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Published at 22nd of July 2019 02:35:05 PM
Chapter 377: 377
The next day, the board of director reckoned that students didn’t get a good rest these past few days so they decided to host the third round of the tournament 3 days later . This is to allow the 10 participants an ample time to rest and get ready .

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The students wanted to rest but today’s not a good day to sleep in .

The sun is raging hot as if it’s afraid that the earth needs more heat and light . The temperature today is hot as heck .

The whole of Silvaria World Institute is like a sauna . It’s nigh impossible to sleep in this kind of weather . Some students even reported seeing mirages .

There’s little to no wind outside . Even when a gale comes, it’s hot just like the weather . It’s very unbearable, to say the least . If it’s a normal human, he wouldn’t last more than 10 minutes in this dazzling hot sun .

They used their dou qi or magic power to diminish the scorching temperature . However, by using their magic or dou qi, they only ended up tiring themselves out which defeated the purpose of sleeping in . One wonders just when would they wake up .

Compared to other areas in Silvaria World Institute, the villa area is cooler . It’s a residential area for special studnets, of course, it’s facilities are the best of the best . It’s cool here in the summer and warm here in the winter .

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros left their bed pretty early despite being able to sleep in . They had their fill of sleep since there was no disturbance last night . So, they sat at the table and started going to town on their breakfast .

Maybe it’s because she went all out at the tournament, or maybe it’s because the 3rd round is 3 days away, either way, Mikoto looks really out of it . She’s not her excited self two days ago . Hinagiku silently judged her .

Hinagiku is under Mikoto’s spell as well, she didn’t feel like doing anything . She used the most bored expression she can muster up and she rolled her eyes at Mikoto as if blaming her for putting Hinagiku in this state . Mikoto brightened up a bit due to how amusing Hinagiku looked .

Only Ikaros have the energy to do anything . But, with her expressionless countenance, it’s hard to tell if she’s energetic or not .

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Footsteps entered the ears of the 3 girls in the living room .

They stretched their backs and pretended to eat their breakfast . Their glancing eyes sold out their real thoughts .

Wu Yan appeared in their vision . Flandre-chan is yawning in his arms . Flandre-chan probably spent the night in Wu Yan’s room after they watched the moon .

Those 2 vampires couldn’t sleep but they went to bed at night anyway . Flandre-chan didn’t want to leave Wu Yan’s room . She had been sleeping in her own room or with Hinagiku and the other girls . She never got the chance to sleep in Wu Yan’s room, how did this made her feel?

Luckily for her, Flandre-chan who “couldn’t sleep” found Wu Yan who really couldn’t sleep . You can bet your butt she’s not going to go back to her room obediently after a chance like this not when she’s so fond of Wu Yan . Hence, Wu Yan got himself a comfortable and clingy vampiric pillow .

Of course, he had a bit of conscience left in him, once he saw Flandre-chan’s small frame, he decided against any loli lewding . He’s actually a gentleman for once, if only for one night .

The 3 girls flinched when they saw Flandre-chan with him but they thought nothing of it . Flandre-chan’s just a kid in their eyes, they couldn’t care less if Flandre-chan wanted to sleep with Wu Yan .


Ikaros murmured . she wanted to go to Wu Yan’s side but she’s still busy pouring red tea for Hinagiku and Mikoto . She’s conflicted as to what to do .

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Wu Yan came to Ikaros much to her relief . However, Hinagiku and Mikoto wanted to say something about Ikaros pouring tea for Wu Yan while ignoring them .

“Why do you look so tired, if you’re exhausted just go back to sleep…”

Wu Yan said after sitting down and grabbing some food to feed Flandre-chan . He’s puzzled why the two of them looked so out of it .

Wu Yan hadn’t gone out to confirm the situation yet but after enjoying the cool night and seeing the hot sun today, he’s pretty sure a lot of the students are bitching and moaning about not getting enough sleep . He’s confused as to why Hinagiku and Mikoto looked so tired .

He’s pretty sure he didn’t do a night raid on them when they were asleep . The villa area is also cooler than other areas so it shouldn’t be due to the weather .

Mikoto turned her head the other way while Hinagiku tried to signal Wu Yan by pointing her lips at Mikoto . Wu Yan raised an eyebrow .

After studying Mikoto, Wu Yan continued .

“Can you like just not think of fighting for a day?!”

Mikoto stood up while blushing deeply . She tried her best to come up with a defense .

“Hey, those aren’t fights! I-I am just keeping my promise, yeah, I am keeping my promise to settle it once and for all with Sylph . ”

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Wu Yan threw a retort .

“Because getting even is so important, you fell for Touma in the original work…

“What was that?”


After feeding the last of the breakfast to Flandre-chan he looked at Hinagiku, Ikaros and Mikoto .

“Say, you girls wanna hit the beach?”

Their ears twitched when they heard about going to the beach . Wu Yan smiled while Hinagiku is puzzled .

“Why so sudden?”

“Well, it’s hot and all…”

Wu Yan waved his hand . He couldn’t bring himself to say it’s because it’s been a long time since he spent some quality time with them .

Why go to a beach you say? Why don’t you ask the lewd wolf his real intention?

The girls exchanged glances . Hinagiku and Mikoto had some doubts but they ignored them . Going to the beach beats staying home .

Wu Yan beamed widely when he saw the looks on the two of them .

“Then it’s settled!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto nodded . It’s funny how they can turn off their fatigue in the blink of an eye . Hinagiku asked Wu Yan .

“You know where there’s a beach in this world?”

“Who told you we are going to a beach in this world?…”

“Then where?”

Wu Yan said something that widened Hinagiku’s eyes .

“We are going to Hayate the Combat Butler’s world . ”


TL’s ramblings: Is it me or are they handling the fact that they were products of fiction really well? I wouldn’t be able to process it so well if someone told me my world is just a fictional work by another person in the real world .

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