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Night time.

Flandre-chan is currently sleeping very soundly on Wu Yan’s chest while sucking a thumb and holding onto his shirt. She looked very cute sleeping like this and Wu Yan can’t help but smile.

His smile quickly turned bitter because he had to spend a lot of time and effort to explain the events that led up to and after her summoning.

Because Flandre-chan is a kid, a very cute kid that Hinagiku and Mikoto can’t get enough of, by the way, they let him slide this one off when they would normally have turned sour when he brought a girl home.

Ikaros played a big part as well, for some unknown reason, Ikaros had an uncanny ability to do house chores.

While Wu Yan played around in Academy City with Flandre-chan, Ikaros had managed to restore the living room that looked like it got hit with a disaster to practically a brand new state, much to his surprise.

He checked Ikaros’ status just in case and it didn’t have any ability that relates to the manipulation of time, otherwise, Ikaros might just be a good Chief Maid candidate.

It’s because Ikaros managed to restore the living room that Wu Yan got away relatively unscathed. Otherwise, those two girls probably won’t spend the night in his room.

Oh wait, they aren’t going to in the first place.

The reason: Flandre-chan who is currently sleeping on his chest.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that she came to another world, or maybe it’s because her powers were sealed, either way, Flandre-chan felt insecure and she would make a big fuss, insisting that she isn’t going to stay in a room by herself.

Wu Yan still remembers Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Astrea trying to send a telepathic message for Flandre-chan to sleep with them by beaming at her with wide smiles.

But, Flandre-chan declared that she is going to sleep with her Onii-chan no matter what. The 3 girls’ smile instantly turned upside down, they got really jealous and odious towards Wu Yan.

Hinagiku and Mikoto slammed the doors to their room with a huff. Looks like Flandre-chan is the only one who will be sleeping by his side tonight.

He’s happy that Flandre-chan felt so familiar with him that she would sleep together with him, he’s feeling a bit sad because he’s not going to get any tonight.

Sighing, a certain sex maniac turned around and glanced at Flandre-chan. He trembled and he started chanting a Buddhist mantra.

He removed her hand from his shirt and removed her thumb before he tucked her in and he got up.

He picked up her beret and placed it at the side of the bed, he looked at her and he laughed.

Rubbing her nose, he continued in a soft tone.

“It’s a crime for you to be this cute…”

Feeling someone teasing her, she twitched her little nose and then turned around with a wide smile on her face, increasing the cuteness of her sleeping posture.

His heart throbbed and he bitterly laughed.

“Flandre-chan is really too cute the word cure is an understatement, her cuteness is on a cheat level…”

Suddenly, Wu Yan heard someone knocking on his door, he glanced at the door in confusion before he approached it.

It’s deep in the night, just who could it be?…

Afraid that it would wake Flandre-chan up, he opened his door slowly, when he saw who was it out there, he adopted an expression of shock. He almost gasped but he stopped himself by covering his nose and mouth with his hand.


Ikaros stood outside his door.

If it’s just Ikaros in her normal attire, he wouldn’t be so shocked. But she is currently dressed in a maid uniform.

The white uniform did little to hide her voluptuous figure, the cloth covering the front of her chest did the best it could but they only managed to cover half of her huge knockers. Meanwhile, her skirt did its minimum job by only hiding enough for people to not see her panties.

Ikaros blushed slightly as she stood in front of him. She grabbed at the hem of her skirt in an attempt to hold it down but it only served to accentuate her charms, the way she squirmed a bit due to bashfulness…

Oh lawd…

Wu Yan could only think of those two words…

Is-is this Ikaros?…

Wu Yan doubted his own mind for a moment…


Wu Yan’s heart raced again, when he said Flandre-chan’s sleeping appearance is cheat-like, he meant it as much as when he thought that Ikaros’ coy look is so outrageous it should be illegal.

Enduring the urge to turn into a wolf right there and then, he gulped and stuttered.

“I-Ikaros, why-why are you dressed like that?…”

Ikaros lowered her head in shame. Wu Yan who managed to stifle his flames of lust found it hard to stop the embers of the flame from coming back with a furious vengeance. Ikaros didn’t know about his internal struggle, she squirmed a bit and continued in a meek manner.

“Th-this is what Academy City’s internet said males liked…”

Wu Yan cried internally. The internet had sullied Ikaros’ pure eyes.

Well, he’s got to admit, it looked pretty good on her…


Noticing Wu Yan’s silence, Ikaros lifted her head and looked at Wu Yan who is still dumbfounded, she looked unsure as she asked him.

“Master… do you not like this?”

Her shy attitude turned into one of worry. Her anxious face coupled with that pity-inducing eyes and maid uniform made Wu Yan’s heart race.

Rubbing his itchy nose, he continued with a smile.

“Quite the contrary…”

Ikaros lit up and she cooed.

“Then, master likes it?”

“Well, i like it vvery much…”

Wu Yan said while hesitating.

“I just have a question for you, why is Ikaros so proactive today?”

Ikaros flinched and she lowered her head before she replied with a low voice.

“That’s because, master…”

Ikaros didn’t manage to finish her sentence. Instead, she looked at Flandre-chan who is sleeping on Wu Yan’s bed.

Wu Yan could more or less guess her motives. She is probably feeling a bit bothered that he’s getting too close to Flandre-chan.

Wu Yan shook his head with a bitter smile. He glanced at Flandre-chan who is still sleeping soundly before looking back at Ikaros, his eyes burning with hot passion.

He got out of his room and closed the door behind him. He grinned at Ikaros who looked surprised.

He reached out grabbed her by the shoulders, he then slid her uniform to the sides and down they go…


Ikaros yelped and her magnificent cans came into full view. Wu Yan is turned on now!

He pinned Ikaros against the wall and stuck his hand into her skirt before he stripped her of her undergarment.


Practically red, Ikaros mewled but Wu Yan cut her off.

“Now now, keep your voice down…”

Before Ikaros could react, he stuffed the turkey without any warning. Nobody will know what Ikaros was going to say, that’s because all her words turned into moans before they came out of her mouth.

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