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Chapter 359

Caah focused on Ikaros but Ikaros wasn’t aware . Wu Yan is the only figure reflected in her emerald green eyes .

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Seeing as Ikaros has no intention of interacting with Caah, Wu Yan subconsciously release a sigh of relief, it would be very awkward for them if this continued .


To put a stop to this, Wu Yan approached him .


“Ikaros has no intention of participating in this tournament, I am afraid you’re going to be very disappointed, Prince Caah . ”


Caah only noticed how unsightly he is when Wu Yan talked to him . He flinched in response to Wu Yan’s statement .


“Miss Ikaros, are you really not going to participate? Surely, with Miss Ikaros’ strength, obtaining a spot in the rankings is but a trivial matter?”


Caah didn’t know how strong Ikaros is but he can roughly guess that she’s no weaker than Sylph and Mikoto seeing as she could block their rampaging attacks . He didn’t have the confidence to state that he could block the aftermath of the collision between two energy bodies .


If anyone said Ikaros didn’t have the strength to rank, those who had seen the spectacle that day would fervently deny it .


Wu Yan smiled .


“Ikaros likes tranquility, she is not one who is fond of a rowdy or chaotic scene so…”


Wu Yan is implying that not only is Ikaros not joining, it would also be in Caah’s best interest not to cling onto a certain someone . Caah apparently didn’t get the message .

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“Oh? That is just too bad…”


Caah said in a dejected manner, he’s not faking it at all he is really disappointed . This meant that he won’t be able to see that scene again .


Wu Yan is not sure whether to laugh or cry . Ignoring his enviable position at the moment, he’s an otaku who haven’t touch a girl’s hand just a few months ago . With his limited experience, Wu Yan didn’t know how to deal with an admirer like Caah .


Luckily for him, his lucky stars are here to help .


Fei Fei, Lulu, and their entourage appeared from the entrance to the platform . They spotted Wu Yan & co almost immediately and they quickened their pace .




Lulu yelled out loud . She dashed towards Wu Yan and she robbed him of Flandre who’s peacefully minding her own business up until this moment . She rubbed her face all over .


Flandre is familiar with this toll she has to pay to visit Little Lirin over at Fatal Forest’s headquarter . She has to go through this experience at least once or twice while over there . Flandre-chan understands that Lulu didn’t mean any harm . All she could do was mutter a few “Uguu” and accept Lulu’s soft torture .


Caah felt awkward, being the second strongest student in Silvaria World Institute, and the crown prince of Feia empire, he had never experienced being ignored like this .


Obviously, being ignored by Ikaros didn’t count in his books .


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Just because Lulu didn’t notice didn’t mean that Fei Fei wasn’t paying attention . She gave Caah a knight’s greeting instead of a noble’s greeting . This implied that Fei Fei didn’t treat him as a person of an entirely different caste .


“Greetings, Prince Caah!”


Caah approved of Fei Fei’s more polite mannerisms . He returned a bow .


“A good day to you too, Miss Fei Fei!”


Caah scanned the crowd and he glanced at Ikaros one last time before bidding his farewell .


“It seems Miss Fei Fei and her cohorts are old acquaintances with Miss Ikaros, I will be excusing myself from further imposition now . I hope I don’t meet you girls during the tournament or I might just have to surrender because I can’t imagine hitting exquisite young misses such as you girls . ”


Caah waved his hand and left in a stylish stride . The crowd laughed but the girls knew that Caah wouldn’t surrender for real, he’s just doing his usual thing .


Wu Yan is slightly pissed by his comment .


What do you mean flowers? I am a manly man! You better pray I don’t meet your ass on the battlefield, even if I can’t smack you into another social class, I am going to make sure I gross you out!


After silently swearing to do so, Sea of Thick Ice finally arrived . Leading the team is obviously Bing Mian and Bing Ling .


Bing Ling stared at Wu Yan . He quickly turned the other direction when he saw Mikoto and Ikaros . Meanwhile, Bing Mian wished he could come and bite Wu Yan’s face off .

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Wu Yan nonchalantly eyed him and he grinned at Bing Mian with the best smug face he has in his inventory . Noticing that he is feeding Wu Yan his increased hate, he decided to turn the other way while snorting coldly and ignore Wu Yan, a surprisingly mature behavior for the kid .


On top of the seats facing the platform, a lot of the spectating students started throwing a huge fuss . It’s like they saw a superstar or something, their deafening cheers filled the whole plaza .


Some of the rankers and their entourage are taken by surprise and they almost fell down from shock .


Everyone looked at each other, who could cause a stir bigger than the arrival of the 3 strongest students?


Just what the hell is going on?


Is the question going through the minds of everyone on the platform . The ones causing this commotion appeared on the platform . Some of the crowd understood the reason for the commotion almost immediately while others went wide-eyed as they can’t believe what they are looking at .


Wu Yan & co is included in the minority of the people who are actually surprised .


They just couldn’t believe these 5 ladies are the ones who caused all this fuss .


The 5 ladies are extremely beautiful and they are all special students as evidenced by their gold gilded uniform . 2 of the 5 ladies can only count as lolis because of their petite and young figure while the other 3 had remarkably accentuated figures .


The one leading them needed a special mention . She had blonde hair and when comparing looks, are about as attractive as the other blonde dynamite standing behind her . However, she had a unique charm that attracted everyone’s attention .


The 5 ladies noticed Wu Yan & co who still haven’t recovered from their stunned state, they grinned at Wu Yan & co who are opening and closing their mouths like fish .


Fei Fei tilted her head .


“You know these girls? I had assumed you would be acquainted since they joined the school with you guys . I thought you guys were with them…”


Wu Yan & co still needed a bit of time to process this . Meanwhile, Mikoto jumped and she pointed at them .


“What’s going on here?! Why are th-they…”


“Oh, you guys didn’t know?’


Fei Fei looked slightly puzzled but she came to a realization .


“That’s right, you guys don’t belong to a faction and you guys are very new to the school so your communication channel might not be that wide yet, that’s normal…”


“That woman is known as Shokuhou Misaki . She’s the leader of Starlight Queen . Her power is roughly at the lower end of middle tier 7 but she has a special ability that allows her to control and manipulate people . She led Starlight Queen to be the strongest faction aside from the top 12 factions in just the span of a month!”


“Moreover, the woman by Shokuhou Misaki’s side is known as Astrea and she has an unfathomable power that solidified Starlight Queen’s reputation among all the students . Some of the students also began calling her…”


“The queen of this school!”

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