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Chapter 540

Scattered amongst the tree, the Thorny Green Cats that arrived are nothing like the one who died . These ones had darker shades and they are all easily 2 meters with some even larger than 3 meters in length .

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They numbered around 20 to 30 . Their eyes are trained upon the expedition team . Judging from the killing intent the beasts are releasing, these demonic cats are out for blood, and they knew where to get them . Those sharp fangs suddenly seemed much more intimidating than before .


They were originally here to check out the commotion . After seeing the body of their dead comrade on the floor, they are utterly furious . Their fur flared up and if looks could kill, there would be casualties already .


Aoooo Aooo Aooooo


The demonic cats all arched their bodies up in frightening poses . They are now putting up even more killing intent, it’s like they want to drown this area in a carnage .


A gaze of demonic cats: Level 62 – Level 65


“Oh lord Beesus…”


The expedition member cried out . Some of the other expedition members stopped processing the current reality . Most of them are feeling dizzy just from the numbers of Thorny Green Cats present here . Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi are also spotting very grave expression .


Just one demonic cat is enough trouble for 3 peak tier 7 individuals . With this many, 20 to 30 of them, how will they even survive this?


Is this where the tier 8 individuals step in?


Fei Fei and the other 2 clenched their fists in a grim manner . They are so close to the center region, if this is where they have to use their tier 8 individuals, what will happen if they encounter stronger demonic beasts deeper inside?


Wu Yan looked around at the enraged gaze of Thorny Green Cats .


“Stop peeing your pants, take a closer look, these cats are different compared to the one you people fought just now . ”


The others took heed and they examined closer . Wu Yan sighed .


“Seriously, wear yellow pants if you guys are going to keep freaking out like this . Their auras are weaker, like way weaker than the one you guys fought just now . ”

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It is as Wu Yan said, these cats are individually weaker than the cat they fought .


“Some demonic beasts like to live in a group . ”


Wu Yan continued .


“Surely, there’s always the leader of the pack who is in charge of leading the group . If my guess is correct, the one you guys killed just now would be the leader . ”


“I see…”


Fei Fei is the first one to catch on .


“That would explain its ridiculous endurance, strength, and agility . That innate magic to boost its stats are also unique to it right?”


“In the end…”


Frenda looked at the corpse of the dead demonic cat .


“I wonder why its leader is smaller in size than the other demonic cats…”


“What’s so super weird about it?!”


Kinuhata Saiai clapped her hands .


“With agility in mind, it would make sense for it to be smaller in size if it wishes to keep this advantage . I am guessing that they are the type that grows stronger and smaller at the same time . ”


“Is that so?”

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Takitsubou Rikou mumbled .


“Makes sense…”


Hinagiku drew her crystal sword .


“The death of their king must have made them very infuriated . ”


“Ahaha, a king, huh?”


Shokuhou Misaki chuckled .


“I find it amusing how a king would move around on its own . It’s only fitting that it met its end here at our hands . ”


“The last wail must have been a call for help, right?”


Mikoto pursed her lips .


“Even in death, it wants to pull as many of us to death as possible, typical demonic beasts . ”


The demonic cats started hissing as if they understood Mikoto’s words . They are very displeased that some lowly humans would speak so poorly of their admirable king .


After realizing that these demonic cats are weaker than the one before, they started feeling relieved . Some of them are even happy at this outcome .


Isn’t this a fine chance for them to regain their lost pride?


They have been more like spectators than real fighters throughout this trip . It would seem it’s finally time for them to show what they’ve got .

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Alas, it’s their destiny to be red shirts in this journey .


“Do you mind if I take over?”


Someone spoke up just as the other expedition members are psyching themselves up for a big fight .


This person destroyed their enthusiasm by speaking up .


She swept her golden eyes over the gaze of demonic cats . Shokuhou Misaki grinned, crossing her arms, she stepped forth, her lithe legs wrapped by silky white leggings drawing the attention of both males and females .


“Alright, let me do this . ”


Shokuhou Misaki asserted herself . The others looked at her with confused looks .




Bing Ling frowned .


“Just, you?”


Bishi gasped .


“I don’t think that’s wise…”


Fei Fei looked at Wu Yan & co for cues and she noticed that they aren’t too worried which puzzled Fei Fei .




Shokuhou Misaki waved her hands at the expedition team members, her elegant moves made people think she descended from royalty .


“I have to teach these subjects a lesson for letting their king die…”




Wu Yan facepalmed and he sighed .


“Joou-sama is serious about this, cleanup is going to be a bitch…”




Fei Fei wanted to say something but the demonic cats can wait no longer . The loss of their leader is reason enough to tear this expedition team to shreds .


They are going to start with this female human who strayed away from the safety of their group . They pounced towards Shokuhou Misaki .


“Watch out!”


Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi yelled in shock . In their fields of vision, these demonic cats covered all possible escape routes for Shokuhou Misaki .


Against this overwhelming number, Shokuhou Misaki calmly took out the controller she had in her tiny purse . She pressed a button at the group of demonic cats raining down on her .


A weird sound was emitted from the controller and the group of cats got hit with it .


The mean looks mellowed out as stars appeared in the pupils of these demonic cats . These cats started looking more domesticated than wild . They stopped midair and they surrounded Shokuhou Misaki .


Then, the demonic cats all bared their bellies while purring as if asking for Shokuhou Misaki to pet them . They all purred in affection while the rest of the expedition team went slack-jawed .

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