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Published at 19th of March 2020 02:05:18 PM
Chapter 507

Shiori cleaned up the plates after they all had breakfast . She tidied up and she grabbed a purse before heading out .

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“I’m going now”


“Oh, have a safe trip…”


Kotori, Tohka, and Yoshino bade her goodbye . They aren’t thinking too much into this just like Shiori, they assumed she’s just going to hang out with another girl in the city, shopping and eating snacks .


She waved her hands at them and she went on her way .


Wu Yan who had been trying his hardest to draw on his ninja skills and hide his presence finally raised his head . A scary glint flashed in his eyes .


Poking around, he coughed and told the others that he’s heading out .


“I want to go buy some stuff, be right back . ”


“You going shopping?”


Tohka seems interested .


“Shido, I want to go with you!”


“That won’t be necessary . ”


Wu Yan rejected her .


“The place is just around the corner, I will be back in a jiffy . ”


“I see…”


Tohka nodded with a disappointed look . She laid her head on the table in a lazy manner . She just wanted to go out with Wu Yan, she’s not really interested in getting anything .


Wu Yan clapped his hands together while apologizing to her . He got out of the house without turning his head back . He needed to catch up or he’s going to lose track of Shiori .


Wu Yan is planning on tailing Shiori, specifically, he wanted to see what Tobiichi Origami is going to do .

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He is not going to pass up such quality entertainment for anything in the world .


In a way, Wu Yan is being a total douche .



Tengu city, the center of the city .


Shiori hastened her footsteps when she approached the rendezvous point . Soon, she saw Tobiichi Origami in her casuals, she obviously put a lot of thoughts into her attire . Shiori made a beeline for her .


“Sorry, Origami-san, did you wait long?”


Shiori is a bit out of breath . She can’t help but find her volume lowering when she saw how Origami looked like .


“No, I just got here . ”


Origami said, with a few doves on her shoulders and head .


“I-is that so?”


Shiori awkwardly laughed . She’s not sure if she should call her bluff but she decided to ignore the birds .


“Then, let’s go!”




Origami nodded with an expressionless face . Her eyes had a hint of happiness in them when Shiori invited her along .


The two are in very close proximity, they looked like normal BFFs but one of them didn’t think so .


A black figure followed them in a sneaky manner . Wu Yan who is stalking the two of them didn’t follow because he noticed something . His lips twitched .


“Mind telling me…”


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Wu Yan turned around .


“Why you girls are here?”


“Ara ara, you only have yourself to blame for sneaking around like a thief…”


Draped in an elegant one-piece dress, Kurumi smiled .




Kotori clicked her tongue, she gazed in the direction Shiori and Tobiichi Origami went .


“Tobiichi Origami isn’t that close to Shiori-nee, I wonder what business she has with her, I can’t help but worry…”


“You could have watched them from Fraxinus, I don’t know why you’re personally here…”


Wu Yan shook his head . He knows what Tobiichi Origami wanted with Shiori but if he said it out loud Kotori would start judging them .


Kotori rolled her eyes .


“Look, I wanted to use Fraxinus but well, the timing and…”


“Timing and what?”


Wu Yan pressed on .


“What’s going on?”


Kotori didn’t answer him . She turned her head the other way and she ignored Wu Yan . wu shrugged and he sighed .


“Fine, I more or less can guess why you girls are here…”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed .


“And, Tohka, Yoshino, what about you two?”

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“That’s because…”


Tohka grumbled .


“I want to go with Shido…”


“Erm… I’m sorry…”


Yoshino lowered her head .


“Everyone went out so I just…”


Tohka and Yoshino’s expression made Wu Yan choke on his words .


‘Fine, you girls can follow me but you girls need to follow my orders, ya hear?”


Tohka and Yoshino nodded . Kurumi looked at Wu Yan and she curiously asked .


“Well, Shido, why are you following Shiori?”


Kotori narrowed her eyes at him in a scary manner .


“You’re not planning on doing something you won’t be able to tell anyone with a straight face right?”


Wu Yan raised his eyebrows and he straightened his back .


“Do I look like someone who does that kind of stuff?”


Kurumi, Kotori, Tohka, and Yoshino exchanged looks and they nodded without hesitation . Their unanimous consensus made his expression freeze up .


Wu Yan pointed at the girls with his trembling index finger .


“Do I really look like that in your eyes?


“Ara, Shido, don’t be sad…”


Kurumi smiled .


“Even if you’re like that, I still love you…”


Wu Yan looked at Tohka with puppy eyes .


“Tohka, do you think I am someone like that?”


“Isn’t that so?”


Tohka shrunk back .


“Everybody is saying so…”


Wu Yan’s heart started aching . Wu Yan was wrong to ask someone like her . She probably didn’t have a clue what everyone is thinking about when they say he’s someone like that .


Kotori’s image of him is something Wu Yan didn’t need to ask, he already knew because he tried his moves on her too many times . Kotori’s not going to be convinced he’s a saint even if he saved the world from apocalypse .


Wu Yan turned his head towards his final hope, Yoshino . Yoshino blushed and she evaded his gaze . Yoshino didn’t need to say anything, the damage was already done, Wu Yan’s heart has been shredded into a million pieces .




Wu Yan kneeled on the ground in an orz pose, his body started turning to dust .


“I tried so hard to put up a good front…”


“Enough with your theatrics . ”


Kotori walked past him while waving her hands in an annoyed manner .


“Onee-san and the other one are getting far, we have to catch up now . ”


The girls left Wu Yan behind . Wu Yan turned even paler as the void started welcoming his dusty body .

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