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Published at 25th of December 2019 01:38:54 PM
Chapter 451

Tengu City, Itsuka Residence…

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In the bathroom, steam filled the air as the bath is now ready . The visibility in here is lowered due to the amount of steam present .


By straining one’s eyes, one can just make out two figures in this bathroom, one of the figure is larger than the other figure . They are Wu Yan and Yoshino .


Sitting in the tub, he lowered his head and he examined Yoshino who sat in front of Wu Yan with her back facing Wu Yan . His vision is slightly obstructed by the steam in here but it didn’t mar Yoshino’s beauty from showing through .


Yoshino had her hair tied up in a ponytail, exposing her bare lustrous porcelain neck . The bathwater couldn’t shield her birthday suit from Wu Yan’s view, testing Wu Yan’s restraint .


Wu Yan is crying internally . He was envious about Shido going into hotsprings with other spirit girls . Now, Yoshino’s arrival told him that maybe his luck with the ladies had gone up .


Compared to the girls Shido was bathing with in the original work, Yoshino lacked in figure but at least he is bathing with a spirit even if she’s a loli .


Wu Yan’s nose started itching, will he be visiting the hot springs after sealing Yoshino’s power?


Oh my god, yes…


Wu Yan laughed out loud .


“E-erm Shido-niisan…”


Yoshino made Wu Yan return from imaginary land where he was thinking about a lot of sleazy stuff . For a second there, Wu Yan thought his evil intentions were seen through .


“Wh-what’s the matter?”


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Wu Yan chastised himself for coming up with that tense reply . He should be better than this .


He already took more baths with his wives than he can count . Heck, Ikaros got roped into taking a bath with him almost every evening .


Yoshino hesitated for a bit before she continued in a small voice .


“About what happened earlier… I am so sorry…”


Wu Yan flinched in surprise but he calmed down soon enough, he started washing Yoshino’s hair while asking her in a warm manner .


“Why are you apologizing?”




Yoshino lowered her head .


“I hurt Shido-niisan…”


Wu Yan reckoned that she’s probably still hung up about accidentally using her powers on him .


Shaking his head with a smile, Wu Yan pulled Yoshino closer to him and he whispered into her ears .


“I thought you already said sorry for that?”




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Wu Yan knows that Yoshino can’t let this go because she hated pain and fear, she also didn’t want to see others afraid or in pain especially because of her . She is probably still blaming herself for almost losing control of her powers and hurting Wu Yan in the process .


Wu Yan sighed .


“Yoshino, would you apologize if it was Yoshinon?”


Yoshino is confused as to why Wu Yan would ask a question like that . She blinked her eyes and she replied in the negative after thinking about it .


Wu Yan laughed while shaking his head .


“Exactly, Yoshinon is your hero and you don’t say sorry to Yoshinon right?”


“As your hero when Yoshinon’s not here, you don’t have to say sorry . ”


Yoshino raised her head . She gazed into those deep red eyes that can charm anyone and she could see that he genuinely cared about her well-being and how much he loved her .


Yoshino lowered her head in embarrassment .




Wu Yan smiled, this girl is just so cute . She’s like Flandre-chan, you can’t stay angry or upset with her . Her cuteness can melt hostility like ice in the sun .




Wu Yan continued .


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“You really can’t hurt a fly can you?”


Yoshino nodded without hesitation . She’s truly a gentle spirit that would rather flee than fight when confronted with violence .


Wu Yan shut his eyes, after making up his resolve, he opened his eyes once more .


“Yoshino, If I say I have got a method that will stop you from hurting other people but at the cost of your spirit powers, will you agree to this method?”


Yoshino flinched and turned back towards Wu Yan with an astonished look . She looked hopeful and hesitant at the same time .


He looked into her eyes as well . They stared at each other in silence as if they are talking without words .


Wu Yan is also on the edge of his seat . Now that Yoshino has accepted him, if Yoshino got frightened by his sudden request, a meltdown will be inevitable .


It’s only because Wu Yan felt that his familiarity with Yoshino had reached a high enough level that he put out this request . Otherwise, he wouldn’t ask something like that . He also can’t let her continue this cycle of living in fear of losing control and self-blame after losing control .


That’s just too cruel…


Wu Yan decided to test his luck .


At least Yoshino doesn’t look like she’s terrified so he might be on to something here .


Yoshino is still a bit unconvinced .


“You can really do that?”


Sweet .


He nodded and he explained the sealing bracelet to her, he made sure Yoshino understood the item and what it did along with the condition for it to work .


Yoshino asked in a meek manner .


“But, if my powers are sealed… Yoshinon…”


Yoshinon is a personality given existence through Yoshino’s power . She’s thinking that if her powers are sealed, Yoshinon will not be able to materialize anymore . That’s no better than Yoshinon being dead .


In the original work, Yoshinon could still materialize because Shido’s sealing resulted in some of Yoshino’s powers returning back to her when she’s emotionally unstable .


This is why Kotori’s worried about the emotional state of the spirits . She’s worried about the spirits Shido sealed getting their powers back . Through this weakness, Yoshino managed to keep Yoshinon in existence with a bit of her spirit power .


The sealing bracelet didn’t have this weakness but it’s not a problem .


“Don’t worry…”


Wu Yan assured her .


“When your powers are sealed, the powers are still yours but you can’t actively use them but it should be no problem for you to maintain Yoshinon . ”


Yoshinon will still be by her side and she won’t have to worry about harming others . Yoshino didn’t need to think anymore about this, she instantly agreed with a nod .


Wu Yan smiled .

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