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Chapter 527

Takitsubou Rikou’s original ability, AIM Stalker allows her to record and track Esper using their AIM field . According to her, she can track her target down even if the target leaves the Solar system .

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This ability lacked offensive capabilities . It is only potent when used in the right combination, as with the case of ITEM . She’s the core of the team, without her, the team’s efficiency would drop a lot . After she made it to Lvl 5, her ability transformed qualitatively .


Through manipulating the AIM field and other people’s Personal Reality (Source of ESP power), she can augment, weaken, change, or swap the powers of Esper . She’s the key to making Dual Skill users . This is all within her range of abilities now!


With this power, even if she opened another Academy City, a lot of people would still sign up . And if given the right amount of time and resources, she could probably make a greater city than Academy City . Her ability allowed her to nurture useful espers or just downright creating new espers, making the Power Curriculum Program obsolete .


The Academy City thought further investments into making her bloom would be wasted, they really screwed up by ignoring Takitsubou Rikou’s development . She’s a tracker at Lv 4 and now she’s a god-tier supporter at Lv5 .


They knew she had the potential but they decided to pour the resources elsewhere instead of developing Takitsubou Rikou’s power .


Wu Yan didn’t know what Academy City is thinking when they assigned her to an obscure black Ops division, forcing her to use dangerous items like the Ability Body Crystal . Honestly, what were those fools thinking?


The Academy City gave up because they didn’t think she would be able to reach Lv5 . The cost would have been extraordinarily expensive .

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They had plans for making her the eighth Lv 5 of Academy City but they scrapped the plans after the Tree Diagram calculated the probability of her reaching Lv5 as infinitesimally close to 0 .


They treated the Tree Diagram’s statistic as facts, they were too scientific and brainy to believe in miracles or magic . Instead, they resorted to using the Ability Body Crystal to overload her and hope that it will achieve the same effect . Alas, the experiments failed to produce their desired results .


With all her potential locked away behind probabilities, she was assigned a role as a tracker in ITEM .


Academy City would have never been able to predict the arrival of an oddity known as Wu Yan . his System materialized a miracle that allowed Takitsubou Rikou to break her chains and achieve Lv5 .


The System took a look at the infinitesimally 0 chance of her making it to lv5 and it said: “Fuck that . ”


After she became Wu Yan’s summon, bottlenecks and limits can all go to hell . Forget Lv5, if they have the experience points, it would only be a matter of time before she achieves apotheosis .


This is all good news for Wu Yan . His wives are all increasing in strength, even the sisters are doing very well . This is a cause of celebration for him .

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Wu Yan can create a strong faction if he chose to . With over 20,000 individuals who all had the same potential to become godlike, wise advisors like Shokuhou Misaki & co, nothing’s impossible for him .


Fortunately for the people of this world, Wu Yan had no plans on building a strong faction or sect . Otherwise, the people might need to deal with an unstoppable ruffian who can’t die .


To stop any more monsters from coming out of the forest, Wu Yan & co stayed behind to guard the route between the supply town and the Giant Beasts Forest . Wu Yan & co couldn’t care less what happened to the supply town or the humans of this world but if the humans are in crisis, the trouble would catch up to them sooner or later . Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to extend a helping hand now and then .


It also wouldn’t sit well with Wu Yan if so many innocent people died because they chose not to help . At least, Railgun and Kaichou-sama would definitely help regardless of what Wu Yan chose to do . Furthermore, Sister Fei Fei already asked them for help, how can he turn them down?


As expected, the monsters came in waves after that . However, the demonic beast army’s subsequent waves are poorer in quality and lesser in number . Since the monsters are tier 6 and below Wu Yan didn’t even need to help . The sisters volunteered to finish the monsters off as training . He can’t help but be amazed by how easily the Misaka Clone army purged the monsters .


Wu Yan didn’t take away the monster corpses this time . He already had the lion share of the meal, he should some scraps for other people . The monsters wouldn’t sell for much anyway, he’s not exactly losing out by doing some charity here .


When another wave of monsters fell by the human army’s hands, the reinforcements finally made their appearance .

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Decked out in armor, lances, and spears, the reinforcements solidified the defensive line, making it swell a few times larger in size . Not even a fly can land on the supply town now .


An elder led the army, it’s an elder Wu Yan & co recognized .


“Lei Wang?”


Wu Yan & co gasped . Isn’t that Lulu’s grandfather? He’s one of the board members presiding over Silvaria World Institute, the patriarch of Ailu Empire’s biggest noble family .




Lei Wang heartily laughed, he waved towards Wu Yan .


“Little fellow, we meet again!”


“Yan! Hinagiku! Mikoto!”


Fei Fei came running . They recognized her from her distinctive Night Elf sword . She released a sigh of relief after looking at everyone .


“I am glad I made it in time . ”


“About time you guys got here…”


Mikoto bitterly laughed, she shook her head . She’s glad that Fei Fei got here as well .


“I didn’t expect you to personally show up…”


Wu Yan extended his greetings in a respectful manner . Lei Wang is Lulu’s grandfather, he is both stronger and more senior in knowledge and experience . He honestly didn’t think a tier 9 individual like him would lead the reinforcements .

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