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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 279: Sight-seeing around Academy City with Flandre-chan

"Onii-chan, what's that?"

"Cotton candy."



"What about that thingy over there?"



"It's chewing gum. Wait a minute, don't swallow it! Spit it out now!"

He managed to wrestle the chewing gum from her before she managed to swallow it. Suffice to say, he's tired as heck. He had grossly underestimated a child's inquisitive nature, the same can be said about his expectation of a brat who had been holed up in a room for many years.

He had only gone looking around for a while and Flandre-chan managed to ask a bazillion "what is that". After answering her questions, he felt a bit short of breath from achieving the feat.

Meanwhile, Flandre-chan is licking her lollipop like nobody's business. He sighed before continuing.

"Flandre-chan, you really don't know what these are?"

"I don't…"

Flandre-chan replied while dealing with her lollipop. Honestly speaking, Wu Yan is a bit hurt, it feels like the lollipop had more priority than him.

"You haven't tried any of these before? What were you eating at home?"

He endured the leers he got from carrying Flandre-chan in his arms and asked her with a curious expression.

Flandre-chan touched her chin and tried to recall something. After a while, she replied.

"Sakuya's cake and red tea!"

Wu Yan flinched and he shot back at her in surprise.

"That's all?"


She giggled but what she said next made Wu Yan sweat bullets.

"Onee-chan said that the cake is a dessert for after a meal. The red tea is a meal and Flandre-chan just have to drink it. By the way, the red tea smelled the same as the liquid that came out of the people I broke."

His eyebrow twitched and he laughed in an awkward manner. Rubbing away the sweat on his forehead, he almost let it slip his mind that Flandre-chan is a vampire. The red tea she referred to is probably the kind of stuff Remilia drinks…


Flandre-chan is unaware of the fact that her story made Wu Yan worried. She kept continuing her narrative as if to vent the frustration of having been locked up for so many years with nobody to talk to at length.

"Sakuya's cake and red tea are very delicious but Flan thinks that this item known as the lollipop tastes even better. This place is so fun, it's much more interesting than the Scarlet Devil Mansion even though it's smaller in area than the mansion. There is more stuff to play with here and they are all better than playing bullet hell!"

Smaller than the Scarlet Devil Mansion? This is a huge street, how big is the mansion anyway?! The maid chief is seriously amazing, she could use her power to distort spacetime until the Mansion became so wide in area.

He kept retorting silently while keeping the smile he had, even if a bit distorted. He brushed her blonde hair and laughed.

"Well, as long as you're having fun.."

Flandre-chan nodded with a wide smile before she resumed tackling the lollipop. It seems the lollipop is a very effective arsenal against lolis.

If he had known, he would have prepared a dozen lollipops, perhaps then, he might not have got wrecked so hard.

Wu Yan seemed to have forgotten the fact that Flandre-chan's summoning is an accident. He was going to summon the maid chief in the first place.

He had forgotten the chief maid selectively. The chief maid might be charming but the chief maid probably wouldn't dignify his request to hug a soft body only a cute loli like the second mistress, if she could even provide that, that is.

He would sooner be a pincushion to her flying knives than get his request.

Oblivious of the fact that she had fallen into a wolf's den. Flandre-chan kept licking her candy while looking around, her eyes beaming with curiosity.

Having lived for 495 years, her real age is roughly 30 times her Onii-chan's real age but her mental age might as well be that of a 5-year-old.

At least a five-year-old could do simple stuff like buying candy, playing games and making friends. Flandre-chan had no other memories other than those made with Remilia, Patchouli, Sakuya, Hong Meiling, ag that likes to take stuff without asking, other than that, there are only the dull memories in the basement.

When she got summoned by Wu Yan, out of her own world and away from the mansion, as told by System, she was very happy to hear that.

She had come to known many things on this trip with Wu Yan around Academy City. She saw many more people, stuff and events that she had never seen before.

The substance of these few hours of memories is more fulfilling than the 495 years she had spent in her world.

Flandre-chan took in the sceneries and everything in between as much as she could process. After wearing the sealing bracelet, her smile had never left her face.

Today is a very special day for her. She had learned about lollipop, cotton candy, and a bunch of other stuff. More importantly, she got someone who opened her eyes to all these things…

Flandre-chan glanced at Wu Yan with her deep red eyes. She stared at it for quite some time, intent on memorizing every last detail of this True Ancestor's face.

Flandre-chan only knew 5 or 6 people or so. What Wu Yan did for her was enough for her to always remember him.

Flandre-chan suddenly thought about something. If she had broken Onii-chan before, would he have been able to bring her to so many places and see so many things?

The answer is of course, no.

Flandre-chan felt frightened at this prospect. she clutched onto Wu Yan's shirt and buried her face in it.

This might very well be the first time when Flandre-chan had actually thought about causality in her entire 495 years of being alive.

If Wu Yan knew about this, he would have been so happy.

She killed many people out of her urge to play coupled with her lack of mental stability and immense power. Now, she started thinking about her actions.

What did this mean?

This meant that her psyche is growing and she is starting to become normal.

She started growing, mentally.

She had been plagued by her great powers and her young mental age. Now that one of the reasons for her unstable state had been sealed, Flandre-chan started becoming normal.

Now, it remains to be seen whether she would retain this normality when her power is unsealed.

Feeling his shirt getting tugged, Wu Yan looked down and saw Flandre-chan's weird behavior.

"What's the matter?"

Flandre-chan started shaking her head while still buried in his chest. She mumbled.

"Onii-chan, please stay by Flan's side and always play with Flan?"

Wu Yan felt odd that she would ask this out of the blue but he nodded anyway. As long as it's not that dreadful bullet hell game, he would play any game.

It's just a short few hours but Wu Yan has got to admit, he liked this innocent and cute little lassie.

He tightened his arms and hugged her even tighter before continuing in a resolute tone.

"Onii-chan will always stay by Flan's side!"

"You promise?"

"You can count on that!"

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