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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 303: Test! Special student!

Wu Yan & co felt a bit speechless after hearing the manager's explanation. The grand gates of this school also didn't help reduce their speechlessness.

They had more or less guessed that there is more than 1 entrance for accepting guests that are not going to enter as students.

The group didn't think that this magnificent gate was built specifically for the new students.

These people really spared no expenses…

The manager looked a bit proud after seeing Wu Yan & co's responses.

"Anyone with even a bit of power can enter the school as normal students and such students will be given white uniforms that signify their status as normal students."

"For the elite students who stand out among the normal students, they will be given white uniforms with blue edges."

"As for the special students…"

"To become one, well, one must have superb strength or they will just be elite students…"

"A special student is given white uniforms with gold edges."

The manager clapped his hand to capture their attention.

"Of course, when talking about strength students are classified according to potential as well as strength so if the ritual platform decides that you have the potential to become a special student then even if you're only a normal human, the academy will also issue you a gold-edged uniform."

"But, to become a special student by only your potential is something less than 100 students can do in Silvaria World Institute."

"Less than 100…"

Wu Yan thought about the approximate number of students in this school. It's the only institution of its kind in this whole wide continent. He reckons that there are at least 10 million students here if not 100 million.

Only a hundred out of some tens of millions?

Wu Yan asked the manager a question that popped into his mind.

"How many special students are there in this school?"

The manager flinched and he replied.

"Less than 1 thousand."

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. It seems special students account for only 1 out of every 10 thousand student huh.


Wu Yan subconscious said in sync with Shokuhou Misaki.

She almost exploded his heart with her charming smile. Shokuhou Misaki touched her golden hair before looking at the ritual platform, Wu Yan felt chills when he saw the curiosity beaming out from her starry eyes.

Wu Yan is sure that Joou-sama must have thought up some "fun" plans.

He silently prayed for the swift death of those hapless students. Wu Yan decided that it might be best to keep some distance between him and Joou-sama, he might get caught up in one of her schemes if he isn't careful.

The manager walked to the side of the ritual platform and gestured for one of them to come forth.

"Well then, please, proceed to the ritual platform for the test. Place your hand in the trough and it will display your strength in color codes!"

"White for normal students, blue for elite students, and gold for special students!"

"After the ritual, the uniforms will be distributed by me. A reminder, even if your strength is only normal, if your potential is blue, the color for elite students, you will still receive the same treatment of an elite student. In other words, your student rank will be determined by the highest designation of either one of your strength or potential!"

The manager stood there silently with his usual expressionless face as if his role is already over. This is his cue for Wu Yan & co to take the test.

The spectators had already gathered and they were already starting to make a fuss. They focused their attention on Wu Yan & co. Most of them students, they are more interested in finding out their student rank.

Some of them harbored disgusting intentions. If the dazzling array of girls before them had strength even weaker than them, they wanted to take note and use whatever means they can to obtain what they wanted…

Wu Yan shrugged and he turned towards the girls.

"Who's up first?"

Flandre-chan who was tugging Wu Yan's shirt hurriedly bounced her way in front of Wu Yan. She jumped and yelled in excitement.

"Onii-chan! Onii-chan! Let Flan go first! Flan wants to go first!"

Her cheerful and energetic attitude brought a smile to everyone's face. This little fairy is too cute!

Some of the spectators got knocked right off their feet by Flandre-chan. Some of them even started to heave as if doing so could alleviate the pain brought about by an overdose of Hnnngg.

He rubbed her little head and smiled.

"Then that makes you the first to try it out!"

Flandre-chan beamed up and she hurrahed. She quickly dashed over to the ritual platform and pressed her hand in the depressions on the platform. At least, she tried to…

She became dejected because she's not tall enough to touch the depressions.

Wu Yan & co didn't hold back their laughter. 


Flandre-chan turned around and she looked she's on the verge of crying. Wu Yan shook his head and he lifted her up.

Finally smiling again, she pressed her hand on the power trough…


The testing equipment didn't respond, there wasn't even a bit of light. This was a clear result of somebody who had no power.

A bunch of the spectators laughed. It's normal for a kid to have no power. But, if it was Wu Yan, he would have been the laughing stock.

Flandre-chan pursed her lips in boredom. She didn't seem to care that her power is 0 at the moment. She touched the potential trough and…


The next instant, the whole platform shook violently and a golden beam shot out of the platform.

The manager lost his calm look as he yelled out in a shaking voice.

"Gold beam! It's a special student!"

Some of the spectators who were laughing before froze up. They wiped their eyes, trying to see if their eyes are playing tricks on them only to find the gold beam is still there. Their measly little brains went blank trying to figure the thing out.

Power: 0 Potential: Special

Just how in the world…

The spectators started taking Flandre-chan a bit more seriously now. The Silvaria World Institute students here also started pinning Flandre's image to their mind because they know this little girl is going to rock the entire world of Silvaria World Institute some day.

Special students with the commensurate potential are less than 100 in Silvaria World Institute.

Nobody in the crowd knows just how significant the position of a special student is other than the students of Silvaria World Institute.

If Flandre-chan wills it, even if Wu Yan & co turned out to be just normal students, they could still live a life of luxury by virtue of being in the company of a special student.

Of course, that is if Wu Yan & co are only normal students…

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