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Just as this unlucky white-robed Supreme Elder was encountering such a shocking change in the valley, Wei Suo and the others were already at the hillside where hundreds of palaces were built.

This hillside was the giant mountain that had half of the mountain embedded in the Yin layer of the Ninth Heaven. It was about 13,000 to 4000 feet up from the foot of the mountain.

At this moment, the height of Wei Suo's group was seven to eight hundred feet above their heads. Not only were the heavenly winds rolling, but there were also streaks of scarlet-gold divine beams piercing through them from all directions. These beams of golden light seemed to shoot out from the top of the mountain, bringing along a terrifying aura that even made Wei Suo's hair stand on end.

Moreover, what Wei Suo was most unwilling to face head-on was the numerous unfavorable star lines that had been condensed within those scarlet golden divine rays. If he were to forcibly pass through them, while he could endure it, it would definitely be equivalent to burning his own life away.

Right now, the hundreds of palaces in front of Wei Suo and the others were all empty, emitting a white glow. Moreover, these palaces were arranged in a strange hexagonal shape.

At the center of these palace halls was a square area. At the edge of the square stood six blue stone men, each over a hundred feet tall. It was as if they were receiving the worship of six different palaces.

These six stone men all had different shapes. Aside from one of them who only had two arms and had a pair of giant wings on his back, the other five had 32 arms and each of them was holding a magical treasure of different shapes.

Whether it was the palace or the six blue stone men, both had existed for countless tens of thousands of years.

These palaces and blue stone men were still intact. At this moment, they were completely silent, and the atmosphere was extremely mysterious.

"Let's go take a look."

It was obvious that Wei Suo and the others had just arrived at the area. After Wei Suo said those words to Ling Long Tian and Ji Ya and the others, Wei Suo and Ling Long and Tian Xing were the first to arrive. Everyone followed behind Wei Suo and Ling Long and rushed into the city.

"Sister Steel Teeth, do you recognize those six statues?" Are they the six most powerful experts of the Wasteland Clan? "

Just by walking to the edge of the building, Wei Suo was able to clearly see that the six blue stone men all had different faces. They looked extremely lifelike, and their expressions were abnormally solemn. If he didn't feel that these buildings and the six blue stone men were carved out of extremely hard boulders, he would have thought that they were the corpses of six mighty barbarians.

"He should not be one of the powerful individuals from our era. He might be a senior figure in the past of the Wasteland." Ling Tian narrowed his eyes and shook his head as he spoke.

"All of them are one head, but they don't have three. It seems they aren't the most powerful ones?" Han Weiwei could not help but ask Ling Long Tian. She had heard from Ling Long Tian that the most powerful ancestor level figure of the Wasteland Clan had three heads. These three heads could cast spells with astonishing speed.

"Indeed, he shouldn't be the most powerful one." Ling Long Tian immediately nodded her head, confirming Han Weiwei's words.

"Even if it's just a head, it's enough to scare someone to death." The green-robed elder's voice trembled. Indeed, everyone couldn't help but feel a bit panicked when they saw the six lifelike statues.

Just the postures of those thirty-two arms, which seemed to be able to grasp the countless worlds, gave people an extremely tyrannical and oppressive feeling.

"There are words on it. Ling Tian, do you recognize these words?" Right at this moment, Nangong Yuqing looked at a palace on the side and asked.

Upon hearing her words, everyone's gaze swept in every direction. They discovered that above the main entrance of most of the surrounding palaces, there was a tablet that was also carved from a crystal. On top of it, there were also ancient characters.

"What do these characters mean? I don't know either." Ling Long Tian frowned and took a few more steps forward. Suddenly, her eyes shot out several feet of golden light, flashing crazily towards one of the halls.


Wei Suo's eyebrows twitched. With a flash of light, he caught up with Ling Tian.

"It's nothing, there's something I want inside." Ling Long Tian glanced at Wei Suo, grinding her teeth as she spoke.

"I'll do it!" When Wei Suo saw Ling Long Tian's appearance, he immediately realized that it must have been similar to the one in the Northern Mang Ruins. She must have found something useful to her and ended up scaring him.

"Such a huge sky furnace!" What is the grade of this heavenly fire? It's not just the Heaven Fire, but there is also the setting up of the astral thunder. This is the true forging of the thunderfire! "

With just a sweep of his spiritual sense, Wei Suo was able to sense that there was a cauldron in the hall that was over ten people tall. However, once Ling Long Tian swept her way in, she could not help but roll her eyes at the sight of the furnace.

This cauldron was entirely bronze in color and was embedded with fiery-red crystals the size of a human head. Countless runes had been inserted into the interior of the crystals. It was obvious that they possessed a powerful fiendish fire aura.

This cauldron was so huge, it was filled with fiery crystals, and the amount of firepower it could absorb was definitely extremely shocking. However, this cauldron also emitted a powerful aura of thunder, which allowed Wei Suo to instantly feel that this cauldron was also engraved with a complicated formation, and had more than one thunder attribute great Dao Inscription inserted into it.

"Such a big crafting furnace?!"

When Nangong Yuqing, Jia Ya, and the others rushed in, they could not help but cry out in surprise.

There was a flash of purple light and a large lid was lifted off of the furnace. She was thrown to the side and then her entire body rushed into the furnace. She grabbed a black object that was around half the size of her body and rushed out.

"Sister Steel Teeth, what is this gold?" Wei Suo's eyelids jumped. He could immediately feel that the weight of this mass of material was not even comparable to a divine iron forged by a Supreme Elder. It was extremely heavy.

As if she knew that Wei Suo's question was waiting to be answered, she put it away. Ling Long Tian didn't waste any time and stretched out her hand to wipe the dark gold sphere.

As soon as the layer of black ash on its surface was removed, a dazzling red light shot out. It was brilliant like a rainbow and extremely dazzling, as if it was the light emitted by a mighty Divine Mystery Realm expert.

"Divine Blood Moon Steel!"

"It's actually Blood Moon divine iron!"

Ancestor Yuan Yin, Witch Goddess, and the green-robed old man cried out in alarm at the same time!

"This is the Blood Moon divine iron?" Is it the Blood Moon Divine Iron, which is known as the Sky Demon Meteoric Iron in the ancient times of the cultivation world? " Wei Suo immediately forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Ignoring the piercing sensation in his eyes, he stared intently at that bright redness.

The Divine Blood Moon Steel was one of the most astonishingly high quality materials recorded in the world of cultivation.

In addition to the extremely tough materials, the high compatibility with origin energy, and being able to carve multiple origin energy arrays, this divine iron also had an extremely special quality.

Dharma treasures refined from this type of divine iron were like cultivators that could cultivate. They had a unique ability to absorb the might of origin energy. The more they received the impact, the tighter the material would be and the stronger the body would be when refining magic treasures.

To put it simply, magic treasures made from this type of divine iron were able to withstand attacks the more they were forged. The longer they stayed in the hands of cultivators, the more powerful the magic treasure became and the tougher it became.

As long as it was not completely destroyed by the overwhelming might, it would be fine.

This type of gold was described in the records as just like some alien Heavenly Demons that devoured magical powers. It also had another title, Sky Devil Meteoric Iron. In addition, this sort of pure gold also had the title of divine iron for ten thousand generations. This meant that as long as it wasn't lost, the magical equipment refined from this sort of pure gold could be passed down for ten thousand generations.

This was because with the divine iron's body, a cultivator who could completely turn this divine iron into dust would at least be in the fourth or fifth level of the Immortal Realm.

"It's really Blood Moon divine iron!"

And with just a glance, Wei Suo was immediately rendered almost speechless. The most obvious characteristic of the Blood Moon divine iron was that aside from the material itself, the divine light it emitted was especially brilliant. On its surface, natural patterns that were like crescent moons formed one after another. The longer it was tempered, the longer it went on, and the longer it went through. The tighter the material got, the thinner the crescent-shaped patterns became. Right now, the bright red surface was covered with many small crescent-like patterns, which were extremely obvious.

In the world of cultivation, this Blood Moon divine iron was a rare sight. It was recorded that there were two magical treasures that appeared. One was a hairpin, while the other was a foot long ruyi. These two magic treasures together could only be estimated to be the size of a child's head. However, this piece that Ling Long Tian had captured was the size of a spirit jewel. If it was refined into a hairpin magic treasure, then who knew how many hundreds of magic treasures could be created.

"Sister Steel Teeth …" After a moment of silence, Wei Suo rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Don't laugh so much, alright? You're a dead merchant. Consider yourself lucky. I will give you half of this item." The Exquisite Heaven could see what Wei Suo was planning with a glance. It looked at him with disdain before reaching out its hand to wipe away all the black ash on the surface of the Blood Moon Gold. In that instant, a dazzling red light filled the entire hall.

"Too beautiful." Jia, Nangong Yuqing and the others could not help but praise him.

Aside from its sparkling surface, this piece of divine iron looked exceptionally bright and lustrous. Most importantly, its color was extremely bright. It could be said that no one had ever seen such a bright red color. It was truly a beautiful and beautiful color.

Just this sort of color was enough to make one want to collect them. Even if one didn't know how to forge artifacts, they would still have to look at them.

"Give me half of it, why is it so good?" Ling Long Tian's answer made Wei Suo's coy smile freeze on his face. "I understand. Sister Steel Teeth, it's not that every type of gold is useful to you, but the same type of gold. After you consume a certain amount of it, you'll become like a pill that's resistant to drugs. It's useless to you, right?" After staring blankly for a while, Wei Suo seemed to suddenly come to a realization as he quickly reacted and said while looking at Ling Tian.

"That's right." Ling Long Tian didn't hide anything and nodded her head.

"No wonder you don't care about your life when you see the useful Jindan. "Although your cultivation speed is fast, your limitations are also great. Cultivation resources are rare, it seems that some of the Desolate Clan's cultivation methods are inferior to these heaven defying cultivation methods." Wei Suo nodded, "I was wondering why you were so generous this time. Why did you give me half of it?"

"If you blabber so much more, even if I'm useless, I'll swallow it down. I won't leave you even a single piece?"

Everyone was left dumbstruck. With a 'kacha' sound, Wei Suo was able to see through the Exquisite Sky. After saying this, he angrily bit down on a piece of Blood Moon divine iron.

This bite of his was just too great.

"Is this piece of Heavenly Snow God's Steel useful to you?" He then took out the piece of Heavenly Snow Divine Iron that Li Ruo Hai had given her, glanced at Li Ruo Hai, pursed his lips and laughed: "This item was given to me by Palace Head Li, I think if you are useful, I will pass it to you as a gift, Palace Lord Li should not have any objections."

"Of course." Li Ruohai lightly smiled and said.

"Thank you very much." A golden light flashed in Ling Long Tian's eyes. It was obvious that this piece of Heavenly Snow Divine Iron was of great use. With a grab of her hand, she directly put it into her bottomless pit of sleeve. Other people are much more pleasing to look at than you. " Quickly collecting the Heavenly Snow Steel, Ling Long Tian rolled her eyes at Wei Suo and said, "When the time comes, you have to compensate her a little more."

"You accepted divine iron, but you let me compensate you …" Wei Suo was truly speechless.

"Your current cultivation is not enough. When you reach True Immortal Stage Level 2 and above, you should be able to refine this Blood Moon divine iron and help Nangong Yuqing refine a magic robe." At this time, Ling Tian rolled his eyes at him and disdainfully said.

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