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Chapter 345

Wu Yan’s arm is flexed to the max . The power of the floor master’s attack had grown to a rather terrifying level after being augmented by his dou qi and armament .

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Gnashing his teeth, he steeled his resolve as he used his left foot as a pivot to whip out a kick with his right .


It took only a moment for Wu Yan to concentrate his strength at the assaulting leg . He aimed this kick at his opponent’s chest .


This kick didn’t have an ounce of holding back . It is a very tactical move that held no mercy for its opponent . Wu Yan understood that for someone as annoyingly strong as the floor master, any pretense to probe or warm up would only lead to an adverse outcome .


Wu Yan is intent on going all-out, unleashing all his body could muster to fight with this worthy foe .


His kick is so terrible in magnitude that it actually managed to peel some of the ground through the vacuum it generated . Way before it even landed on the floor master’s chest, the floor master could already feel a tinge of pain from the incoming attack . He knew full well about the power of this attack and that this attack shouldn’t be underestimated . If he had even an ounce of disdain for his opponents, he wouldn’t have been able to take up the role of a floor master .


The floor master guessed that Wu Yan must have used some sort of battle skill to unleash such a kick . It is just impossible for him to kick like this given the strength he exhibited .


Unbeknownst to him, Wu Yan didn’t use any active battle skills . In a way, Eternal Arms Mastery is a skill that allowed him to use his full potential so technically he is using skills .


Thinking that Wu Yan is using his battle skills, the floor master decided it’s time to bring out the big guns . He changed his attack into a punch imbued with dark light which gushed out from his arm .


His dou qi clad arm instantly took on a dark sheen . A singularity that looked like a mini-blackhole appeared in front of the floor master’s fist .

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An oppressing aura came from the blackhole fist as Wu Yan’s shrinking pupils can attest .


“Dark fist of murder!“


The floor master sent a punch toward Wu Yan’s torso .




Wu Yan can instinctively sense the strength behind the attack . He could also sense the killing intention emanating out of the fist, its black wind like physical manifestations of the icy killing intentions . The fist that looked like the Reaper himself threw the punch made Wu Yan felt like there was only this fist in the world he is currently perceiving .


This attack deserved the word murder in its name . To think it can invoke such a shocking amount of killing intent . Whether or not this killing intent is real or illusory, its effect would surely be devastating should it connect .


The speed of the attack is slow but Wu Yan felt like he is locked onto . He instinctively knew that there is no evasion for this attack .


To intercept it with his body is one option but even with Eternal Arms Mastery, he knew he wouldn’t get away unscathed .


Just as he thought an injury is imminent, an idea flashed across his mind .

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Crackle .


His body was clad in lightning . The bluish-white flash managed to diminish some of the darkness covering the attack . He subsequently channeled the lightning into his fist .


As if he emulated his opponent’s attack, Wu Yan imbued his punch with a bluish-white light thanks to the lightning he had channeled beforehand .


He defiantly blocked the attack with his lightning clad fist .


“Lightning Punch!”


“Splendidly done!”


And thus, dark fist of murder met with a lightning punch in an explosive boom .


The dark fist violently collided with the lightning punch, each trying to engulf the other and destroy each other .


Crack boom shatter .


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The ground fractured in a spider-web formation around the two fighters . The cracked spread out radially from them as the center until they compromised the integrity of the arena by at least 20% .




Wu Yan examined the dark murder fist . It is strong, at the very least, strong enough to stop his lightning punch which he had devised on-the-fly while being supported by Eternal Arms Mastery .


The floor master also silently acknowledged his lightning punch . The dark fist of murder may be his only battle skill but it is also the floor master’s strongest skill . He focused his whole life in developing the power of this attack and that is how he managed to achieve absolute mastery of this skill .


This guy actually managed to block my attack…


As they acknowledged each other, they suddenly recalled that they shouldn’t be thinking about unnecessary stuff on the battlefield .


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes and his lightning-imbued fist returned to normal . This didn’t last long before another surge of lightning came crawling up his arm .


Another lightning punch!


The lightning punch approached the floor master’s pale face . He quickly grasped his fist and he responded with his battle skill once more .


Ora ora ora


Boom boom boom


They exchanged a flurry of punches which shook the heaven and earth . The whole arena trembled like all hell’s breaking lose . They pretty much demolished the place with their attacks as boulders and chunks of land got disintegrated in the ensuing exchange of attacks .


The earth continued to tremble as a dust storm got whipped up . A sudden gale blew away the dust storm and revealed the source of the tremors as well as the arena which got wrecked beyond recognition . Two figures retreated from the dense dust clouds as they drew lines in the ground trying to steady their retreating figures .


The floor master’s hair is completely in a disarray . One of his fist is covered in blood which continued to drip blood onto the ground . His chest is visibly burnt and charred to some extent .


Meanwhile, Wu Yan also suffered injuries to his fist .


Both of them suffered extensive damage to their fists .


Wu Yan appeared to be the one in better conditions, the floor master took more damaged and came out looking very messy from the chest burns to his haggard breathing .


Their exchange of attacks is as brutal as they are without compassion . This kind of exhilarating duel belongs to the kind that could draw out the passion in people’s heart with how inherently dangerous and vicious it is .



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