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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 305: Silvaria World Institute in an uproar!

Only those disciples with support from their clans know just how significant being a special student is. They are also the ones most aware of just how one would obtain such an evaluation. Outsiders probably don't know the real situation by virtue of not studying in Silvaria World Institute.

A smug guy might be able to survive in a lot of places by relying on his own strength. However, if said smug guy comes to Silvaria World Institute, there is a high chance this smug guy will get a good whacking or two.

Determination of potential is a complex process and will be deferred until a later time. But, strength is easily determined.

Excluding the roughly 100 special students with the potential, there are about 900 special students who are distributed mostly around tier 7.

There are a lot of tier 7 individuals in this world. No doubt, they are rare. Their rarity could be gleaned from the fact that there are only so many tier 7 out of so many students.

Just pick any clans that is actually renowned, they would definitely have tier 7 individuals within their ranks.

Strength is relative to the viewer, the frequent appearance of tier 7 might make one think tier 7 is weak. Perhaps that is so in the eyes of the truly strong. But, take note of the population here.

Silvaria World Institute is mostly composed of students, each and every one of them aren't older than 25 years old.

A tier 7 is not terrifying but a tier 7 who achieved such power before 25 years old? Now, that's scary.

Fei Fei is an example of a special student.

At the same time, at a villa with fake mountains and a river.

Fei Fei examined her sword named Night Elf as if she's looking for something microscopic. Only Fei Fei herself know just what she is looking at.

"Sister Fei Fei! Sister Fei Fei!"

The yell was followed by the sound of the villa's door being slammed open. The figure didn't decrease her speed as she charged towards Fei Fei.

It's Lulu.

Fei Fei is taken by surprise, knowing her, it's normal for Lulu to run around in such an energetic manner. But, this is the first time Lulu is this excited!

Fei Fei dodged her splendidly and Lulu kissed the ground hard, she moaned in pain.

Fei Fei raised an eyebrow and she sighed after putting her Night Elf back in its sheath.

"Lilu, what in the world are you doing?…"

Lulu rubbed her breasts, the main cushion that absorbed the impact of her fall.

Lulu placed her hands to her head as she ruminated about something. Fei Fei sighed because it looked like Lulu can't remember just why is she in such a hurry?…

Fei Fei is a bit worried that Lulu might have knocked her head during her fall instead of her breasts. Suddenly, Lulu jumped up from the ground while beaming up.

Before a very surprised Lulu can say anythingm, Lulu grabbed Fei Fei's hand.

"Sister Fei Fei, it's Yan! They are here!"

Fei Fei flinched and then she laughed out loud.

"Oh is that so, they are finally here…"

Fei Fei frowned at Lulu who is still in a high tension state.

"Even if it's Wu Yan, you didn't have to be so flustered…"

Lulu flinched but the excitement in her eyes never dimmed down.

"Sister Fei Fei, Yan is now famous throughout Silvaria World Institute."


Astonished by this news, she revealed an incredulous expression. It's not easy to be famous in Silvaria World Institute where there are many outstanding individuals.

"Give me the details!"

Lulu gulped, she had been running since she heard this news. In addition to that, she's so excited that her mouth felt very dry.

Lulu added a bit of puffery to her version of the events that transpired at the grand gates of Silvaria World Institute. If there's anything Fei Fei learned today, it's the fact that Lulu had a knack for story-telling.

After the debriefing, Fei Fei murmured.

"Ten special students…"

"Yea yeah!"

Lulu kept swinging Fei Fei's hand, Fei Fei thought her arms are going to get dislocated at this rate.

"I wonder where Yan found those girls, I want to meet with them…."

Fei Fei shook her head while laughing.

"I take it we are going to go greet them?"

Lulu, still hyped as ever, answered in an elated manner.

"Yes yes yes! Let's go! Let's go now! Gooo!"

Fei Fei got left in the dust when Lulu ran out as fast as she came in. Fei Fei had a few questions in her mind, when did Lulu get so worked up for somebody and more importantly, how can a mage run so fast?…

Fei Fei bitterly smiled as she clenched her hold on Night Elf. She frowned and sighed for the nth time before murmuring.

"This is going to get messy…"

Fei Fei is going to find Wu Yan because she wanted to tell him to prepare himself for the storm ahead.

Special students, ten of them at once, this is definitely material enough to cause a stir in the established balance. The fame will be followed by unwanted attention.

Fei Fei, a special student herself, knew that if he it weren't for Lori family's support, Fei Fei and Lulu wouldn't be able to live peaceful lives as students.

Every faction in this school would do anything to add one special student in their faction what's more to say for 10 special students.

"I need to hurry…"

Fei Fei said in a grim manner. She pushed open the doors of the villa and ran in the same direction as Lulu.

A bunch of other residences in Silvaria World Institute also exhibited the same kind of exuberance.

Silvaria World Institute is made with the cooperation of the 3 empires. With these many factions and talents gathered here, it is only inevitable that there would be conflicts.

Ignoring the feuds between the 3 empires, some medium or small-sized clans are always fighting and hating each other. They all just can't along.

Some of these factions are sworn enemies who would kill each other if not in consideration of the rules in this place.

Furthermore, some of these people are successors to their factions. It would be asinine not to try and gather as much talents as they could in a place where some geniuses roam without factions.

Silvaria World Institute can be said to be a microcosm of the factions feuds that plague this world.

There are some who don't want to see their enemies recruit all the talented ones, there are some who want to steal geniuses from the other faction. Anyway, all the geniuses and talents in the academy are prime targets. Especially, the special students.

Now that 10 special students appeared all at once, this new pool of talent threatens to destroy the equilibrium in Silvaria World Institute.

When news of the appearance of 10 special students reached the lords of various factions, these factions immediately responded.

The order may vary in words but the message is clear: Recruit all 10 special students and if not possible then make sure the rivals don't get their hands on them. Special means are allowed for this purpose.

Fei Fei knew this is going to happen and that's why she predicted there would be troubles ahead.

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