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Published at 14th of February 2020 01:36:40 PM
Chapter 482

Blood started dripping down those pale ghostly arms after Kotori got riddled with holes . It’s a very gruesome sight for Tohka, Yoshino, and Mana as they stared with horror . Yoshino is the first one to close her eyes, she can’t endure this sight anymore .

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Kurumi licked her lips in elation .


“What a tragedy for such a young girl to die . You’re so heartless and cruel!”




Tohka and Mana yelled at Kurumi . They kept struggling to break free from their bonds . However, Tohka is still human while Mana sustained heavy injuries, this meant that they can’t break free no matter how hard they tried .


Kurumi is too busy laughing out loud to notice the sarcastic grin on Kotori’s face .




Kotori’s cold voice made Kurumi’s smile froze .


“I knew it’s going to hurt so I prepared myself mentally, guess it’s still gonna hurt whether or not you are prepared…”


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Kotori looked at Kurumi with a smug smile .


Will-o’-wisp-esque flames covered Kotori’s wound and she recovered instantaneously from the wounds she sustained just seconds ago .




Kurumi can’t believe her eyes . She confirmed Kotori’s unharmed state one more time with her eyes . To think there is another individual here that can defy death .




Tohka and the other girls all released sighs of relief . They thought she was going to die for sure from her grievous wounds .


Kotori grinned and she swiped her arms at Tohka and the other girls’ direction . Flames engulfed the pale hands restraining Tohka and the other girls without harming the persons themselves .


Kurumi can’t do anything but watch as the other girls all broke free from their shackles .




The girls stood up after they were freed by Kotori .


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Enduring her pain, Mana hurried to Shiori’s side in order to confirm her safety . After finding out that she’s okay, she relaxed just a bit .




Tohka gnashed her teeth at her .


“I can’t believe you tied me to the ground in such a cowardly manner!”


“You girls…”


Kurumi also gnashed her teeth . She’s a bit angry that her hostages are free . She’s also blaming herself for letting her guard down, making their escapes easier .


Kurumi also knew her chances of winning are decreasing by the second . If Wu Yan chose to continue fighting or running, she won’t be able to stop him from achieving his goals .


“How the tables have turned…”


Wu Yan lifted her hands and he unsealed two other sealing bracelets .


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“Seal, unleash!”


Tohka and Yoshino felt their spirit powers returning to them as the mysterious energy that bound them to the sealing bracelet weakened .


Tohka closed her eyes and she channeled her spirit powers before letting out a loud battle cry .


“Spirit dress of God’s authority, No 10!”


A huge storm started blowing and a purplish-black lightning bolt fell on Tohka .


After emerging from the lightning bolt, Tohka is now clad in her elegant and heroic spirit armor .




Tohka stomped the ground and a giant throne broke out from the ground that Tohka stomped on . A giant broadsword is embedded in the middle of the throne .


Pulling the blade out, the throne disappeared while Tohka pointed her blade at Kurumi .


“Spirit dress of God’s authority, No 4!”


A soft voice came from Yoshino’s side . She closed her eyes and cold air started swirling around her . The air was so cold that the ground started freezing over .


After she transformed, the misty cold air became a giant green raincoat that had a pair of rabbit ears as the hood .




She slammed the ground with her hand and a gigantic puppet emerged from the ground roaring in a majestic manner . Yoshino rode the puppet and she controlled the puppet after inserting her hand into the puppet . The puppet’s eyes glowed in a sinister manner, Kurumi can feel the cold air wafting out from its gigantic mouth even if she is dozens of meters away .


“Spirit dress of God’s authority, No 5!”


A torrent of flames sprouted from Kotori and her clothes got burned away in less than a second . The flames shrouded her like she’s a divine being sent from the heavens . A sash floated behind her in defiance of gravity . A pair of horns also replaced her black ribbons, making her look very intimidating as an opponent .




Kotori summoned her angel by lifting her hand . Flames climbed up her arm and materialized a flaming halberd that looked just as regal as her attire .


Tohka, Yoshino, and Kotori all materialized their astral dress and angels .


Right here, right now, the strongest team has assembled .

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