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Chapter 472

Tengu city, a certain zoo .

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The zoo is strangely deserted with nary an animal in sight . Without any living things here to make noise, the zoo became eerily quiet .


Kurumi stood here, patiently waiting for someone . On the ground, Tohka, Kotori, Yoshino and Shiori are restrained by pale arms that came out of the ground .


“Looks like you planned this meticulously . How much time did you spend on this, Kurumi?”


Kotori nonchalantly asked like she’s not even in danger . She didn’t forget to add a bit of sarcasm in her tone .


“How cowardly of you, Kurumi!”


Tohka struggled to get out of the restraints but without her powers, the frail arms felt like tiger grips .


Yoshino is terrified of this situation . She cringed in fear between Tohka and Kotori . Meanwhile, Shiori is still unconscious .


Kurumi grinned at Tohka .


“It’s useless for you to struggle . You should relax and just lay down obediently . ”


“What are you trying to do here?”


Kotori asked Kurumi .


“Let me guess, Shido?”




Tohka squirmed harder as she yelled out loud .


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“I will never let you hurt Shido!”


Tohka’s word ticked off Kurumi .


“Ara ara, who said anything about hurting Shido?”


She approached Tohka and she asked Tohka .


“Why would I ever hurt Shido?”


“So she says…”


Kotori replied with a tone of disbelief .


“You girls will never understand my feelings for him . ”


She caressed Tohka’s face despite her disapproval . She continued .


“Shido is different . He is the perfect one just for me . Of course, I am not going to hurt him . I want to spend an eternity with him . ”


“Just to clarify, when you say an eternity you mean eating him literally with your City of Devouring time right?”


Kurumi replied .




“That’s for food . Someone like Shido deserves way better . ”


Kurumi chuckled .

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Suddenly, she had a nasty grin .


“I am planning on eating him personally, that is why I kidnapped you girls . This all wouldn’t happen if Shido properly listened to me . ”




Tohka yelled at her .


“So you are still going to harm Shido!”


“Anyway, just sit back and watch…”


Kurumi smiled in a sinister way .


“Be sure to watch my date with Shido and witness our union . ”




Tohka shrieked in anger . Kotori also bit her lips while Yoshino struggled to get free . She might be timid but she is not going to sit here and watch someone threaten Wu Yan .

A bright pillar of light appeared which attracted everyone’s attention . Two figures appeared from the light pillar .


Mana and Yatsuki have arrived .


“Onee-chan . ”


Mana panicked when she saw an unconscious Shiori on the ground . Both of them wanted to rush to Shiori and Kotori’s aid but a figure stopped them before they can do that .


“Pesky as ever…” 

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Kurumi grumbled . She is very annoyed by the presence of the uninvited guests . She is going to mess Mana up if she is here to cause trouble .


“You again!”


She drew her lightsaber in anger . The lightsaber had a malicious glow .


“Ara ara, so scary…”


She joked but Yatsuki can feel enormous killing intent when he tried to get closer to Kotori .


Kurumi is not taking him seriously . If he tried anything, she is going to put him down immediately with lethal force .


Yatsuki backed away to find a spot to snipe Kurumi . He knew Kurumi must be taken out first if they want to save the girls . Mana also knew this .


Kurumi laughed at their skittish behavior . She is very amused, to say the least .


” You aren’t thinking you can take me down as easily as before right?”


Mana stayed silent . She is not in AST, as Ratatoskr personnel, her mission is to save spirits .


But, if Kurumi presents a material danger to Shiori then Kurumi’s head is coming off . Not like this is the first time she evaded death anyway .


“Release them at once!”


Mana demanded .


“Release them?”


Kurumi licked her lips and she nodded .


“Sure, I just want Shido anyway . These girls look very appetizing though…”


Mana raised her guards even more . Kurumi grinned in her usual insidious manner .


“But, they are important guests for the finale so they have stay put here, however unfortunate that maybe for you . ”


Mana and Yatsuki replied in a grave tone .


“We have something to say about that . ”


Kurumi’s shoulders trembled . She laughed like a maniac .


“Seriously, stop meddling with my affairs, don’t you people know how rude you people are?!”


“So be it…” 


Kurumi’s eyes shone brightly with malice . Her beautiful face twisted into an abominable grin .


” You guys will be the prelude to my play before the lead actor arrives . ”


She twirled around and a dark mist enveloped her . The wind made her classy clothes flutter . More and more dark power gathered with her as the center until the surge of power formed a cocoon around her . The girls turned pale when they saw her emerge from the cocoon .


Mana’s powerful and she fought with her copies multiple times before this . However, Yatsuki felt a bit tense at the thought of fighting Kurumi .


This is the first time Yatsuki is fighting against a spirit directly .


When Kurumi appeared again, she’s draped in her Astral Dress, red and black goth lolita clothes . Her hair are also tied into uneven ponytails . The pupil of her left eye is also exposed, they could see her golden clock ticking away . Her Astral dress made her look so devilish it’s impossible for her to be a human .

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