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While she resisted with her weak strength, protesting with muffled sounds, Wu Yan swiftly removed the sweater dress and pants she would always wear.

Wu Yan casually threw the clothes to the side of the bed. Now that she is in her birthday suit and as vulnerable as a newborn lamb. Her petite loli body did nothing to stop the lustful flames burning Wu Yan up.

Even though it had little adult charms, she was attractive in her own way, Her lustrous thighs, smooth skin, her sweet scent, it all invigorated anyone who saw it.

Feeling the air touching her skin, Kinuhata Saiai understood her present appearance. She is so embarrassed she could die, this is the second time a man had seen her body in all its glory.

Kinuhata Saiai wanted to move her hands to cover her chest and shield what little she can from Wu Yan’s lecherous eyes. Before she could do anything, Wu Yan saw through her intentions and he grabbed her hands before pinning them down beside her head.

“Uuu… You super big jerk…”

Even though she knew her words had no effect on the great wolf in front of her, she still wanted to say something.

He rewarded his eyes with the sight of her in birthday suit, a sight he hadn’t seen for a while now. He snickered.

“Kinuhatchan, are you still trying to resist? It’s useless, just give up. If you do as I say, I promise I will be gentle~~”

Kinuhata Saiai glared at him as she yelled.

“What do you mean stop super resisting? If I didn’t resist you’re going to super have your way with me!”

Wu Yan had a 囧 expression.

“And yet, you have the time to explain?…”

Kinuhata Saiai flinched and she nodded.

“Oh yeah! I have no time for that!”

She became shocked again.

“Wait, you’re super forcing yourself on me, right? Then why are you spending so much super time to super talk with me?”

Wu Yan winced and he continued.

“Right, I don’t have time for that…”

A strange silence descended upon them. They looked at each other in an awkward silence.

It’s amazing that they had the time for a brief chatter when they are busy tugging the sheets.

Wu Yan broke the silence first.

“I say, you’re not actually planning on using pointless chatter as a way to escape what is about to happen right?…”

Kinuhata Saiai froze and her eyes started wavering. This much is enough to inform him that it is indeed her plan to do so.

The corners of his lips twitched and he reached out to give her petite chest a good squeezing. Her expression collapsed and she started moaning.

“Ah~ Super let go of me~~~”

He ignored her yell and focused on dealing with her small frame. He stuck out his tongue and he started licking her.


She never had this kind of encounter before so she tensed her body up and she clenched down on her lips. The more Wu Yan moved his tongue all over her body, the stranger she felt her body become.

A strange yet familiar sensation started creeping out from within. She instinctively knew she had experienced this before.

She had felt this sensation during the time she got defeated by Wu Yan and he taught her a lesson with his dexterous fingers.

Responding almost intuitively, Kinuhata Saiai started stirring under his manipulation.

He examined her Purnania which didn’t have any grass inhabiting that smooth wasteland and he found that she is ready. With an ungodly speed, he removed his clothes, a testament to how trained he is when it comes to the art of undressing.

When he revealed his Gungnir, Kinuhata Saiai became very alarmed. She panicked and for some reason, she found enough strength to push Wu Yan away. She got up and she tried to crawl away to safety.

Bad move, she had barely moved any distance when she felt a pair of burly hands grabbing her by her slim waist.

The next moment, she felt something rigid pressing against her butt.


Knowing that there’s no escape, she groaned.

Goodbye, my youthful self…

Wu Yan began with a mighty thrust and she whimpered. Specifically, she cried out…

Wh-why is it so painful?…

She furrowed her brows and she kept mewling. She didn’t dare to move her tensed body. All this she did to reduce the pain she felt…

She held her tears back and she bit down on her lips, somehow, she managed to stop herself from crying. Her strong personality told her to not cry over something like this.

The pain receded almost as fast as it had hit her. She’s a 12-year-old girl so she started consoling herself.

“This doesn’t hurt… this doesn’t hurt… this doesn’t hurt… this super doesn’t hurt…”

Listening to her mumblings, he shook his head and he leaned down on her back before whispering into her ears.

“If it hurts that much, you should just let it all out. Trust me, it will feel very great~”

Kinuhata Saiai stopped and she leered at him, half sobbing.

“You evil prick, look what you did to me and you still had the nerve to tease me…”

He smiled and he conceded that she might not want to hear him talk right now.

After Wu Yan told her that, Kinuhata Saiai felt the pain decreasing by a great margin. She relaxed her furrowed brows in response. However, the next moment, an empty feeling started spreading inside her and she revealed a complicated expression.

This dreadful feeling of emptiness made her subconsciously crave for Wu Yan to move. She wanted to say something but then she remembered she’s the victim here, why would she even say anything?

Kinuhata Saiai felt stumped.

if Wu Yan knew what she is thinking about, Wu Yan would definitely quip that it is not the time to be thinking about weird things. He would probably comment that her hidden heroine attribute is being a ditz.

Wu Yan didn’t know what she is thinking about but he can’t even hold himself back anymore, much less think about whether or not she is feeling it or not. He went right ahead and smashed his pestle right into her mortar.


Her drawn out moan put an end to her internal conflict. She’s elated at the disappearing sense of emptiness. He had dispelled her hesitation with a few deft thrusts.

This long groan is a starting signal of their intense battle. Sounds of wet, slapping noises accompanied moans as it reveberated in the room…

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