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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 288: The crystal palace harem is slowly being built

Academy City, School district 7.

Wu Yan's quiet home suddenly became not so quiet anymore after someone yelled.


The person that emitted this screeching noise is currently throwing the biggest tantrum on top of the table while she kicked the table with the back of her feet. Flandre-chan is currently wreaking havoc with her hissy fit.

Hinagiku, Mikoto, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, and Astrea covered their ears due to the sheer volume coming out of that small frame of hers. Only Ikaros looked Flandre-chan who is still throwing a big fuss with an expressionless face. One couldn't be sure whether she just hadn't grasped the situation or she didn't what to do.

Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged looks, they were feeling helpless, they make pretty much all the decisions in this house aside from Wu Yan, but they weren't experts on calming down a peeved child.

Not one of the girls had experience dealing with kids. Hinagiku and Mikoto looked after Lirin [note] The little girl he found that got kidnapped by a bunch of bandits and daughter to a noble [/note] for quite some time but she's obedient and rarely, if any, threw a tantrum. This episode is fresh to Hinagiku and Mikoto.

Hinagiku felt her head hurt just thinking about how to handle Flandre-chan. She approached her and she coaxed her.

"Flan, please be a good girl and calm down?"

"No no no I don't wanna!!!"

Flandre-chan didn't even try listening to her. She kept smashing her fist and kicking her feet atop the table. Hinagiku and Mikoto decided not to approach her for the time being.

"I want Onii-chan! Where is Onii-chan?! Flan demands to see Onii-chan!"

Yeap, she's throwing a tantrum over that reason.

To her, being alone in this unfamiliar world where her Onee-chan and the people from scarlet devil mansion aren't here, she can only rely on Wu Yan who she just met yesterday and treasures almost as much as she treasures her sister.

It might be due to the sealing of her power but she became even more reliant on Wu Yan. It's understandable that she would be upset if someone she relied on that much brought her to a stranger's home and then disappeared. Of course, she's going to throw a huge tantrum.

Thus, the mess they have on their hands at the moment.

She also had an unstable state of mind, it's easy to guess she might flip out if something like this happened. If Flan's powers weren't sealed, perhaps the house and the people in it would be gone by now.

Kids really can throw a tantrum, their voices are unbearable. Even with her powers sealed, Flandre-chan still made everyone living there very uncomfortable with her loud noise.

Flandre-chan had been like this ever since she woke up.

All the girls aside from Flandre-chan felt very bothered by this. While they are anxious, they are also curious why such a cute girl would find the guy so reliable.

Classic act of eating the sour grapes.

Hinagiku and Mikoto cried inside, they still didn't know how to deal with Flandre-chan who is still unleashing hell. Mikoto started blowing her top off.

"Yan! Where the hell are you! Get back here this instant!"

Suddenly, a bright light appeared in the living room where the girls are currently in.

When the light receded, Wu Yan appeared in the living room much to Hinagiku, Mikoto, Astrea, and the other girls' relief.

Kinuhata Saiai and her friends are still trying to figure out how Wu Yan got here.

He had only returned to the living room so he was surprised to see a crowd gathered here.

"What's the matter? You girls wanna take a picture? It will last longer."


A shout of joy came from his back, almost giving him a heart attack. He reflexively turned around and saw a small figure pouncing on him from the table. She jumped straight into his chest.

Hugging her subconsciously, he asked in a shocked tone.


"Onii-chan, where did you? Flan missed you so much…"

She rubbed her face all over his chest and she clung onto him by grabbing his shirt like she's afraid that Wu Yan would disappear again. She looked like she is on the verge of crying with her misty eyes and pouty expression.

Patting her back, he calmed her down.

"Onii-chan's not going anyway, I just had some business to attend to…"

"Onii-chan is a big meanie, you shouldn't have left Flan behind like that…"

Flandre-chan puffed up her cheeks in protest. She turned her head the other way like she's going to ignore him, he's not convinced because her tiny hands are still grabbing his shirt as tight as it did before. He amused himself with her cute defiant attitude.

"About time you got home! Where were you, this place was about to collapse!"

Hinagiku looked at Flandre-chan who calmed down and she sighed in relief. She was also surprised by how easily Wu Yan took care of Flan, although person himself who hadn't gone through her Lion Roar Kung Fu felt confused by all of this.

Mikoto is also happy to see Wu Yan. If he didn't return any sooner, she might have had to resort to unleashing her power to vent her frustration on inanimate objects. She was that frustrated with her crying.

Her pleasant surprised quickly lost its charming feature when a burst of laughter rang.

"Ara ara, misaksan, as energetic as usual, I see…"

Mikoto's smile froze and she started emitting sparks.

"This voice, this tone, it's…"

Before Mikoto could point it out, Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda called out first.


Mikoto facepalm-ed.

"It's you, ugh, Shokuhou Misaki…"

Shokuhou Misaki covered her mouth while laughing.

"Oh, what's the matter? Misaksan doesn't seem too pleased to see me…"

"Now, why would I be?!"

Mikoto protested with much annoyance in her voice. She's definitely not welcoming her as a guest, she pointed at her and questioned her.

"You, why are you here?"

Shokuhou Misaki shrugged and sighed in a helpless manner. He then looked at her with a smug expression.

"Little Yan over there brought me here."

The corner of Mikoto's lips twitched.

"I had guessed that. But, I have this urge to…"

She turned and looked at Wu Yan who is still smiling like a fool with an ominous look while emitting sparks around her.

"Electrocute somebody…"

Wu Yan laughed when he heard Mikoto. He knew a meeting between Railgun and Joou-sama would not bode well for him but he had to return for Flandre-chan…

Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou looked at this scene unfolding and they are still trying to wrap their heads around the whole thing. They looked at Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki fight, they also saw Shokuhou Misaki's attitude. Kinuhata Saiai is the first one to jolt her eyebrow.

"Surely, this super pervert didn't super recruit super no.5 into his harem right?…"

Frenda scrutinized Shokuhou Misaki and she looked at Wu Yan before realizing something, having seen through the True Ancestor's motives.

"Sorry girls, Mental Out is definitely a member of the harem now…"

Kinuhata Saiai clenched her fists and she continued with an irritated voice.

"This super pervert, he already has so many women. How dare he recruit more members into the harem, is the word women the only thing that would raise a ring in that tiny brain of his?"

Frenda shrugged and she pointed something out.

"In the end, are we one of the women he laid his hands on?"

Kinuhata Saiai was rendered speechless, her eyes were rolling around like she's trying to come up with a plan to screw him over.

Takitsubou Rikou looked at Wu Yan with a bit of longing.

Will he still remember me?…

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