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Chapter 432

Enveloped in a dark aura, Tokisaki Kurumi looked very insidious . Dark lights that looked like fireflies danced about her . Even the sky appeared to be crying as droplets of dark water rained down in this alley . The wind which normally would be invisible can be visibly seen as it had been dyed black by Tokisaki Kurumi’s aura .

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Wu Yan gathered his thoughts and he got into a stance . Tokisaki Kurumi caused a localized gale just by getting serious and Wu Yan knows it, he can feel his heart sinking . She’s going to make her move soon .


Her black gothic lolita dress fluttered about as she poured forth her aura . The next instant, her clothes disappeared and though veiled by her dark aura, Wu Yan still managed to catch a few glimpses of her pristine body .


She flashed brightly and she emerged from the flash having donned her astral dress . It’s still a gothic lolita dress but this one has red and black frills . He could see her ivory shoulders exposed to the air . She had long fingerless gloves and a giant ribbon tying her dress together at her waist . Meanwhile, her legs were hidden away by the long black silk stockings she had which were held up by a black garter belt .


Her black hair is now tied into twintails of uneven length with a crimson net bow . Her bangs are swept aside, her left eye finally visible to Wu Yan . Her left eye had a peculiar appearance in that it resembled a golden clock face .


Tokisaki Kurumi: Lvl 75


Her clock face eyes turned as if she’s observing Wu Yan’s reaction . Even if he’s not used to eyes like this he can tell that she’s very excited like she can’t wait to eat him .


It’s a counter for the time Tokisaki Kurumi has . If she succeeds in devouring him, Wu Yan’s immortality would stop her golden eye because it would mean that her remaining time is not infinite .


Her passion is partly driven by her greed . She’s like a hungry wolf being shown the sight of the most delicious meat to ever exist on this earth . Wu Yan frowned, he felt upset and angry .


It’s as if she’s so sure she can get him like he’s some kind of food just waiting to be eaten . Wu Yan didn’t like this notion .

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Tokisaki Kurumi noticed his disgruntlement, she is slightly shocked at his reaction . She laughed .


“Ara ara, onii-san, I find your lack of surprise at my transformation a bit disappointing…”


She tilted her head .


“It’s like you are aware of the existences of spirits . ”


Wu Yan didn’t say anything in response . He approached her which amused Tokisaki Kurumi .


She supported her chin with the palm of her hand and she flushed red like a coy little girl . She purred .


“Say, Onii-san, do you find me beautiful?…”


Wu Yan is flabbergasted at her behavior . He retorted while shrugging her off .


“What are you trying to say? You want to know what I think of you and then confess to me?…”

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Tokisaki Kurumi’s smile widened . She stopped acting shy before she continued .


“Ara, I like that idea . You have no idea just how charming you are, I am really swooning here…”


He sighed at her .


“I see, pardon my doubt but you don’t look like someone who would fall in love at first sight…”


“Oh? What’s this? You’re talking like you know me very well . . ”


She giggled .


“You’re wrong, by the way, I truly fell hard in love the moment I saw your face…”


She approached him while minding her gothic lolita dress, her eyes looked like she’s dazzled by him .


“Ah, ah, this is so vexing, I don’t think I can leave you anymore? Oh, what should I do? This is truly a big problem!”


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She looked like a madwoman but Wu Yan frowned at her eyes . Those eyes do not belong to someone in love, those eyes are like the eyes a gold-digging beggar would have at the sight of a rich lady passing by in front of him . Wu Yan’s eyes turned cold .


She noticed this and she stopped getting close to him but her eyes are still the eyes of a crazy woman, psychopathic even .


She licked her lips and her smile turned into a sinister grin . She used her tender voice on him .


“Say, Onii-san, why don’t you and I join together as one so we never part with each other?”


She laughed .


“Oh, don’t even think about saying no . I might angry, you see…”


She laughed out loud, her shoulders trembled as she covered her mouth .


“Ahaha, look at me, I am so charged up…”


She shined bright red and her aura morphed into pale arms that came at Wu Yan like whips .


Wu Yan looked calm but he’s panicking . When she started dripping sluff juice Wu Yan is already on high alert mode . Portals opened behind him and black projectiles shot out to tear the arms to shreds .




Gasping in surprise, she grinned at him .


“I was right, you’re no human, neither are you a spirit . Makes sense, a normal human wouldn’t have that much strength in the first place . Ah, ah, you’re making me want to monopolize you more and more… . ”


Wu Yan wasn’t pleased to hear such passionate words from her, being targeted by her usually ends poorly for anyone she has ever set her eyes on .


I need to get out of this joint pronto…


It’s like she read her mind, she grinned before a musket and flintlock gun appeared in her hands .


Wu Yan stopped when he saw her drawing her guns . Tokisaki Kurumi fired a bullet at him without any warning at all . The flintlock gun shouldn’t be loaded yet Wu Yan can sense the invisible energy gathering inside .




A bullet that had enough power to shatter rocks came flying at Wu Yan .

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