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Published at 15th of March 2020 01:54:07 PM
Chapter 502

The sister’s calm almost mechanical tone surprised Mikoto, Hinagiku, Flandre, and Ikaros . Mikoto herself isn’t sure why a sister is here .

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“What is a Misaka clone doing here?”


Hinagiku gasped . She tilted her head in confusion .


“I thought Shokuhou Misaki sent them all to the Giant Beasts Forest to grind experience points? Why are they here all of a sudden?”


Mikoto opened the door and a Misaka clone who looked exactly like Mikoto stood there with a military visor on her head .




Flandre pointed her finger at the identical Misaka in front of her .


“There’s 2 Misaknee?!”


“It’s really you!”


Mikoto cheered .


“Yes, Onee-sama, Misaka has come to see you says Misaka in an excited manner…”


Mikoto’s smile froze . She’s apparently excited but her expressionless face would suggest otherwise .


Mikoto decided to ignore the sister’s antics .


“Anyway, come in . ”


Mikoto invited her clone into the house . However, a charming voice came from behind the clone .


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“Ara, Misaksan, it hurts when you ignore me like this…”


Mikoto’s lip twitched and she so didn’t want to deal with this right now .


“I am imagining it… just my imaginations…”


“Oh, Misaksan doesn’t want to see me, I shouldn’t have brought a sister here it seems…”


The owner of the voice replied in an upset tone .


“That’s enough you two…”


Hinagiku came out with a helpless look .


“Just get in, if those annoying bastards see you, it’s going to be more troublesome than whatever you two have going on here . ”


“Hinagiku is a woman of reason, unlike somebody…”


Shokuhou Misaki had a smug grin . She looked classy with her gold-gilded uniform and her lustrous blonde hair adorned by sunlight . If only she did something about her habit of messing with Mikoto .


Shokuhou Misaki was accompanied by Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou . This looked like a formal summit due to how all the executives of Starlight Queen gathered here .


“Hinagiku, Mikoto, you two looked like you have it super not fun, what’s with the locked doors?”


Kinuhata Saiai greeted them in a cheeky manner . She sounded like she’s enjoying their misery .


Hinagiku rolled her eyes at her . Ignoring her, she walked back into the house . Mikoto pulled her sister into the villa . In the end, Kinuhata Saiai didn’t get the satisfaction she wanted, the 5 of them entered the house .


“Are you doing well in the Giant Beast Forest? What about the others? Are they doing fine?”

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Mikoto started bombarding the Misaka sister with questions . She leered at Shokuhou Misaki almost to the point of growling at her . She’s going to chew Shokuhou Misaki out if she didn’t like what she’s going to hear .


“Onee-sama, Misaka and the others have been well . Misaka answered Onee-sama’s question while thinking if there are any other interesting topics to bring up…”


“You’re still talking in a weird manner, huh?”


Hinagiku awkwardly laughed .


Mikoto wanted to ask a bunch of stuff as well so she didn’t bother to comment on their weird manner of speech .


“Where are the others?”

“It’s only me . The others are still in Giant Beast Forest, Misaka explains with nothing but the truth . Misaka wonders how Misaka is going to bring up the subject of asking Onee-sama for help…”


The others are shocked by what she had said .




Mikoto stood up and she’s visibly distressed .


“What’s going on? Are the sisters in danger or something?”


The Misaka clone shook her head in denial .


“Calm down, Onee-sama, the others are not in danger, Misaka hurriedly explains as Onee-sama started panicking…”


Mikoto isn’t assured yet .


“Why do you need help then?”

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Shokuhou Misaki finally chimed in .


“Let me explain . ”


The clone stopped talking much to Mikoto’s displeasure, she didn’t like how the clone followed her nemesis’ order .


Shokuhou Misaki approached her .


“It’s not an urgent help it’s more like a request for a bit of aid…”


“Why would you need aid then?”


They urged Shokuhou Misaki to go on .


“There have been weird occurrences in the Giant Beast Forest…”


Shokuhou Misaki got straight to the point .


“The monsters in the forest usually stay solitary and have their own territories . The monsters would fight each other if their territories clashed . ”


“But, today, the sisters who were out hunting beasts noticed how some territorial monsters are apparently in a cooperative partnership . ”


“The monsters are ganging up?”


Hinagiku and Mikoto yelled in surprise .


“How is that possible?”


“I don’t know yet…”


Shokuhou Misaki shook her head, she had a grim look .


“I don’t know why they are teaming up but this does not bode well for the sisters . ”


“Explain yourself . ”


Mikoto is freaking out right now, her low voice belied her anxiety .


“Calm down, there is no immediate danger to the sisters even if the monsters teamed up . ”


Shokuhou Misaki said in a cold tone .


“It concerns me that the beasts aren’t just teaming up, they are working together to drive humans away from the forest . ”


“Driving humans away?”


Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged looks . They looked puzzled but they also knew something is up, monsters don’t just team up for no reason .


“This is the problematic part . ”


Shokuhou Misaki sighed, she continued with a grave tone .


“The sisters needed some time to demobilize and somehow or the other the beasts cornered them in the forest . They are still holding their own against the monsters but I don’t think they can keep it up for long . ”




Mikoto yelled in shock .

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