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Published at 4th of March 2020 01:36:19 PM
Chapter 494

“It’s nothing short of a miracle…”

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Reine who is unfazed at most anything voiced her surprise out loud . She continued .


“Tokisaki Kurumi’s familiarity gauge is maxed out when it was just half-filled yesterday . How did you do it?> . . ”


She clearly intended for Wu Yan to answer that one . The other members gave Wu Yan respectful nods after confirming the gauge’s progress .


He’s godlike at doing his job, he got close to a spirit which is very hostile and he sealed her . Feeling everyone’s attention on him, Wu Yan started feeling awkward .


Wu Yan is surprised as well . He didn’t expect to make such a big impression on Kurumi .


Given her personality, if Wu Yan didn’t know about her background and stories, he would have a hard time too . Heck, Kurumi probably wouldn’t be wearing a sealing bracelet right now .


Still, it surprised him that Kurumi’s love gauge is maxed out . Maybe it’s because he filled her up with some artificial mayo in the medical ward just now?


Wu Yan sighed and he replied in a helpless manner .


“Even if you ask me, I am not sure myself…”


He got through by winging it?


The others didn’t know what to say, they started suspecting if he’s just boasting with modesty as a cover . They are thinking that maybe this is his way of tooting his own horn about being popular with girls .


If Wu Yan can read minds he would probably be angry with them . He didn’t boast when Joou-sama and Railgun took shots at each other for his affection, why would he start now?


Kotori rubbed her chin, she knew Wu Yan isn’t boasting right now . She’s sure he’s telling the truth, this guy didn’t know why Kurumi is so infatuated with him . She popped a Chupa Chup in her mouth and she waved her hand .

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“Maa, Kurumi’s sealed and the risk of significant public harm is nil and that’s enough for me, I don’t care about the exact steps Wu Yan took . ”


The others returned to their stations, having lost interest in this topic . Wu Yan silently released a sigh of relief, if they kept pressing him, he’s not sure if he could keep the possible reason a secret .


That he stuffed her good with his meat rod .


Wu Yan asked Kotori after looking around the room .


“Right, where’s Yatsuki?”


“He is still recovering from the wounds he sustained in the last conflict…”


She chastized him .


“Yatsuki’s a human, he’s not a spirit and he’s not you . He got shot in the back so he’s not going to be back in action anytime soon . ”




Wu Yan continued .


“What are you going to do about Kurumi?”


Kotori stopped chewing on her candy and she replied .


“The original plan was to treat her like a criminal . ”


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Wu Yan gasped .




Kotori narrowed her eyes .


“She killed at least 10 thousand people, mass murder is still a heavy crime . She should pay for her actions . ”


Wu Yan turned silent . He’s having some internal conflicts right now .


She would easily rank top among serial killers with her kill count . If she’s human, she would have been shot to death for her crimes .


At least, if Wu Yan is still a human, he would have felt that way . However, to him, human lives are not as important as before . He’s not yet at the level where he thought of human lives as that of ants . But, the dead won’t be brought back with vengeance, humans also die rather easily so he’s more or less blase to death at this point .


Moreover, he’s also a murderer . He has killed, including the people he wasted in the frontier town’s hunt for treasure, he might have killed more thankurumi .


Wu Yan didn’t want to see Kurumi facing the music . The feeling is even more intense now that she’s one of his partners in life .


Wu Yan subconsciously protested on her behalf .


“Is there no other way?”


Kotori turned around, she used an intense gaze on him, he’s getting the feeling that she’s not happy he’s defending Kurumi like this .


“You seem awfully interested in her well-being…”

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“How can I not?”


Wu Yan bitterly smiled .


“I believe spirits are all kind in nature . I know she’s got a lot of blood on her hands but she’s a victim of various circumstances . She was forced into killing by the ones who are after her life . Kotori, I know you can see the kindness in her heart, please…”


Kotori turned her head the other way .


“You’re preaching to the choir, she’s not in the nuthouse because of me . ”


Wu Yan lit up in excitement .


“You’re saying you can do something about her placement?”


Kotori pouted and she sighed .


“Since she is a spirit, her circumstances are rather unique so we are planning on observing and dealing with her as the situation calls for it . If she continues killing or commits major criminal offenses we won’t be as lenient . ”


“When you say observe, you mean…”


“I am saying…”


Kotori bit down her lips and she continued as if she bit the bullet .


“Kurumi will be placed under our care at our home . ”




Wu Yan’s happy expression made Kotori angry for some reason .


“Don’t celebrate too early, this is just an unapproved decision, I can still change the decision . Moreover, our home is out of rooms to house her, even Yoshino has to sleep with Tohka due to the limited space available . ”


“You’re right…”


Wu Yan felt a bit frustrated .


A soft voice made everyone turn their heads . Without noticing anyone, Kurumi entered the control room .


“Ara ara, I wouldn’t want to trouble everyone with this…”


They looked at Kurumi who is in a patient’s gown . She beamed at them and she approached Wu Yan .


She grabbed his arm and she stuck to him like a really clingy girlfriend before she purred .


“I can just share a room with Shido . ”




Everyone cried out in surprise . Kotori stood up from a seat and she looked at Kurumi with burning eyes .


Not one to back down from a leer, Kurumi smiled back at her .


“Is there a problem with that?…”

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