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Chapter 448: The Putuo Assembly
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Gentle music was playing in the restaurant, and Chu Feng was enjoying the food with his head lowered. He had been searching for mutant fruits within the depths of the mountain and the great ponds. He would occasionally ponder and feel that such entities were so detached from the city life. Could they even be considered modern people?

During this period, he had contacted the old llama, the Mastiff King, and the Wudang Grandmaster. Only after confirming their safety did he feel relieved.

Soon afterward, he left Jiangning City and once again arrived in the forests around the outskirts.

All the cities of the past were now surrounded by primitive mountains and forests. Things have changed so much in the span of a year, but people had gradually gotten used to them.

“Little uncle, you have to be careful. There are carefree realm entities searching for you. They come bearing evil intentions and are surging with killing intent.” Xiong Kun and Hu Sheng, whom he hadn’t met for a long time, notified him.

Du Huaijin, Ouyang Qing, and the rest also contacted Chu Feng to tell him about the situation.

“Boss, hide away quickly. Those monsters in the carefree realm are all extremely terrifying. They’re actually looking for us in hopes of reaching you. Luckily, we’re quick-witted enough and have long since hidden ourselves.”

Many familiar people began to contact Chu Feng during the short return to the city, telling him about the recent situation.

Carefree realm evolvers had appeared, and no small number of them either!

Chu Feng traveled through the mountainous terrain outside of the city and carved magnetic stones along the way. He worked with due seriousness—he wasn’t imprinting them with spiritual power but was using his flying knife instead.

He was making preparations because many people were out looking for him. Doubtlessly, it was to chop off this head!

A sage had issued a decree to have him killed and many entities from behind the various famed mountains had responded. Now, they were rolling up their sleeves—they greatly desired his head so that they could exchange it for a sage bronze seal.

“It’s not certain who will kill who. Let’s see if their eyes will turn red once I wipe out all of those divine children and saintesses. I wonder if they’ll recklessly perform a divine manifestation?”

Chu Feng muttered thus to himself. His smile was cold and he had completely calmed down.

He wanted to lay down an attack domain. If someone dared approach, he would destroy them cleanly.

He was estimating that those people might not dare approach if he used the famed mountain domains, but if he wanted to use ordinary mountains as a battlefield, he would have to make meticulous preparations in advance.

“I only fear those people won’t take the bait.”

Chu Feng wanted to get things done once and for all. He wanted to lay down a terrifying domain and capture them all in one go!

He had been thinking about which location to choose since he walked out of Jiangning City. He wanted to kill divine children and hunt the saintesses in a glorious battle!

He carved as he went and pondered all the way. In truth, Jiangning itself was a good choice and was quite suitable to spread a big net. He only worried some people wouldn’t take the bait.

However, things always developed as one least expected.

The next day, a certain news was circulated.

The Putuo Assembly was about to commence!

The location was Mount Putuo and the participants were the illustrious evolvers of earth and the entities who had walked out of the various star passages of the famed mountains.

Chu Feng felt that it was extremely ridiculous after hearing this news. The Putuo Assembly was actually a meeting between the native evolvers and the outer-realm beings to limit bloodshed, pursue peace, and achieve harmony.

Discuss how to avoid violence and live together in harmony?!

Chu Feng’s expression seemed as if he had seen a ghost after hearing this!

That was because he was also invited to the Putuo Assembly. With him at the scene, how could there be harmony and peace? How were they going to avoid bloody conflicts?

If he really appeared in person, some people would be struck dumb and wash Mount Putuo with blood.

With him at the scene, how could the Putuo Assembly be one of peace and harmony? Who would believe such a notion? He felt that it was too comical.

Chu Feng sneered and paid no more attention to this.

Old man Lu Tong immediately contacted him and explained the situation. It was said that a number of divine children and saintesses possessed great prestige and it was they who had proposed this ceasefire.

Although he had left the Hollow Jade Temple, the old man was still efficient with his information gathering.

A sage had issued a decree to kill Chu Feng, but some people were planning to disobey?

Regardless, Chu Feng wasn’t willing to pay attention. He didn’t want to head to Mount Putuo.

However, some carefree realm entities had actually invited him specifically by name and asked the corporations to bring word to him.

Chu Feng pondered for a while, but finally, his lips formed a cold smile. Why wouldn’t he dare to? That was Mount Putuo, an extremely famous Buddhist mountain, and it was extremely suitable to lay down domains there.

In the end, Chu Feng headed there because he wanted to see just how powerful these carefree realm entities were.

On Mount Putuo was the Southern Sea Sacred Realm which was also known as the Seaheaven Buddhist Kingdom, one of the four greatest Buddhist famed mountains. It was located in the sea east of the Mount Dan Archipelago.

Bodhi Biogenetics’ main camp was located here. They had occupied this famed mountain but were fairly low-key and announced their intention to move out.

Chu Feng traveled slowly while carving magnetic stones along the way. It took him well over a day to arrive which, compared to his usual speed, could be considered extremely slow.

The blue waves were crashing at the shore. After the upheavals, this island was many times larger than it was in the past.

Walking onto the beach, one could see dense spiritual qi spiraling up in the form of white mist and violet bamboo forest stretching as far as the eye could see.

This assembly wasn’t on the peak of Mount Putuo but at its base. Chu Feng suspected whether this was because they were afraid of him taking action.

The lustrous purple bamboo forest rustled in the wind, glowing faintly like a field of violet cornelian sculptures. It was a scene of grace and elegance.

Many people had come. At the very least, Chu Feng saw no small number of familiar faces. For instance, Qi Honglin of the Pre-Qin Research Institute and some old fellows from Bodhi Biogenetics.

“Chu Feng really came?!” Some people on the road exclaimed in astonishment. They could hardly believe their eyes.

Indeed, a saint had decreed his death. Who would dare reveal themselves under such circumstances? One had to know that there were powerful carefree realm entities from the outer realms coming today.

Chu Feng traveled through a violet bamboo forest and arrived at a green meadow. The landscape here was vast and even, decorated with a clear pond and a row of exquisite buildings.

There were many people who had come to attend this meeting and many servants could be seen shuttling through the crowd delivering fine wine.

There were both beast and human races here, conversing in twos and threes. They would occasionally clink glasses and seemed fairly harmonious.

At the very least, it appeared peaceful at the moment and no one was causing a ruckus.

It was just that the people in attendance were dressed quite differently and appeared rather unconventional. For instance, some were dressed in formal attire while others were wearing ancient style clothing and holding tall wine glasses. The scene was rather odd.

Chu Feng revealed a peculiar expression because he felt that it was quite strange.

For instance, he saw a young man in ancient attire and sporting a wooden hairpin chatting with Jiang Luoshen who was dressed in a formal evening gown. He was holding a glass of wine and conversing quite happily.

There was something inexplicably strange about this scene.

A momentary commotion erupted as Chu Feng passed through the violet bamboo forest and formally set foot on the venue. He attracted everyone’s gaze instantly.

“Brother Chu, you are truly bold. You actually came here,” said a white-robed man with an outstanding temperament. This was precisely Xu Qing, the youngest Xingyi Fist grandmaster.

Chu Feng revealed a smile after seeing him. He naturally wouldn’t forget how he had knocked this elegant fist art grandmaster out cold from behind and taken his Xingyi Fist Manual.

These matters had passed and he definitely wouldn’t admit to it no matter what.

“Chu Feng, here!” Jiang Luoshen called out to him. She was still as beautiful as ever—her draping long hair, her beautiful obsidian eyes, and long lashes were complemented by her alluring lips and that excellent figure as outlined by her long white skirt. She possessed a charm which moved the heart as expected of the national goddess.

Chu Feng headed over. He had long since noticed the man beside her who was dressed in ancient clothing and holding a glass of wine.

“This is saint child Li Qing of the Featherflight Star,” Jiang Luoshen introduced. Even she, herself, felt odd. This outer realm saint child was standing between the two modern people that were Chu Feng and herself.

Even saint children have appeared?!

Chu Feng’s eyes narrowed. He sized up this person while offering his greetings.

According to reason, outer realm saint children at this level should’ve immediately attacked him to exchange his head for a saint bronze seal.

But Li Qing was fairly calm and seemed to have no such intention. “Brother Chu has indeed arrived. You’re truly brave.”

Following which, he said with a smile, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll launch a sudden attack? It doesn’t bode well for you at such a distance.”

Chu Feng was rather calm because he had buried the Equality of All Life monastic robe under his clothes and thus had no fear of an attack. He certainly wouldn’t let himself fall into danger.

“I believe saint child Li’s character,” he replied.

“Regardless of whether you really believe us or not. I and these people here truly have no animosity towards you. We only wish to get to know you and, better yet, become friends,” Li Qing spoke.

After a few words, Li Qing excused himself and went to receive a number of people in ancient clothing who’d just arrived. Apparently, their identities weren’t ordinary.

“How come you’ve really come? It’s too risky.” Jiang Luoshen whispered.

“Isn’t Mount Putuo your Bodhi Biogenetics’ main came? You have to protect me when the time comes,” Chu Feng said with a laugh.

Jiang Luoshen rolled her eyes and said, “You can still laugh under such circumstances?” Then she sighed softly, “We’ve decided to abandon Mount Putuo. We can’t shoulder this burden.”

Chu Feng nodded. With Bodhi Biogenetics’ strength, it was true that they couldn’t hold this place. The two Buddha’s disciples, Qian Jia and Qian Ye, were too inferior compared to the extraterrestrials.

Not to mention the two, even Chu Feng himself was giving it his all just to catch up to their level of evolution.

Many people arrived at that time. Chu Feng saw no small number of people from outer realm star systems and all of them were carefree realm experts!

This made his heart sink—had so many experts crossed over the folded spaces?

A white elephant came striding over the surface of the sea, carrying a monk and entered the island.

Before long, a silver figure flickered in the air as an enormous being descended. A silver-colored western dragon landed on the island and transformed into its human shape.

The atmosphere here became heated as more and more experts arrived.

Chu Feng realized that many outer-realm people were secretly sizing him. Some gazed fixedly at him with burning eyes as they would a prey while others were fairly calm and did little to express themselves.

Regardless of the case, everyone was well in control and no one made a move.

It seemed these carefree realm entities had reached a consensus not to attack him today.

Chu Feng felt odd regarding this. What was the actual reason?

Of course, his instincts told him that, should one of them make a move, many of these people would be unable to control themselves and fight for his head.

After Chu Feng split up with Jiang Luoshen, he roamed around freely with a glass of wine in hand. He seemed rather leisurely as he observed these people.

The native evolvers all revealed odd expressions and seemed quite surprised after seeing him arrive in person.

The outer realm experts, on the other hand, glanced at each other and would converse among themselves from time to time.

During this process, Chu Feng noticed many familiar people. For instance, the Baji School young master Wang Yuan. He had had some contact with his person when he laid down the weapon nurturing array near Lake Xuanwu in Jiangning.

Later on, he also saw Princess Lin together with the people from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave. There was some awkwardness as the two saw each other.

In truth, Qi Lin didn’t really know how to face Chu Feng. Back at Mount Lu, she didn’t warn him beforehand and watched from the sidelines as Chu Feng battled the saint child Yu Wenfeng. At that time, she had thought that Chu Feng was far from being at the same level of a saint child. However, the results left here astonished and shaken.

“We meet again,” Chu Feng greeted her with a casual smile.

“You’re truly courageous.” An elder from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave whispered while gazing at the figure of Chu Feng’s back.

A saint had issued a kill order and yet Chu Feng dared appear in such a place. In their eyes, this was somewhat reckless.

Chu Feng went around the place and found that the outer realm entities had no intention to censure him.

However, he soon began to frown after seeing people from the Penglai Immortal Island. The one-armed Chen Sheng shot a cold glance at him from afar with undisguised hatred in his gaze.

Last time, this Penglai Chen Family young master had wanted to block off Chu Feng’s escape at Mount Lu. In the end, he had fled frantically after hearing of Chu Feng’s accomplishments in the mountain. He escaped in a miserable condition and even had one of his hands destroyed by Chu Feng. It was extremely humiliating.

Now after seeing Chu Feng, his eyes spewed out flames and wanted nothing more than to kill him.

But he finally turned around and avoided looking at him. Instead, he chased after Jiang Luoshen and began to chat with her.

It was just that Chu Feng used his divine instinct to listen in on the conversation and his expression turned rather ugly. Additionally, it was clear that Jiang Luoshen was ashamed and unwilling to pay him any attention.

“Miss Jijang, I’m serious. I don’t mind what past you have with that man surnamed Chu. I can bring you back to the Penglai Immortal Island. Why not go with me in a while?”

Cheng Sheng spoke while laughing and even shot a few glances at Chu Feng. This was clearly deliberate.

In the past, there were a fair number of rumors regarding Chu Feng and Jiang Luoshen. One would know merely by asking around. It was obvious that he was targeting Chu Feng by saying such tyrannical words to her..

“I’m sorry. Please step aside!” Jiang Luoshen turned and left.

But Chen Sheng extended his single hand and blocked her way. “Rest assured, I really don’t mind those things. Besides, it’s fine even if you are still in a relationship with him. You can just make him leave because he’s not worthy of Miss Jiang.” With that, he glanced at Chu Feng with an indifferent smile.

Chu Feng’s eyes turned cold. This man was obviously targeting him.

Regardless of whether Jiang Luoshen was related to him or not, Chen Sheng’s actions were a form of humiliation to him. It was ostentatious and domineering.

Chu Feng directly walked over and said, “Have you not felt enough pain from losing an arm?!”

Chen Sheng’s eyes almost spat out fire and wanted nothing more than to pounce at Chu Feng. In the end, he snorted coldly and said, “Chu Feng, you’re too unbridled. What woman does this woman have with you? I’m only wooing this lady, so what does that have to do with you?!”

Chu Feng really wanted to slap this person to death. Although he had nothing to do with Jiang Luoshen, this Chen Sheng’s attitude was too deliberate.

“Are you courting death?!” Chu Feng erupted with killing intent.

“Young man, aren’t you acting to wildly?!” At this time, an elder took a few steps forward and swept his gaze towards Chu Feng with cold, incisive eyes.

Chu Feng had long since seen that Chen Sheng was provoking him intentionally and wanted to use this excuse to have this elder take action. He wanted to kill Chu Feng here.

Chu Feng suddenly felt things were somewhat ridiculous—an entire group of outer realm beings had no intention to target him. On the contrary, it was a native who wanted him dead.

“Chu Feng, let’s go!” Jiang Luoshen turned around and left while pulling on Chu Feng’s hand. She saw through the danger and didn’t wish for Chu Feng to get tangled up with them.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he elder said indifferently. He was clad in ancient apparel and seemed rather conceited.

“You’re meddling too much.” Chu Feng replied calmly.

“Oh, this reminds me. You’re Chu Feng, right? You killed the descendant of a quasi-saint beast from Penglai. How will you repay us?” The elder said.

Chu Feng didn’t pay him any attention and left with Jiang Luoshen. As for that unicorn, it was Huang Tong and the others who had killed it. How dare Penglai accuse him of it? Weren’t they just trying to target him?!

“Halt.” The old man laughed indifferently and blocked the way.

“Stop taking advantage of your age. What a lack of self-respect!” Chu Feng said coldly.

“Ha, the outside world is saying that you’re a heaven’s chosen. Don’t take that as the truth. Have you asked our Penglai’s opinion?” The elder was disdainful. At the same time, he released the characteristic terrifying aura of a carefree realm entity and produced a steel chain. “You killed quasi-divine beast descendant from Penglai and must repay us. Since you can’t afford to do so then you should just come back with us.”

At this point, he shot the chain towards Chu Feng’s neck.

Chu Feng’s expression immediately sank and his eyes turned extremely cold. This was intolerable bullying. This chain likely used for binding beasts was actually being used to lock him.

On one side, Chen Sheng was smiling, trying his best to disguise his delight.

“Go with me,” the old man said casually. Additionally, he raised his hand to lock Chu Feng with the chain.

“Taking advantage of your age! You’re courting death!” At this moment, Chu Feng had no hesitation at all and immediately smashed forth with the snowy white bracelet on his hand.

Their commotion drew many eyes. No small number of people were paying attention to them.

At this moment, a dazzling blaze erupted with a loud rumble. No one had expected Chu Feng would so decisively and directly dish out this killing move.

The diamond chakram contained the essence flames of extreme yang. At such a close distance, the torrential blaze directly drowned the elder within. Even a great expert at the shackled realm couldn’t resist.

“Ah…” The elder cried out in misery as he turned into a human torch, rolling about and struggling intensively.

It was too sudden. No one had expected Chu Feng would be so decisive!


There was no suspense here. Despite his astonishing strength, he was grossly inadequate before the dense flames of extreme yang and immediately crumbled into many pieces, then exploded into a cloud of ash.

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