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Now, all the warriors inside the chaotic space basin were enchanted. They looked as if they had lost their minds.

Both male and female warriors had their minds occupied by Zi Yao's charming glamor.

It was a charming evil power that couldn't be described. It struck people's host soul and Sea of Consciousness directly. They were affected and were unable to resist.

Shi Yan was panic-stricken. He didn't dare to stop, turning around and walking away with a resolute face.

If the Origin's fluctuation in his head hadn't touched him and if he hadn't been able to see that mysterious power, his soul altar would have been invaded too.

He could clearly see that Zi Yao had used the invisible power to release her tremendous Soul Consciousness and intrude people's heads, enticing their host souls and puzzling them all.

In this crowd, only he had touched that magical power. He had recognized the evil attack so he was able to retreat timely.

He didn't dare to linger.

While backing off, his co-soul was creating a connection with Grace Mainland. He wanted to use the Soul Consciousness to create a space passage.


A brilliant door like a galaxy appeared behind him. Inside the door, there was a vague glimpse of the immense Endless Sea.

As the owner of Grace Mainland, no matter where he was, he could return to the planet in any minute. It was a unique supernatural power of the warriors fused with the Origins.

Anyway, Cang Yun and Audrey had low levels and they didn't know Space power Upanishad so they couldn't do that.

However, Shi Yan knew the God Lord could do that. He wondered if the God Lord had seized the chance to return to Ancient God Continent or not.

As the warriors here were enchanted, they were going to fall into terrible danger. Shi Yan understood that at his realm and cultivation base, even though he had understood that mysterious power, he couldn't overturn the whole situation here.

Moreover, in this horde of people, he had only cared about Zi Yao.

However, Zi Yao was the ringleader of all of this. It was truly a joke of the Creator.

He wanted to avoid the danger for now. After he had opened the door, he was about to flee to Grace Mainland.

The halo in Zi Yao's eyes revolved. She looked at him in the distance, her face surprised. She was curious as to how he was able to get rid of the soul enchantment. He could back off resolutely, though.

After the true body of the giant serpent was reunited, Zi Yao had always been emotionless. But now, she changed. She looked excited as if she had finally become a real creature, lively and emotional. Seeing Shi Yan want to leave, she sent him another message. "Why do you need to leave? Will I eat you? There are so many people here, but I won't kill you. Only you. Can't you stay with me?"

Her voice and her soul energy fluctuation were identical to the real Zi Yao.

It felt like her soul and consciousness had returned to her…

However, Shi Yan didn't dare to buy it. He didn't answer, shutting off his Sea of Consciousness and keeping silent. He attempted to run away.

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes became cold. She snorted and her snort seemed to carry endless evil energy that could change space energy fluctuations. The light door that Shi Yan had just created was sealed by layers of light. The glimpse of the Endless Sea behind the door faded.

"You don't know what's good for you!" Zi Yao looked unhappy.

Tian Xie's face was cold and dark. He turned into a rainbow light without waiting for Zi Yao's orders. He glided through the group of God Clan's experts and Xuan He to reach Shi Yan in order to capture him.

Shi Yan was frightened. He finally pulled himself together at the critical moment. Flows of thought crossed his head continuously.

He recognized that by himself, surviving would be tough. At this moment, Zi Yao was so strange and evil. No one could counter her single-handedly.

If he wanted to get rid of Zi Yao, he had to make everything chaotic. He needed more people.

He made up his mind as soon as this thought arose in his head. He touched his glabella. His Soul Consciousness changed and rippled like invisible water waves.

His Soul Consciousness was equipped with something cold and clear that was specified to refine the souls and awaken the minds.

The power he got was exactly like Zi Yao's. It was the power that only the Absolute Beginning creatures could control.

Just like he guessed, this magical power worked.

The Soul Consciousness with the freezing energy seeped into Audrey's soul altar who was standing closest to him. Audrey was startled. She was awakened. Her graceful body quivered slightly as she screamed, "What happened?"

His Soul Consciousness expanded rapidly. Soon, Xuan He, Adele, and Frederick were awakened. He had also woken up the God Clan's experts. They all changed their countenances and gathered energy to create a seal and barrier to protect their soul altars.

They knew that Zi Yao had just occupied their minds. This time, they learned their lesson. All tried to cover their Sea of Consciousness and soul altar to prevent their souls from being invaded one more time.

"Shi Yan, what happened?" Audrey woke up first. Shi Yan was the first one she saw. She was smart enough to figure out that Shi Yan was the one who had saved them.

"Tian Xie, you're crazy!"

Xuan He sneered, turning into a long blood river and shooting toward Tian Xie.

At this moment, Tian Xie wanted to capture Shi Yan.

Xuan He found that only Shi Yan could break Zi Yao's soul enchantment. He knew that if they got Shi Yan, they wouldn't have a chance to resist. Thus, he urged all of his power to help Shi Yan.

Many people understood this too. Frederick, Lei Di, and Azure Dragon were touched. They gathered around Shi Yan to prevent Tian Xie from approaching and controlling Shi Yan.

"Protect that kid!" Adele was bewildered for a while before she could get a hold of herself. She screamed her order.

The Imperial Dark Tribe's warriors moved and surrounded Shi Yan. Together with Xuan He, they created a pressure on Tian Xie.

The rainbow light around Tian Xie stretched endlessly. His beams of light twittered strangely as if they were insects communicating with each other. Those outer space divine lights were exactly what Zi Yao had controlled. Their auras were similar to the Origin's heaven flames. They were much more powerful and mysterious than the God Clan's Light power Upanishad.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Xuan He's eyes turned crimson. The viscous blood rivers flew out of his eyes and aligned with each other. The thick smell of blood emitted. The blood rivers bubbled torrentially. Whenever one bubble burst off, it sent a flow of Blood Qi. The Blood Qi gathered and condensed, creating a blood dragon. It had a quiet aura with a momentum that could deliver all the creatures to death.

The vitality rose from deep inside the blood rivers. The Death and Life didn't attack each other, but Life power had triggered Death power and increased the death magnetic field to the acme.

The endless rainbow light Tian Xie had released was covered in Xuan He's blood river. Tian Xie's face didn't change as he spoke faintly. "Xuan He, our power were equal. But now, you're far behind me."

The rainbow lights were like dragons that struggled in the deep abyss, trying to move through the blood river and head to Shi Yan.


Xuan He spurted blood. His blood condensed in the air and created a blood drill that was crystal and sparkling. The life energy emitted immensely from the drill.

"Blood sacrifice!"

Xuan He gave a low-pitched soul. The blood river was like a boiling pot or a lava pond with so many bursting blood bubbles.

A red blood with a dense, murderous aura in the eyes emerged. The dragon had formidable life energy that then shot out of the blood river, roaring inaudibly and heading to bite Tian Xie.

Tian Xie wasn't affected. His energy fluctuated and then he exploded into countless light dots and vanished.

He conjured up behind Shi Yan and raised his hand to grab Shi Yan.


Shi Yan was still calm. He sprayed a mouthful of blood on his bloody sword. Instantly, all the eyes on the sword opened. They became like evil insects that crawled on the sword and enhanced it. It turned into a sharp beam of blood and directly stabbed Tian Xie.

After his life form was greatly transformed, his blood wasn't the Immortal Demon Blood anymore. It was something with different magical abilities that he couldn't figure out yet.

His blood now carried the unknown power, which made his aura and energy one level more powerful than the Immortal Demon Blood. It was like the difference between the Human blood and the Immortal Demon Blood. It had more features that he hadn't studied yet. Thus, when the bloody eyes opened, his energy rocketed instantly.


An earth-shaking explosion erose. The blood sword turned into a blood eye and hit Tian Xie's chest hard.

Tian Xie's bones exploded. He didn't look calm and relaxed anymore. Looking at the massive eye on his chest, he was astounded.

"Flesh Armor!"

Shi Yan cried inwardly. The bloody shield was like a strange flower blooming on his body, that him quickly.

While his Soul Consciousness changed, he transformed into a body he had just evolved. Fearsome spikes appeared. His back cracked and a pair of massive bone wings jutted out from the cracks. His claws grew as sharp as a saber. The blood in his body was now like a strong wine burning that gave him a flow of earth-destroying energy and wildly ran through his veins. The blood, flesh, bones, and even his internal organs were surging continuously.

At this moment, Shi Yan had confidence that he could resist the Immortal Realm expert.

The blood eye on Tian Xie's chest glowed in an evil blood light, which was like the spikes of a hedgehog thrusting into Tian Xie's chest.

Tian Xie couldn't help but scream in pain. He changed his visage and shouted, "I didn't expect that your life form would reach Bloodthirsty's level by now. Well done. You're worthy of being his successor."

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Tian Xie's heart beat frantically like a planet explosion. The surging energy he had could compare to the expert at Third Sky of Immortal Realm. The blood eye directly pushed away like a rubber ball.

The formidable energy came like a seething sea and followed the blood eye to cover Shi Yan.

At this moment, the threat that Tian Xie was booming could compare to Brian the God Lord or the Soul Control Chief Ming Hao. It was really tremendous.

"How dare you!"

Frederick, Lei Di, and Azure Dragon roared at the same time. They took action immediately and released magical power.

Zi Yao observed everything from her throne above the imperial crown on Hui's host head. Her beautiful eyes gazed at Shi Yan. Her hands balled into fists. She looked touched.

It seemed like Shi Yan in his new fighting form with the mysterious energy had made her recall something.

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