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Chapter 367
Chapter 367: I am going to win this round for sure!
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In the arena, a gangly looking fellow stood in opposition to Wu Yan . The guy is about as built as a bamboo pole, his special student uniform seemed oversized on him . Although he looked corny this seemed to be a rather characterizing trait of his .


Chester: Level 67


Everyone started discussing and chatting away . Nobody in school is ignorant of Chester’s identity as the leader of one of the major factions . Only someone like Wu Yan who is foreign to this world would need an update from someone else to remember who his opponent is .


Chester still remembers how his faction and the other factions got challenged by Wu Yan . He and the others almost lost that day but to think they would meet so soon again, fate really has a way of putting those at odds to meet once more .


Wu Yan shut out all the static noise coming from the crowd . His opponent is just an opponent that escaped a beating due to the interruption that occurred before . It didn’t matter if Chester made an appearance that day, none of the opponents present that day could pose a threat to him .


The opponent, however, doesn’t think so .


He stared at Wu Yan with an icy look . He grasped his knuckles . He’s the scion to a great and powerful family, he has to defend more than just his strength, he has to protect his honor .


Wu Yan smacked them right in their metaphorical honor balls . His attitude, his way of talking rubbed each of the leaders the wrong way .


Chester felt complex regarding Wu Yan, he wanted to praise him for his strength, but he can’t ignore how he dishonored him . Moreover, he also wanted to recruit the guy while giving him a lesson in respect .


He held back his thoughts regarding Wu Yan, they are now fighting in a tournament, he had no spare margin when going up against a worthy foe like Wu Yan .

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He raised his dou qi and brought out a spear .


The spear danced in the air as he performed spear arts with it . He did an elegant spin on the spear before pointing it at Wu Yan . His swift and fluid movements garnered him the cheers of the crowd .


Wu Yan examined Chester who had a grim look . He might appear unfazed but he is secretly happy .


Looking at the spear Chester is using he can’t help but silently snicker . Looks like this round is going to be another easy win .


Wu Yan looked at Lei Wang who stood atop the VIP platform and he gave him the signal .


Not failing to notice, Lei Wang smiled and he declared the start of the battle .


“Let the first fight of the second round, begin!”


The mood of the spectators immediately changed into one of utter hype .


One of them speed ran his way through the first 5 floors of the arena tower while the other had the strength of a ranker infinitesimally close to the top 10 rankers .


This fight might turn out to be the most exciting battle yet .


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The two of them emitted aura to intimidate one another . It was so intense those spectators closer to the arena had to hold their breaths .


When the tense mood reached its climax, the situation quickly changed .




A figure drew afterimages as he charged like a meteor towards the other .




When one of the figures met with the other figure, Chester struck out a quick jab with his spear . This lightning-fast strike got deflected with a palm smack by Wu Yan . The spear struck the ground close to Wu Yan .


Grimacing for a bit, he quickly pulled out his spear and maneuvered to Wu Yan’s back before he unleashed a torrent of spear jabs .


Wu Yan smiled as he sensed the attacks .


Ding ting twang


A series of metallic noise rang . Chester flinched when he noticed Wu Yan had pulled out a black sword in the brief moment he moved to his back .


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It’s his signature iron sand sword .


Wu Yan grinned and he jumped back while throwing his sword in the air . When the sword stayed fixed some distance above him, he pointed at Chester .


Countless people noticed this move . They gasped at the thought of what’s going to happen next .


Indeed, the space around the arena turned crimson red . The initial sword marked the start of a barrage as countless sword responded to the call .


Chester’s hair stood on ends . Those blades could come all at once from any direction, no matter how strong he is he still felt stressed going up against this technique .


Chester roared and he shot a spear beam at Wu Yan .


He didn’t care what Wu Yan is going to do, he’s going to strike first, even better if this restricted his movements .


One of the blades shot down and intercepted the spear beam . The spear beam dissipated after taking down the sword, turning it into a cloud of iron dust .


The swords might have been augmented by Knight of Owner but they are still D rank equipment . C rank equipment can easily shatter them in prolonged confrontations .


But, an iron sand sword can be reformed at will, and that’s where it gets good .


The iron dust scattering in the wind stopped midair and gathered back into the form of a sword with a spark of electricity as the catalyst . The sword looked like it was never broken in the first place .


Chester almost pinched his thighs . He wanted to scream out loud . How does one go about fighting an opponent where offense and defense won’t work .


Wu Yan smiled . He commanded the swords to fly towards Chester . The swords that looked like a locust swarm minced anything in its path as it worked its way to the target .


Bam bam bam bam bam


The swords are like tiny missiles that destroyed the arena while landing furiously on Chester . Dust clouds clouded one’s view of Chester .


After a brief moment of continued bombardment, the iron sand swords stopped and flew back into the red space around the arena . The swords disappeared into the portals .


Everyone stared wide-eyed at the arena . Lei Wang waved his hand and a gust of wind blew away the dust clouds in the arena .


Chester could be seen lying on top of the arena in a ragged manner . He is down for the count .


“Victory goes to Wu Yan!”


Wu Yan threw a vague reference .


Well, that’s what you get for being a Lancer .

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