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Chapter 538

The difference between humans and beasts are indistinguishable at times but when fighting for survival, it’s clear that humans are superior .

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After being wounded by Bing Ling and Bishi’s combination attack, the cat got enraged and it launched itself at the both of them like a beast on its last legs . That’s fine and all, except, it forgot that it wasn’t just dealing with two individuals…


Bing Ling and Bishi did their best to defend against the thorny cat’s desperate attack . The demonic cat is really giving them a hard time, they couldn’t focus on doing anything else as their bodies tensed up .


To their surprise, the demonic cat turned jade-green as it shined brightly .


The aura released, magnified the size of the demonic cat . It’s not at least 2 meters in length . Like a brutal tiger, it roared before charging at them .


As a demonic beast, it had innate magic which it chose not to use until now . The two of them felt very pressured by its transformation .


Noticing that this could turn ugly, they correctly surmised that this beast used its innate magic to raise its strength and speed .


Bishi raised his left arm and he swung his arming sword at the target . The demonic cat didn’t bother dodging, it just rammed his sword away, suffering little to no damage in the process .


Brightly shining, the cat growled and it ran so fast it seemed like it had teleported in front of Bing Ling and Bishi .

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“Go full-power!”


The thorny demonic cat is staking it all on this attack . Bing Ling and Bishi also unleashed their douqi and best battle techniques .


Their enhanced techniques covered the cat completely .


But, with its enhancement innate magic, the demonic cat blocked their attacks by overwhelming it with greater power .


“What the?!”


Bing Ling and Bishi gasped in shock .


After destroying their moves, the cat still had enough aura to unleash another attack . Prancing around the cat leaped at the both of them . They can still the sulfurous stench of rotten meat coming from its mouth .


With enhanced strength, defense, and speed from its innate magic, this demonic cat is now officially a giant pain in the butt .

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Their attacks only did enough to stop the cat for just a moment . This moment was all Bing Ling and Bishi needed to respond to their present threat .


Bishi raised his right arm, he pointed his arming sword at the Thorny Green Cat, he pressed his left hand against his right arm . Charging his douqi into the blade, he unleashed a golden sword beam at the cat .


“Golden sword brilliant thrust!”


The golden ray struck the demonic cat, rather, it assaulted the coat of jade-green aura around the cat .




Feeling the golden sword beam eating up its green aura, the demonic cat focused its aura to defend against the golden ray .


It is now a tug-of-war between green and golden light . The opposite forces canceled each other out .


Bing Ling and Bishi can’t help marveling at the tenacity and skill this demonic cat had . Its innate magic is already terrifying enough, it also had the ability to focus its green aura to fortify its defenses when the situation calls for it . It is held in place by Bishi’s attack but it’s better than getting speared through the head .


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At this critical juncture, a figure appeared by the Thorny Green Cat, the beautiful pair of eyes had a cold glint in them . It’s Fei Fei who was forgotten by the cat .


She got into a sword stance, she drew signs in the air with her free hand and she stood on the tips of her toes .


Focusing her power, the heaven and earth dimmed as if to give her the spotlight . Even the temperature around her seemed to have dropped .




Wu Yan grinned .


A pale bluish-white glow that reminded one of moonlight appeared on Fei Fei . The moonlight shrouded her like a silk robe . The light converged at the blade of Night Elf, the glow became a flash of blinding light .


The demonic cat has its hands full dealing with the golden sword beam so it can’t move even if it wanted to .


Fei Fei opened her eyes and she eyed the demonic cat in front of her . With a skillful slash, she sent her attack at the demonic cat . The shining blade looked like it had the blessings of the moon behind it .


The flash of moonlight robbed the demonic cat of its vision . It can’t even defend because the golden sword beam would consume it if it tried to do that .


The demonic cat looked with shrunken pupils before the moonlight sword beam engulfed the demonic cat in its glory . Its wail of anguish is the last thing anyone heard from this creature .


“Night Moon Slash!”


Fei Fei looked on as the jade-green aura belonging to the demonic cat slowly disappeared insight the light-show that is her sword beam .


Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi launched their final attacks on the cat . Augmented sword beam, Icy daggers, and iridescent moonbeams struck the cat .




Sword beams and daggers struck the demonic cat from three different directions . Evasion is impossible, nor is defending possible . This is the final stop for the demonic cat as the merciless attacks fell .


With an impressive explosion, something got thrown into the sky, it’s a 1-meter long figure, bloody and battered, it fell to the ground with a thud . The demonic cat is already dead at this point .


Blood soaked into the ground around the demonic cat’s body . Charred and burnt, if the attacks didn’t kill it, its mortal wounds would have been the final nail in the coffin .

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