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Published at 6th of July 2019 12:35:34 AM
Chapter 369
Chapter 369: Hinagiku vs a top 10 ranker
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“Next up! Katsura Hinagiku vs Vishi!”


Everyone looked at Hinagiku .


Hinagiku flinched while laughing .


“Oh dear, my opponent is a top 10 ranker…”


Mikoto asked Hinagiku who is still laughing .


“Hinagiku, you going to be alright?”


Hinagiku smiled .


“Of course!”


If at all possible, Wu Yan didn’t want to see Hinagiku fight this round . He even wanted her to give up the fight .


It’s not because Wu Yan didn’t believe Hinagiku, Hinagiku’s ability is something Wu Yan knows . Her level cannot beat Vishi but in terms of real strength, there’s a chance she might come out on top .


It won’t be easy for her to win . Wu Yan thought that she can’t get out of this battle without getting hurt . He liked the thought of her winning without a scratch but it’s hard for him to imagine that in the most optimistic of scenarios .


Wu Yan just didn’t want to see Hinagiku hurt .

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Hinagiku looked at Wu Yan as if she could read his mind, her eyes were telling him that her resolve has been made up .


She is telling him that she’s going up that stage no matter what Wu Yan says .


Wu Yan bitterly laughed as he told her in a warm voice .


“Don’t force yourself too much…”


Hinagiku had met Vishi once when she just entered Silvaria World Institute, he brought along his Crimson Land members to recruit Wu Yan & co at their villa .


After seeing Wu Yan’s performance at the arena tower, Vishi threw the recruitment idea right out the window . Now, their second meeting would be in the arena of this tournament .


Vishi looked at Hinagiku and he shrugged .


“Hey, can you surrender? I don’t want to fight you…”


Hinagiku silently took out the crystal sword she had . Her answer is pretty obvious .


Vishi’s shoulder fell .


“Alright, I understand…”


A torrent of dou qi poured forth . The amount is so great that the air around the arena stirred . What’s weird is that when the aura assaulted Hinagiku, her skirt didn’t move at all as if it defied physics .

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Vishi’s burning dou qi made him look like a super saiyan, he certainly looked terrifying .


Hinagiku’s pupil shrunk and she knew an attack is coming .


Vishi punched at the air with his right hand .


The moment he did so, the dou qi gathered at his fist and was emitted as a dou qi blast that targeted Hinagiku while everyone gasped .


Hinagiku inhaled and she closed her eyes while grasping Shirosakura . She opened her eyes and her figure blurred .


The dou qi blast hit Hinagiku, or at least it looked like it did, the dou qi blast past through her figure and hit the floor behind her .


That was an afterimage!




The sound of metal hitting another metal resounded . Hinagiku pressed Shirosakura against Vishi who managed to block just in time .


Vishi couldn’t block with his own bare hands . He managed to withdraw his arming sword before Hinagiku struck him .


Hinagiku bitterly laughed when she pressed down Shirosakura to no avail . She couldn’t overcome the disparity of strength between a male and a female .


“It’s a bad habit to be distracted during a fight!”

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Before Hinagiku returned to her senses, Vishi batted Hinagiku away with his dou qi enhanced swing .


Hinagiku steadied herself and her figure blurred once more .


Vishi raised his arming sword and infused it with dou qi .


10 sword strikes came from behind Vishi . He directed the sword images like a storm of slashes towards the incoming blurred figure .


Dwang Tang Ting Ding


Swishing sounds and collision sounds intermixed into a weird melody . Everybody is focused on Hinagiku’s outstanding resistance against Vishi . They rained down praises and cheers on her . Vishi can’t help but smile bitterly, being a beautiful lady has its perks, it seems .


Vishi unleashed another storm of slashes and sword images that made the one before looked small in comparison . He’s going all-out to make sure Hinagiku is overwhelmed .


Hinagiku dodged and parried her way through the storm of sword images as she approached Vishi .


The sword images aren’t real but because they are enhanced by Vishi’s dou qi if they actually landed then it would be no different than getting hit by a real weapon .


Vishi discovered that his sword images aren’t as effective as he would like to think so . It did nothing to stop Hinagiku’s advancement .


“Oh, it’s close quarters combat you want?”


Hinagiku grinned .


He stopped making sword images and he raised his arming sword in a stance .


“If it’s Jaafar I might be intimidated but if I am intimidated by a girl then I am not a man!”


He closed his eyes and unleashed all of his dou qi until it permeated the arena . It’s like he is using this dou qi as his eyes .


Hinagiku stopped when she noticed the sword images had disappeared .


My chance is here!


Vishi opened his eyes and he quickly arrived in front of Hinagiku before he unleashed a slash that seemed impossible because of its angle .


Hinagiku noticed her mistake and she forced herself to react to the attack .


When the sword is only a centimeter away from her, she did a brilliant turn and she parried his strike with her Shirosakura .


Her quick thinking had got her through without an injury .


Vishi silently praised her movement . If Hinagiku chose to block by raising her sword, it would have been too late .


The centripetal force she leveraged gave her enough space and force to parry Vishi’s strike that exploited the gap in her defense . She effectively turned her offense into her defense .


In the seats reserved for participants, Mikoto, Wu Yan, and Fei Fei smiled . Meanwhile, Lulu and Flandre-chan cheered loudly .

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