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If Wu Yan and not seen in the original work how this lifeform really looked like, even if he were to be beaten to death he would still not believe she’s Isumi’s great grandmother, no matter how one looks at her, she looked just like a little loli.

Biologically or psychologically….

Watching the ‘little loli’ throwing a tantrum jumping up and down in front of him, he felt various kinds of immense pressure.

“If you need help with anything just say it, I will do my best to…”

He said so as if everything has become clear to him.

Figures, it’s the last mission and it’s an artifact, how can it be accomplished so easily, it felt so unreal to him.

“Let me do the explanations.”

Isumi’s mom pulled away the ‘little loli’ and smiled gently at him.

“I will seriously listen and I hope you would seriously respond as well!”

He emphasized the ‘seriously’ part of his speech. He doesn’t need to listen to the next season of her love history.

He didn’t know if she had received the message but she pulled out a charm from her chest.

Rather than saying it is unique from other charms, it’s more like it’s old and tattered from what seems to be the ravage of time.

“And this is?”

He finds it odd that she would bring out a charm because from the charm, he felt something weird being given off by it.

Isumi uses charms as well, and he’s seen it. The effect is quite something but in the end it’s no more than a switch, an outlet to manifest her power, there’s nothing about the charm that’s special per se.

If she didn’t exert any power on the charm then the charm is nothing more than paper.

But this charm however had a weird aura to it. Some power is exerted on it and from the tattered looks, it seems the one who did so isn’t Isumi or her mother.

“This charm is a pass for a barrier!”

Isumi’s mom turned serious when she said this.

“A pass to a barrier?”

He glanced at Hinagiku to seee if she has any opinion on this matter but it seems she did not so he turned back to her mom.

“We the Saginomiya’s as an exorcist clan has to date, eliminated countless spirits…”

She has a rather proud look on her face, it seems she’s quite proud of her family’s achievement but she returned back to subject very soon.

“Competent as we are, there’s still some spirits that can’t be dealt with by our abilities, and these spirits tend to be much stronger than your run off the mill variants. They can only be sealed to keep them away from doing harm to human.”

“Seal.. is it?…”

He could more or less guess what she’s going to ask him to do.

Nodding she continued.

“These deviant spirits, thought not many, has accumulated over the decades and so has come to a point where they’re quite numerous.Therefore to prevent the sealing sites from increasing to a level where management would be impossible and the slightest breach of containment would create an unsalvageable mess, the head of one of the many generations decided to pool together the whole clan’s power and set a gigantic sealing barrier!”

“That is to say, because you guys can’t get rid of these spirits, you’ve decided to dump them all in this barrier yes?”

“Indeed, as long it’s of a certain level of strength and can’t be completely destroyed, we the Saginomiya’s will seal the spirit in there.”

Frowning he doesn’t know what to comment on, doing it like these there’re various pros and cons….

Noticing this she also sighed.

“I think Wu Yan-kun has realized it, doing this certainly could reduce a lot of hassle but at the same time it opened the door to other bigger issues as well….”

“Bigger issues?”

Hinagiku turned up her brows at her.

Helplessly shrugging he explained.

“If my guesses are correct, this would avoid being spread too thin but because the deviant spirits are all gathered at one place. When they have reached a critical mass these spirits would pose a significant hazard.” (Tl: imagine a toilet bowl where shit accumulates and the plumbing broke for a long time)


 Surprised she turned her gaze over to Isumi and she could only shake her head.

Bitterly laughing as she continued.

“Yes, and with the passage of times these spirits increased in number and strength and finally one day an accident happened!”

“The head of that generation returned from an exorcism and decided to go inside the containment to put the spirit away, but he never came back. The clan at that time almost lost their sense about the matter, they sent out recon parties into the barrier but none made it back alive. So the new head decided to fortify the barrier and completely sealing it off not allowing clan members to seal anymore spirits inside…”

Noticing something off he asked her.

“If that’s so then what’s the issue? Was the containment breached?”

“No way….”

Dryly laughing Hinagiku tried to confirm with Isumi’s mom.

Dismissing her thoughts by shaking her hand she resumed.

“No, sealing spirits into it anymore has been banned, and with the way it is, barring any unforeseen circumstances, containment breach absolutely won’t happen.”

Hinagiku heaved a sigh of relief, while he felt humored by the story before turning to Hatsuho.

“Since there’s nothing wrong with the barrier, is the matter at hand still something you require me to do with the barrier?”

“Yes it is!”

lifting the charm in her hands she proceeded.

“This is the only way pass to enter the barrier, only the holder of this charm and enter the barrier.”

“Wait wait wait!”

Upset, Hinagiku protested.

“Are you guys insinuating that Yan enter the barrier?”

Hatsuho just nodded grimly at her response.

“No way! I absolutely will not agree!”

Still shouting she continued.

“Aren’t you guys asking Yan to go dig his own grave inside? There’s a bunch of strong monsters inside you know!”

Pulling her back he bitterly laughed.

“Hinagiku, please don’t get so agitated and let madam finish her words.”

“Yan, you must not go!”

Seeing that he didn’t refuse immediately she can’t help but panic.

Patting her back to signal her to calm down he looked at Hatsuho.

“Could you please tell me the specifics of the situation?”

Sighing she described the details.

“Actually, we just want Wu Yan-kun to help us retrieve something.”

“Retrieval assignment?”

He urged her to continue with his eyes.

“It is the treasure of Saginomiya clan, the jewel of heavenly palace!” (Tl: 天宫之玉, not sure if I should put japanese name here. I might be giving it the wrong name as well, open to suggestion.)

As she announced this a servant bringing a very old book appeared and passed it to Hatsuho before retreating away.

Turning the pages she pointed out at a talisman.

“It is this talisman!”

What appeared to them is but a simple odinary talisman. He can’t help but raise his doubts.”This is the treasure of Saginomiya’s? Looks to me like a normal talisman, why would it be inside the barrier with the monsters?”

She lowered her head in self derision at his comment.

“The jewel of heavenly palace is indeed our treasure, only the head of the clan has the right to wear it. But like I said, one of the clan’s head went inside the barrier and never came back, chances are he has met his doom, but the thing is he brought the jewel of heavenly palace with him inside of it as well…”

He nodded in understanding and looked at the talisman before falling into contemplation.

“Is it that important?”

Sitting straight and without blinking she said unhesitatingly and with never before seen resolution she declared to him.

“Indeed! It’s very important! It’s very very important!”

Hinagiku can’t help asking her when she heard it.

“Isn’t it just a talisman? Even if it’s important you can’t just send people inside to die for it….”

Hatsuho responded with an indifferent expression.

“If it really could be retrieved simply by sending someone to their graves then I really hope that person was me!”


Astounded by what her mom said, Isumi could only gasp, it looks like she’s quite shaken by her resolution.

Wu Yan and Hinagiku were also shocked by her answer, nobody could disagree that she had a very serious tone reflected in her words.

“Is the jewel of heavenly palace really that significant? To the point where you would throw away your life for it?”

Raising his brows at her he questioned whether the treasure of Saginomiya’s important as it is, really meant something to she who would normally not care about tokens or superficial materials, with her personality, there’s something fishy going on for sure.

“It is my hope to listen to your reason, the real reason!”

He showed a very severe expression as he said so.

Isumi’s mom hesitated a bit before looking at Isumi with a gaze shining with love. The whole place turned silent at that moment.

“In truth the jewel of heavenly palace served as nothing more than a symbol of our clan even though it’s our treasure. If one has to say for sure what it does, then it only has the function of stabilizing one’s spiritual energy, but this measly one function is very important to us!”

She sighed and closed her eyes before plainly explaining herself.

“Stabilization of spiritual energy…”

Confounded he looked at Isumi who stood on the side.

“Wu Yan kun pick things up really quickly huh…”

Hatsuho affectionately patted Isumi’s head while love and desire to spoil her daughter seemed to be reflected in her eyes.

“Isumi was born with spiritual power like no other human, because of this, she was able to become an exorcist of preeminent stature at a very young age surpassing everyone else in the clan including me and great grandmother (Tl: not sure why she said grand mother when Gingka is her grandmother). But, even so, her spiritual power was never stable, without a suitable solution she can’t hold her spiritual power in check and live a life like normal human…”


Isumi’s eyes began to dampen while Wu Yan and Hinagiku went solemn.

So everything was for the sake of her daughter, she would hand out such a dangerous mysterious crystal fragment in the process. If she could she would even willingly risk her life for the sake of her daughter…

Faced with such an overwhelming motherly love, the both of them can’t reject such a cause so they can only mute themselves.

“Definitely, I won’t force Wu Yan kun….”

She laughed softly while saying so but her gaze still remained on her daughter.

Bitterly laughing, fuck Mission 3, just her sincere selfless attitude was suffiecient to make him unable to turn down her request.

Besides, dangerous sounding as it is, strong monsters equal tons of exp. With his ability in this world where the mystic level isn’t that high, he should still be able to handle it. And if he can’t, well, the cheat items inside his system begs to differ. The stockpiled points should be able to safeguard his life….

In other words, this trip is set in stone!

“I understand, Madam Saginomiya, just leave the thing about jewel of heavenly palace with me!”

Standing up he massaged his shoulders before he laughed it off.


Wanting to say something but can’t, her mouth opened and closed intermittently but in the end Hinagiku lowered her head.

Elated at his reply she passed the charm over to him before giving a deep bow and fervently thanked him.

“Please, by all means, I leave it in your care!”

(Tl: I honestly did not expect feels here. I thought Gingka would want to suck Wu Yan or something.)

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