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Published at 2nd of April 2020 02:42:57 PM
Chapter 516

Kotori is taken by surprise…

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Her eyes widened, reflected in her eyes is a masculine figure holding her while smooching her . She didn’t know where this came from judging from how surprised she is right now .


She didn’t expect him to show up the moment she murmured his name . The shock made her forget that Wu Yan is still toying with her lips .


His tongue pried her teeth open, venturing inside her oral orifice, the tongue didn’t take long to subjugate her tongue, forcing her to dance in tune with him .




His tongue is strangely agile, her tiny tongue stood no chance in front of this formidable enemy . Her cheeks started flushing and she drummed Wu Yan’s chest in protest of his violent behavior, her protest turned into incomprehensible moans since Wu Yan plugged her mouth up .


She moved her face side to side as if she could pull away from his embrace in this manner . Wu Yan knew she’s going to this so he moved his head in the same direction . This served only to make their kiss deeper and raunchier .


When the pleasurable sensation seeped into her mind, the strength and speed at which she drummed Wu Yan’s chest decreased until she stopped resisting . Her eyes started turning misty, enchanting her already passionate face with more feminine charm .


Wu Yan’s lust burned even brighter, he pressed his face further, giving his tongue more leverage . Like a brute, the tongue played with its tinier counterpart like a cruel master .


In Wu Yan’s skillful tongue hands,  Kotori started blooming red in color . With her hands on his wide and firm chest, she accepted Wu Yan’s advance .


Wu Yan didn’t relent, he kept going until Kotori had trouble breathing . Panting, she noticed Wu Yan parted lips with her . However, Wu Yan’s not done with her, he’s still on top of her .


His hot breath tickled her cheeks but it didn’t tickle Wu Yan as much as her heaving invigorated him . Their red eyes met and they gazed at each other .


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After Kotori caught her breath, she noticed how Wu Yan played her like a violin again and she snapped at him .


“What’s the deal?! You come home and y-…”


“Hold your objections!”


Wu Yan stopped her, he pressed down on her as if asserting his dominance .


“Just today, I want you to forget about your tsundere side . ”


“Wh-who’s a tsundere?!”


Kotori yelled at him in a bashful manner .


“What’s so special about today?”


Ignoring how he’s still on top of her, she had an idea but she didn’t want to confront reality if that turns out to be true .


Wu Yan smiled at her .


“You already know, don’t you?”


Kotori clenched her teeth, it’s as she feared .

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“Y-you’re leaving?…”


“Please don’t show me that look?”


Kotori’s lonely and sad look pained him very much . He bitterly laughed .


“I should be the who feels the saddest right?”


Wu Yan’s departure will make this world go into stasis, everything will stop until the next time he returns . From Kotori’s perspective, it will be less than a fraction of second from when Wu Yan left and when he returns . It didn’t matter if Wu Yan spent an eternity outside this world . The same thing happens if Wu Yan summoned her in another world, from her perspective, it will be like she’s suddenly transported to another place .


From Wu Yan’s point of view, he has to wait until the next time he returns to this time or when he summons Kotori .


Kotori understood this but her emotions are still overflowing . She didn’t want him to go .


Wu Yan teased her .


“Come on, don’t tell me you’re reluctant to be apart even for just a second?”


“Mind your own business!”


Kotori looked the other way but Wu Yan still caught sight of her blushing face .


“I couldn’t care less if you’re gone!”

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“Oh, really?”


Wu Yan examined her face by getting closer .


“I thought I said you’re not allowed to use Tsundere-lines?”




Kotori leered at him . However, since Wu Yan is going to leave soon, she decided to ignore his remarks . She kept opening and closing her mouth without saying anything, she didn’t know what to say to him .


As Wu Yan’s face got closer, Kotori felt even more uncomfortable, she squirmed around .


“Get off me!”




Wu Yan blinked and he answered back in a defiant tone .


“No . ”


Kotori got mad at him, she turned violent and she thrashed around .


“Nope . ”


Wu Yan pressed down on her, he’s basically sandwiching Kotori with the bed and his body . He can feel Kotori’s growing curves as she moved around under him .


Wu Yan let loose a thought without thinking too much about it .


“Since Kotori’s going to marry Onii-chan right?”


“You and your nonsense!”


Kotori exploded . She remembered the stuff they did in the family bath and the hot spring . She blushed so hard steam started appearing off the top of her head .


Like a kitten throwing a tantrum, Wu Yan found her angry and bashful face very cute . He licked his lips and he took her lips once more .


Kotori stopped struggling and hints of panic could be seen in her eyes . As Wu Yan’s face approached hers, her heart started racing again . She closed her eyes and she braced herself for the impact .


As she imagined, he pried open her clenched teeth with seductive moves from his supple and forceful tongue . Kotori leaked out a moan and her expression tensed up .


This is the first time Wu Yan didn’t get a jump on her, this fresh feeling of mutual acceptance added to the sensation .


Although Wu Yan had stolen multiple kisses from her, this time, the kiss they shared felt like a first kiss for Kotori . Like a maiden without experience, she’s nervous, is she doing it right?


Wu Yan took the lead and he led her tongue around in a sensual dance . Kotori realized that she can’t go back anymore . The two of them lost themselves in each other’s warmth .

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