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Chapter 493: 493
Wu Yan put on his clothes before he adjusted Kurumi’s blanket so she can sleep better . He covered her lustrous body with the blanket and he nodded in a satisfied manner .

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He gave her a light peck on her forehead after brushing aside her bangs . It’s like Kurumi can feel this, she wrinkled her nose and she tilted her head a bit before she fell back into her peaceful sleep .

It’s hard to imagine that this cute sleeping girl can get crazy when you’re not being careful . He shook his head and he headed towards the door .

Fraxinus, control room…

The members in the control room are busy analyzing the data they got from the fight in the zoo . Any information they can gather will be put to use in their efforts to save more spirits . It’s not every day that you can get 4 spirits in one place and see them in action . They are going to be very busy watching and reviewing the footage they have of the fight .

The objective here is to find any and all information that can be utilized in the future . It would reduce the risk of harm for both side not to mention increase the chances of successfully pacifying a spirit .

Naturally, Kotori is present as the commander of Ratatoskr . She’s stable after Wu Yan sealed her powers . Although she still needed more rest, she’s here because she felt more at home helping spirits than resting in bed .

She can also raise the morale of the personnel working around the clock by just being here . It’s better than dying of boredom in bed .

“Oh, the commander is using her powerful gaze on me, I feel so invigorated!”

If you ignored his personality, this handsome man known as Kyouhei Kannazuki would have no problems scoring it with the ladies . However, he is running his mouth off like a hippotamus and dancing around the room like a monkey, needless to say, this destroyed his image and reputation as a handsome man .

He might be hyped to do some work but since he’s the second-in-command, he had relatively little to do when there are no spirits which would explain why he can be so lax as to dance around the office like a clown .

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Kyouhei is starting to get on Kotori’s nerves . Her veins started bulging near her temple, it might be his voice or it might be Kyouhei’s dancing, either way, Kotori’s not happy right now .

She snapped, with a snap of the fingers, two burly men walked in and they grabbed Kyouhei .

Kannazuki Kyouhei pleaded for mercy .

“Commander, please, spare me since I have been working really hard!”

Kotori told him off with an emotionless face .

“Since you’re so energetic, why don’t you go dig a hole and then fill it back up again . I order you to do that for a day!”

Kyouhei couldn’t be happier, the burly men escorted him out while he cheered out loud .

Wu Yan made way for the two burly men since he didn’t know what that’s about nor did he want to know . He entered the room while his lip twitched . He knew better than to ask Kotori what happened but he still entered her crosshairs .


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Kotori spotted him and she clicked her tongue .

“Don’t you have to tend to Kurumi?”

Wu Yan’s not sure whether she’s displeased with him or Kurumi . It’s probably something to do with both of them so Wu Yan shrugged .

“She’s awake and she appears fine . I put her back to bed and I came over here to check up on some stuff…”

“She’s awake?”

Kotori frowned .

“And she didn’t cause any trouble?”

If Kurumi wanted to, she could probably do extensive damage inside Fraxinus . Wu Yan fervently objected Kotori’s proposal to put cameras in and around her room . He did this without any ill intent and he’s thanking himself for being so thoughtful of Kurumi’s feeling . If he didn’t object, the surveillance team would probably have a lot to talk about when they went off duty . Worst-case scenario, their pants-off dance-off session might have been broadcasted in the control room .

Wu Yan awkwardly laughed and he continued .

“Kotori, I have sealed her powers with the sealing bracelet, I don’t think she can cause any more trouble for us . ”

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The control room turned silent .

“Kurumi put on the sealing bracelet?”

Kurumi is both gleeful and shocked .

Everyone stared at Wu Yan with widened eyes .

Wu Yan is not comfortable with the tense mood .

“What’s with those eyes? Is there something wrong?”

“How did you do it?”

Kotori asked the question on everyone’s mind . Everyone here is aware just how hard it is to communicate with Kurumi let alone pacify her . A person who can appease such a spirit appeared, of course, they wanted to know how he did it .

“Even if you ask me…”

Wu Yan smiled and he continued .

“I don’t know how to answer…”

Kotori stared at Wu Yan for a bit before she turned towards Reine .

“What does the spirit analyzer say?”

Reine looked at her screen .

“It’s true, Kurumi’s spirit signature is completely gone, the chances of sealing her powers are above 90%, he’s telling the truth . ”

“That’s great!”

Everyone in the control room hurrayed . Kotori released a sigh of relief and she smiled .

Kurumi is a very vexing target for them . She’s not afraid to kill when provoked, she’s also mentally unstable, she has a kill count of at least 10,000, Ratatoskr has never been successful in their efforts to placate her until today .

Granted, it’s only reasonable that they are overjoyed when someone solved their biggest problem for them .

They are all looking at Wu Yan with eyes of admiration .

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