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Chapter 420: 420
“Shido, where are we?”

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Tohka looked at the house in front of her before turning around to ask Wu Yan about the building behind her . Is this where she is going to stay from now on?

“It’s my house!”

“Shido’s house…”

Her eyes brightened up and she got into a chirpy mood .

“So, Shido lives here, huh?”

“Well yeah, it’s my house so naturally I live here . ”

“My house…”

Tohka jumped in joy and she quickly pulled Wu Yan into Shido residence like she owns the joint .

“Whatcha waiting for? Let’s go in!”

He got helplessly pulled along with her . He can’t help but smile when he saw how elated she is behaving at the moment .

Tohka’s not wearing her armor anymore . She’s in casual clothes and she had a bracelet on her wrist, it’s a red power sealing bracelet and Wu Yan had another white bracelet added to his wrist which already had a white bracelet to begin with .

On the way back to the Shido residence, Wu Yan bought a pair of sealing bracelet, he explained the bracelets to Tohka before putting it on Tohka .

The people in Fraxinus scolded him for being so rash and hasty . Even Kotori chastised him for his behavior .

They thought it was downright foolish to try sealing a spirit’s power without raising her familiarity to the max . Which spirits in their sane minds would willingly do something like that without completely trusting someone?

Just as the control panel members expected to see a drastic decrease in familiarity, something shocking happened .

Tohka put them on without any hesitation .

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It’s a matter of course for her, rather than her spirit powers, Tohka is more interested in this place to which one belongs . It doesn’t help that she’s also very innocent and thinks in a simple wavelength .

She places a lot of trust in this person who brought her warmth . She believes that he can offer her a place to reside without all the killing and fighting from her life as a spirit .

Wu Yan suggested that this sealing bracelet can seal her spirit powers thereby evading detection from any hostiles looking to fight her . This was all she needed to hear to agree in putting on the bracelet .

The people over at the operation control center can’t believe the Princess would get done in so easily . They were about to share their wisdom as masters of love but they didn’t get their chance to shine at all .

Their tunnel vision of raising a spirit’s familiarity before asking unreasonable requests like sealing power led them to make mistakes in their judgment . Then again, her favorability with Shido is pretty high as well .


Tohka pushed at the door obstructing her entry as if it’s a final boss standing between her and the final destination . With her powers sealed, she couldn’t rely on her strength to destroy the door . Hence, she turned around with a defeated look, she looked like a very sad puppy at the moment .

“This door, it’s not letting me in…”

Wu Yan laughed out loud as he approached the door .

“It’s locked, you aren’t getting in unless you have the key, ring the bell, or knock . ”

“Ring the bell?”

Tohka had multiple question marks above her head . She rubbed her chin trying to figure what object he’s referring to .


Shiori peered out from the door which is not ajar . She looked happy to see him in one piece, she quickly ran towards Wu Yan, glancing left and right, she panicked with a pale expression .

“Shido! Where’s Kotori?! Did you not locate her?!”

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“Calm down, Shiori…”

He motioned for her to calm down . He continued .

“Kotori is fine . ”

“Where is she then?! Where?…”

Shiori is still too anxious to calm down .

Tohka tugged at Wu Yan’s sleeve . She frowned at Shiori .

“Shido, who is she?…”

Tohka’s voice attracted Shiori’s attention . Flinching, she asked the same question as her .

“Shido, who is she?…”

“Well, let’s continue the introductions inside the house…”

Shrugging, he pulled Tohka by the hand and he started making his way into the house . But, a sweet voice diverted everyone’s attention .

“Onii-chan, Onee-chan, I am home!”

She skipped her way over to them . A white ribbon-wearing Kotori greeted everyone like she just came back from a vacation . She waved at them with a happy look .


Shiori yelled with joy . She examined Kotori all over to make sure she’s not hurt in any manner .

“Kotori, are you okay? Hurt anywhere?…”

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“I am fine, Onee-chan!”

Kotori stuck her tongue out while taking steal a few glances at Tohka now and then . She raised a thumbs-up at Wu Yan . Of course, he knew what she meant .

Shiori missed her action but she still scolded Kotori for her actions .

“Kotori! Where were you? Don’t you know how worried I was?!”

“I am so sorry, Onee-chan…”

Kotori lowered her head in a regretful manner .

“I was hiding out in a shelter but I got tired so I took a small nap, that’s the reason why I am so late…”

“You were at one of the shelters?”

Shiori frowned at her .

“I tried locating you via GPS, however, according to that, you were waiting at the family diner place!”


Kotori said in an embarrassed manner .

“I kinda panicked when the alarm blared and I sorta dropped my phone…”

Shiori relaxed and she released a sigh of relief .

“If that’s the case, I don’t blame you . Good good, you properly headed to a shelter . I was worried sick for you…”

Kotori gave Shiori a cheeky grin . She also pulled off a fantastic arm glomp on Shiori, this is good enough to significantly diminish Shiori’s bad mood . Shiori pursed her lips at Kotori but said nothing more .

Someone should give her an Oscar…

Wu Yan can’t believe her acting skills, she’s completely in character . Imouto mode Kotori had this kind of skillset huh .

Tohka pouted before she grumbled with Wu Yan .

“Say, Shido, who are they? Suddenly making their appearances just like this…”

Shiori and Kotori exchanged looks before looking at Tohka . Shiori is the first one to gasp .

She was too worried about Kotori’s safety, she didn’t notice Tohka’s presence . After getting a good look at her, it’s clear to Shiori that this girl before her is a beauty in her own class .

“What a pretty girl…”

Shiori said out loud without any conscious thought . Kotori laughed in an amused manner .

“Yea yea, even Onee-chan thinks so too right? This pretty lady over here is Oniichan’s girlfriend ya know~~~”


Wu Yan and Shiori cried out at the same time . Shiori is surprised that Wu Yan reacted in such a manner…

Kotori hugged Shiori’s arm again .

“Onii-chan’s girlfriend is going to live with us from now on…”

Shiori is even more confused . Wu Yan tried to laugh it off to spare him the ordeal of explaining . Tohka opened her mouth first .

“Say, Shido, what is a girlfriend?”

Wu Yan decided to continue laughing like an idiot out of this one…

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