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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 290: When anger mixes with embarrassment

He miscalculated by getting Shokuhou Misaki to look at Flandre-chan's condition, but, in a way, she solved one of his problems.

He didn't expect her to peek at Flandre-chan's memories, thereby obtaining knowledge on Wu Yan & co.

Her revelation also dealt with how to break the news to Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou. His mission 3 involved pounding 3 or more sweet booty and getting them to follow him beyond this world.

He had already sent his meat drone into two of the targets but he hadn't found the chance to explain his background.

Joou-sama revealed his background, giving him the chance to explain in detail what it is he's trying to pull off here.

He told the 4 girls where he came from, where he is going and other miscellaneous details. Shokuhou Misaki would gasp from time to time but other than that she's okay. Meanwhile, the other 3 girls were too shocked for words.

Shokuhou Misaki more or less got the picture after looking at Flandre-chan's memories, with Wu Yan filling in the gaps, she had already adapted to the situation. But, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou are listening to this news for the first time.

This news rocked their world, they still can't believe what they are hearing.

System, traveling through worlds, Silvaria, transcript worlds, all this information, and revelation almost made their brain shortcircuit.

Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou almost didn't believe him. This place is where science preceded everything else. What Wu Yan is saying, seemed so unscientific, it had to be.

But, their doubts were cast away when Ikaros and Astrea revealed their wings, Flandre-chan also revealed her crystal wing and tail, much to the shock of all 3 girls and Shokuhou Misaki who is seeing this for the first time. They had ineffable expressions on their faces.

"So to say,  what you guys said were all super true?"

Kinuhata Saiai looked at Hinagiku and Mikoto with a befuddled face. If Wu Yan affirmed it, she wouldn't believe it even if he had his persuasive face on, that's just how much she hates Wu Yan.

However, when Hinagiku and Mikoto said it, then they can only believe it.

Wu Yan might lie to them but Hinagiku and Mikoto aren't the type of girls to do this kind of thing.

When the two girls nodded, Kinuhata Saiai grabbed her head as she staggered back. My-life-has-been-lie is practically written on her face. She seemed like she needed time to cope with this.

Wu Yan had turned their worldview upside down.


Kinuhata Saiai looked back at Wu Yan with an excited face.

"You are going to leave this world someday right?"

Wu Yan nodded and Kinuhata Saiai almost jumped in joy. She's elated at the notion that she would be able to escape this devil's lewd hands.

Wu Yan knew exactly why she is so happy and that's why he told her.

"We are going to leave this world and I will make sure to bring you with me, don't worry about it, there's no way I can possibly forget you."


Kinuhata Saiai jumped for real this time. She pointed her finger at him and she yelled at him.

"You super pervert! Don't tell me you're not super gonna let us go even as you super leave this world?"

"Well, just calm down girlie…"

Wu Yan pat her shoulders and grinned at her.

"We have such a good thing going on, how can I leave you behind like this? Don't worry, I won't leave behind such a cute little maid!"

"You're the maid! Your whole family's a maid!"

Frenda sighed and continued in a dejected tone.

"Essentially, I had guessed this. Why would this lecherous wolf ever give us up so easily?"

Takitsubou Rikou accepted his assertions and she's indifferent as to stay in or leave Academy City. She had seen its dark side and she feels no connection to this particular city, it's just a place she can leave anytime at this point.

Shokuhou Misaki donned an intrigued smile. With her hand by her cheek. She continued with a smile.

"Silvaria, huh? Sounds interesting, i want to see this other world…"

Wu Yan replied.

"Joou-sama, surely you're not thinking of tagging along with us?"

"Oh? Do I hear a no?"

Shokuhou Misaki looked at Wu Yan and she put on a slightly sad tone.

"Could it be that you're just going to ditch me after exploring all my body had to offer?"

Wu Yan knew silently cursed the moment she said that line. Sure enough, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda yelled.

"You had sex with her?!"

Mikoto's reaction is the strongest one. If it's any other girl, she would just stay mad for a bit and then look the other way, but how can she when it's Shokuhou Misaki!

Her arch rival!

Lightning started crackling and Wu Yan froze up. He almost ran away on the spot but he stayed and turned slowly around to look at Mikoto who is currently clad in lightning.

Mikoto raised a fist and continued in a low tone.

"Yan, do you have something to say?"

Wu Yan had a forced smile and his two hands are raised. He wanted her to calm down, his action pretty much told her he's guilty and Mikoto only needed to know that much to decide she's going to rough him up.

As the lightning grew in intensity, Wu Yan decided to risk it and he took action before Mikoto could.

He dashed in front of Mikoto with Flandre-chan in one arm, he used one hand to stop her electricity and pull her into his embrace.

Mikoto yelped and the lightning was gone. She fell back into his chest and the next thing she knew, a pair of big lips overlapped hers.


Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Astrea cooed, they definitely didn't see this coming. Meanwhile, Hinagiku used her hands to cover her eyes.

Think about the kids, you two…

The voices made Mikoto return to her senses. She looked at his face that is mere millimeters away from her and she quickly became bright red in color. She started flushing red from the neck up until she's red as an apple all over.


And steam started coming out the top of her head, she's clearly very embarrassed by this.

She pushed him away and yelled at him in a bashful and angry tone.

"Wh-what are you doing! There are so many people here, what…"

Wu Yan grinned when he saw how red she was. He sneered and wiped his lips like a dirty crook one would see in movies.

Mikoto blushed a deeper shade of red and suddenly everyone's gaze pricked her like needles. She lowered her head and started charging straight for her room.

Hinagiku glanced at Wu Yan before following her. Astrea followed them. Ikaros looked at Wu Yan and hesitated before she followed Astrea.

Sighing in relief, he's glad that he managed to keep his life.

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