhou Misaki awake . Knitting her brows, she still subconsciously heard the voice, maybe it’s her instinct, anyway, she slowly opened her eyes .


With a bit of clarity returning to her, she noticed something wrong and she shot up . After spotting a dark figure in her tent, she tried to scream .




Shokuhou Misaki raised her guard at this intruder . She almost used her ability on this fool who didn’t know his place, she wanted to make him lose any semblance of intelligence with her ability . But, his familiar voice shook her head and her eyes turned helpless .


“Aiya, as expected of the queen…”


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He teased her .


“Aren’t you supposed to scream ‘Kyaa, pervert!’ and then chase the pervert, isn’t that the trope we are going after here?”


Shokuhou Misaki started criticizing him . She puffed her chest out .


“Little Yan, are you still treating me like I am a normal girl?”


“You’re spectacular for sure…”


Wu Yan rubbed his chin . He waxed thoughtful aloud .


“A normal girl would have said ‘Wh-what are you planning on doing’ or something along those lines, aren’t we innocent enough for that?…”


Wu Yan’s weird manner of speech caused a sense of foreboding in her .


“Wh-why are you here?’


An ominous feeling gripped her, she’s pretty sure he’s not here to sip tea or anything, it’s far more insidious than that .


Wu Yan snickered and he replied with a tone that’s a mix between annoyance and amusement .


“Joou-sama, you’ve been having fun pulling away the chair when I am sitting, haven’t you?’

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Shokuhou Misaki flinched . How could she not know he’s here to engrave his mark on his disobedient wife .


Shokuhou Misaki started feeling like this might get dicey for her . On reflex, she used her stabbing laugh to hide the panic in her heart .


“Ara, I-I just wanted to let you know how I missed you…”


“Is that so…”


Wu Yan still grinned in a very creepy manner . He’s clearly not buying any of her crap .


“But, I am not here for explanations or flowery words, Joou-sama… . ”


That line petrified the smile on her face and she instantly knew she wouldn’t be able to get out of this one with her glib tongue . Plus, he’s blocking the only exit . Considering the time, the chance, and the place they are in, there’s only one thing on his mind when he wants to reaffirm his dominance .


She mewled with a begging expression that’s on the verge of tears .


“Little Yan, I admit my mistake, I was wrong, okay?”


Joou-sama pleaded guilty almost immediately . She already knew why he’s here . If throwing away her pride and dignity can spare her the from being made into a plaything for this man, it’s a cheap price to pay . At least, anywhere else but here .


Naturally, the wolf pretended as if she hadn’t spoken at all .


He recalled how she threw him into a crevice between a rock and a hard place, getting knifed was the best-case scenario . His face turned dark and he pounced on Shokuhou Misaki who can invoke a sense to protect in males .

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Almost losing control of her bladder, she frantically climbed away from the hungry hungry wolf . She only managed to climb up before a strong force pinned her back onto the rug on the ground .


She had a rocking body, she could easily beat most of the girls in his harem, including the girls from Date A Live . He reckons that only Ikaros and Astrea are better in regards to divine endowment on the fleshy kind . Just by pressing her down, he can already taste her softness through the tactile nerves in his hands .


“You little! Let go!”


Shokuhou Misaki resisted with an alarmed look . She twisted and turned but this only made Wu Yan even more turned on . She can feel an erect spear pressing against her belly . She froze up lest her actions provoke further outrage .


Shokuhou Misaki’s cessation isn’t mutual, Wu Yan wouldn’t spare her now that it’s come to this .


“Little Yan! We are outside, we are in the Giant Beasts Forest!”


Shokuhou Misaki protested with a whimper .


“And? I have never done it outside too!”


Licking his lips, his devilish grin caused Shokuhou Misaki’s heart to throb in terror .


“There’s a first for everything, right?”


Shokuhou Misaki tried to calm herself down as she slowly tried to reason with this beast, hoping that she would be able to somehow convince him .


“Little Yan, we’ve got more important goals at hand, we have to make sure to wake up early to continue searching for the Beast King . For the greater good, we should put off this play for another time, a man of your insight should know what’s the correct choice in this situation, yes?”




Wu Yan put on a farce as if he’s actually convinced .


“Indeed, the beast king is a pressing matter…”


“Right? Right?”


Shokuhou Misaki saw the light of hope . She continued trying to coax him .


“We are still on a very close relationship, we can do this kind of stuff anytime we want . For example, let’s continue this session after we have settled the matters regarding the beast king, okay? A big manly man like little Yan surely knows when to take the lead and when to sort out our marital affairs, right?”


She even beamed at him with a charming smile .


To protect what’s left of her modesty and pride as a queen, she used all the wit she had on her to try to get out of this one .


They are surrounded by patrols and separated by a thin canvas if they screwed around now, Joou-sama would probably metaphorically kill herself in embarrassment during the shameful act while falling prey to this detestable werewolf’s fiendish claws .


The feeling of being put on edge as a result of possible discovery will probably break her while he’s busy pounding her .


Right now, the most rational thing for her to do is to forget her pride and be as accommodating as possible or she might lose more than her pride tonight .

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