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Chapter 390

“Phew, that was a good bath…”

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The girls came out of the hot spring room while rubbing their bodies with towels . Their swimsuits are already replaced with bathrobes . The owner of this villa is really prepared for these kinds of things .

“My body feels warm and I bet I smell so fluffy and nice…”

Flandre-chan jumped around in front of the ladies . She dashed towards the door which leads to the living room .

“I am going to let Onii-chan smell me!”

“You’re super going to let that guy sniff you?”

Kinuhata Saiai said in pursed her lips .

“You are just going to let that score more points . ”

The girls laughed . Frenda chimed in .

“In the end, she’s a kid so she’s probably doing this without much thought…”

Hinagiku and Mikoto nodded as Frenda said what they thought . Of course, they didn’t know that in terms of real age, they are the younger ones .

Led by Flandre-chan, the girls subconsciously hastened their walking pace . They had been in the bath for about an hour now…

When they arrived in the living room, they were stunned by the spectacle they saw .

Wu Yan sat in front of the mountain of food while cans of beer of different brands were brazenly displayed . Wu Yan had a cup of orange liquid that bubbled in a delicious manner .

“You girls soaked for a long time…”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes while guzzling down the cup of beer he had . He exhaled in a satisfied manner . The girls exchanged looks .

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Mikoto approached Wu Yan and she grabbed a can of beer . She frowned at him .

“Why are you suddenly drinking beer?”

The ladies all stared hard at Wu Yan with suspicion . They know from spending so much time with Wu Yan that they know he doesn’t drink . Not even Hinagiku who had been with him for the longest time had ever seen him touch anything alcoholic .

Wu Yan replied with a poker face, he shook the cup in his hand .

“No particular reasons, I just wanted to drink some beer…”

Wu Yan faced the ladies .

“Don’t be so surprised, I am more than 20 years old, drinking isn’t so surprising for me…”

“But we haven’t seen you drinking even once…”

Hinagiku said . Hinagiku saw how Wu Yan looked and she voiced her concern .

“Yan, don’t tell me you have been drinking ever since we left for the bath?…”

Wu Yan laughed out loud .

“I can’t hold that much liquor yet . I might be an adult but I don’t drink often…”

The ladies all released a sigh of relief . However, Wu Yan said something they can’t ignore .

“Well, you girls were in the bath for more than an hour, I don’t see the problem in drinking for an hour…”

“An hour!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto raised their voice in disbelief .

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“Hey hey hey, don’t tell me you super drank for an hour…”

Kinuhata Saiai’s jaw dropped . Beer doesn’t have high alcohol content and there are people who can drink one hour straight without becoming drunk . Among the 9 ladies, there are 5 minor, excluding Flandre-chan who should be treated as a minor, Ikaros, and Astrea . Shokuhou Misaki was also excluded because her age will always remain a mystery, at least, nobody will believe that she’s a middle school student .

These ladies didn’t know what would happen if someone drank for an hour . Because they never saw Wu Yan drinking, they found it surprising that he can hold his liquor for so long…

“You girls are overreacting . ”

He saw how the girls are gasping so he teased them .

“It’s just beer, it’s not high-alcohol content drink so it’s all good!”

“Don’t say that, too much alcohol isn’t good for your body, I think you should stop…”

Hinagiku said .

Wu Yan smiled .

“Well, since it’s once in a blue moon, I think I should get a hall pass for this right?”

The girls went silent but they acquiesced . Wu Yan raised his cup at them .

“Wanna join me?”

The girls flinched while Shokuhou Misaki grinned .

“I say, Yan-kun, are you trying to get us drunk? That would explain all the beer…”

The ladies flinched again . After that, they leered Wu Yan, they believed that Shokuhou Misaki hit the target with her conjecture .

They know Wu Yan is someone who would come up with this kind of plan .

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Ignoring the knife-like glares, Wu Yan honestly revealed his intention .

“Yeap! I am trying to get you girls drunk!”

The girls were stunned . They didn’t expect Wu Yan to be so forthcoming after being busted by Shokuhou Misaki .

Wu Yan smiled at them . He knew he couldn’t fool so many smart girls at one time so he decided to just be honest . He grabbed a cup of beer and he snickered at the girls . It’s quite clear that he’s looking down on them .

“Do you have the guts to take the cup?”

Boy, the girls sure got mad real quick . His tone ticked them off the wrong way . They didn’t want to give Wu Yan the satisfaction so they took him up on the challenge .

“Hmph, it’s just super beer, as a member of black ops, I am super not afraid, give me that cup!”


Kinuhata Saiai grabbed a beer and she started chugging it down .


Hinagiku and Mikoto are easily provoked as well so they did the same stuff as Kinuhata Saiai .


“Oh, I will drink it!”


The two of them grabbed some beers and they hesitated for a bit before they drank their beers with closed eyes . They laughed out loud with shining eyes .


“Oh, please, it’s not as awful as I had imagined…”


It’s just beer, it can’t taste so bad, right?…


Shokuhou Misaki narrowed her eyes at Wu Yan . She reckoned that with so many girls here as long as they outlast Wu Yan, they would probably be fine .


Shokuhou Misaki grabbed a can of beer as well . Her starry eyes had a curious glint in them . She wondered about the taste of this can of beer .


She never drank before .


Ikaros, Astrea, and Takitsubou Rikou started pouring beer for themselves . They didn’t fell for Wu Yan’s taunt, they just wanted to reciprocate Wu Yan’s feelings by drinking with him when he invited them .


“In the end, you all started drinking…”


Frenda’s lips twitched . She stopped Flandre-chan who got tempted and she sighed while reaching out for a can of beer as well .

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