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Chapter 575 You threatened me?

"What do you mean?"

Tang Mochang said in a heavy voice.

The man looked at Tang Mochang and spoke faintly: "You should have heard that the reason why the Sword Crafting Valley has manifested the Divine Armament Intent Transformation three times in a row, is not because the Divine Armament that was hidden inside the cliff wall and was forged by the mountains back then, but because there is a Weapon Refining Grand Master that is currently forging a Divine Armament in the space inside the cliff."

"So what?"

Tang Mochang snorted.

He had been hiding in the Sword Crafting Valley for a few days already, so he had naturally heard of such news. It was said that this was the judgement of the Stage Nine Rankers, which was acknowledged by more and more Martial Warriors.

He was also very curious about the Weapon Refining Grand Master.

Unfortunately, he queued up all the Weapon Refining Grand Master he knew and was unable to guess just who it was that forged weapons inside that cliff space.

"According to reliable sources, the person who heavily injured the Demon Lord Fen Tian in the great battle back then was Ou Xie." That person suddenly said this for no reason.

"Ou Xie?"

Tang Mochang was shocked, "The Weapon Refining Grand Master Ou Xie by Shan He's side a hundred years ago?"

In the great battle of Two Realms Plain, after Fen Tian was heavily injured by the mysterious Ranker who held the Divine Armament's "Rains", the various forces had been tracking him down and investigating his origins. But after a few years, the identity of the man was still a secret.

"How do you know?" After a while, Tang Mochang could not help but ask.

"I naturally have my own sources." The man smiled.

"That person is Ou Xie, what does he have to do with Sword Crafting Valley?"

Tang Mochang gave a cold snort, and then he seemed to have understood something, and exclaimed, "During this period of time, Ou Xie is forging the Divine Armament inside the cliff space?"

"No, the person inside is definitely not Ou Xie!"

The man shook his head and laughed, "Back in the great battle of Two Realms Plain, although Demon Lord was severely injured, Ou Xie was still captured. He is currently imprisoned in Tranquil Continent. However, even though Ou Xie was imprisoned, he still had a disciple, and that disciple was currently a Martial Saint of the Peak Stage Nine and the Weapon Refining Grand Master. "

"The one who is forging the Divine Armament is Ou Xie's disciple?" Tang Mochang was startled. A hundred years ago, Ou Xie was already a Stage Nine Martial Saint, and his disciple should be around seventy or eighty years old. In fact, a hundred years old, being a Martial Saint and a Martial Saint of the Peak Stage Nine wasn't anything strange.

"Exactly." That person slowly said, "The mountains and rivers had once created a 'Forging God Cave' within the cliff to forge a 'Divine Armament'. After the mountains and rivers are gone, only Ou Xie would know how to enter the 'Forging God Cave'. Now that Ou Xie is locked up, the only person who can enter the 'Forging God Cave' are his disciples. "

"Who is his disciple?" Tang Mochang could not help but ask.

"Tang Huan!" The two words "softly" could be heard from the entrance.

"How could it be that rascal?"

Tang Mochang was 140 years old, and Tang Huan was only 20 years old. Are the two of them actually master and disciple? Suddenly, Tang Mochang subconsciously shook his head and shouted, "This is impossible, this is not …." Before he could finish, his voice abruptly stopped.

He suddenly thought of the battle skill that Tang Huan trained in, "Flaming Rainbow Spear Art", which was a famous battle skill personally created by the "Spear Saint".

As for Ye Chongshan and Ou Xie, they had an irreconcilable relationship.

Since Ye Chongshan was able to pass down his "Flaming Rainbow Spear Art" to Tang Huan, then, why couldn't Ou Xie take Tang Huan as her disciple?

After a while, Tang Mochang could not help but laugh miserably. He had stepped into the Stage Nine Martial Saint and wanted to kill Tang Huan, but he found out that Tang Huan was already an expert of the Peak Stage Nine.

"Hall Master You Ye, what did you come to find me for?" After staring blankly for a long while, Tang Mochang finally spoke with a heart of death.

"Didn't you always want to kill Tang Huan? Now the chance has come! " The man chuckled.

"You think I'm his match?" Tang Mochang laughed bitterly.

"It's like this, of course you are not his opponent, but as long as you eat it, you will have the chance to kill Tang Huan!"

It was round and round, about the size of an egg. Wisps of black mist lingered around the surface of the bead, and at the moment it was revealed, a cold and brutal aura spread out.

"I'm afraid this is not a good thing."

Tang Mochang's expression slightly changed, "I do indeed want to kill Tang Huan, but I do not plan on giving my own life in there. Moreover, since your Secluded Night Divine Palace accepted my request, and killed Tang Huan, that is what your Secluded Night Divine Palace wants to do. I'm afraid that you have made a mistake by coming to find me. "

"Do you think you have a choice?" That man started laughing strangely, "Eat it, and your Tang Family can still be preserved. If not, you and your Tang Family won't be able to keep it."

"Are you threatening me?" Tang Mochang was furious.

"Yes, I am threatening you." The man said slowly.

"You …" Tang Mochang's face was unsettled.


… ….

"Another five days have passed, and there's still no movement!"

"Could it be that the Weapon Refining Grand Master slipped away from somewhere?"

"With so many pairs of eyes watching us, even if a fly flew out, it would immediately be discovered. Where can he escape to?"


It was another evening. From time to time, waves of mutterings could be heard from the depths of Sword Crafting Valley.

Just at this moment, inside the Forging God Cave, Tang Huan let out a long sigh of relief, and his face revealed an unconcealable joy.

At this time, in front of Tang Huan, the originally dull and dim top was releasing a dazzling green light, as though it was surrounded by a spirited intent.

"Tang Huan, you have already repaired it?"

A red figure flashed, and Feng Ming appeared in front of Tang Huan.

Tens of metres away, Xiao Budian also ran over with his round belly, looking curious as he circled around the top.

"I can only say that it has been repaired halfway."

Tang Huan smiled and nodded, then said with some regret, "It's a pity that we lack two extremely important materials, causing the stability of this Space Aircraft to decrease greatly. This thing is probably what Slippery Jade said, we can only go around the borders of the 'Turbid Sea Area'."

"Being able to travel through the outskirts of the 'Turbid Sea Area' is already quite good." Feng Ming laughed.

"That's true. Let's go, I'll bring you guys in and take a look."

Tang Huan laughed, and in the blink of an eye, the Mind Power flew out, entering the spinning Space Aircraft.

In the next moment, the Space Aircraft was already flying in the sky, releasing an exceptionally intense buzzing sound, and an even denser green light exploded out, condensing into a whirlpool with a radius of a few meters, and before even a blink of an eye, Tang Huan, Feng Ming, and Xiao Budian were sucked into the whirlpool. When their silhouettes reappeared, they were already in a small green space.

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