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Published at 4th of April 2020 03:36:58 PM
Chapter 518

A clear sky, clouds dotting the sky like sprinkles on a glazed donut . The sunlight lazily shined upon the land, the sun is probably taking a day off considering that it’s not as hot as it should be given the time .

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Suddenly, the sound of something cutting through the air came . The clouds in the way of that invisible object got demolished, the invisible airship continued in great speed towards its destination .


In the control room of Fraxinus…


“Wow! This thing is so fast! Oh my gosh, it’s so cool!”


Flandre-chan bounced around the room while checking out the fittings here . She pushed and touched a lot of levers and buttons . She’s having the time of her life exploring the control room .


In the commander’s seat, Wu Yan sat with his eyes closed . But, he’s actually focusing on directing Fraxinus towards Giant Beast Forest . This is one of the perks of turning Fraxinus into a Noble Phantasm, he had complete control over the ship, he can get the ship to execute his commands by just thinking about it .


Hinagiku stood beside him, she looked at the screen, she reckoned that they are traveling very fast by the speed of the passing clouds . She questioned Wu Yan .


“Where did you steal this airship?”


Wu Yan almost lost control of Fraxinus, he opened his eyes so he can roll his eyes at Hinagiku .


“What makes you think I stole it?”

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“So you robbed this from someone?”


Hinagiku pursed her lips .


“Are you going to say someone gave it to you?”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed . He mumbled in an inaudible voice .


“Yes, someone important gave this to me…”


He touched his chest . Underneath his shirt, there are two Magatama Jewels embedded in his chest .


This is the physical manifestation of his Red Jewel bloodline power derived from True Ancestor .


Wu Yan took a drop of blood from both Kotori and Kurumi before he left Date A Live . He stored their red jewels in his body .


It would be a damn shame if he didn’t use this great ability to its fullest extent . By using the jewel, he can temporarily use all the powers and strengths of the blood’s owner .


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Kotori had power over flames while Kurumi can manipulate time . Depending on how he used them, the powers can really decide the flow of a battle . Specifically, Kurumi’s time manipulation power can be of great use in many situations .


He can also use their angels and Astral Dress along with assuming their levels . He would beat himself up if he didn’t take a drop of blood from them .


Alas, the Red Jewel only allowed him to copy their powers and strength but not their equipment . Otherwise, he would have chosen Ikaros as one of the Red Jewel contributors . He compromised and chose the spirits’ for their powers .


Luckily for him, Angels and Astral Dresses count as equipment manifested from a spirit’s power . Hence, he can use their abilities including Angels and Astral Dresses .


The spirits relied heavily on their Angels and Astral Dresses to fight, without them, the spirits wouldn’t even be able to fight at 10% of full strength .


Wu Yan wanted to get Tohka’s blood since she is a spirit who excels at close-combat . She didn’t have special abilities like Yoshino, Kotori, or Kurumi but she makes up for this by being very good at sword-wielding .


His maximum Red Jewel capacity is at 3 jewels so he would have to give up either Kotori or Kurumi’s Red Jewel . The last red jewel slow is reserved for someone else .


“Flandre-chan, can you come here real quick?”


Flandre-chan stopped her little adventure and she landed in front of Wu Yan .


“Onii-chan, how can I help?”

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“You can, I need help with a little stuff, you see…”


He hugged Flandre-chan and he got honest with her, his voice sounded hesitant .


“However, it’s going to prick…”


“Flandre-chan isn’t afraid of pain, I am not like my Onee-chan…”


Flandre-chan’s nostrils flared with pride . Wu Yan raised an eyebrow and he felt bad for Remilia, her sister sold her out so easily…


He made a small incision on Flandre-chan’s index finger . He squeezed the wound and a drop of blood fell onto his palm in front of Hinagiku and Flandre-chan who are very curious . Flandre-chan’s wound healed almost instantly .


Flandre-chan is a high-grade vampire, her regeneration and vitality allowed her to recover minor wounds like this in a blink of an eye . Wu Yan’s regeneration and vitality is higher than her because he’s a True Ancestor but even a low-grade vampire could have healed from this minor wound in no time .


Flandre-chan blinked .


“It didn’t hurt…”


Hinagiku’s curiosity got the better of her .


“What are you going to do with that?”


Wu Yan smiled, he didn’t answer her . Instead, he raised his hand and he squeezed down on the drop of blood .


A bloody red light flooded the room . When he opened his palm, a red Magatama Jewel is in his hand…


“What’s that?”


Hinagiku and Flandre-chan asked at the same time, they tilted their heads in puzzlement . The jewel had a strange allure to it, they subconsciously can’t look away .


“This is my trump card . ”


He said excitedly . If he used the jewel, he would obtain the strength of a tier 9 individual if only for a brief period of time .


He pressed the magatama against his chest and the 3 magatama jewels aligned on his chest in an organized manner .


He touched his chest and he confirmed that the red jewel is safely stored away .

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