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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 277: Calming down, making up, sealing and the end of the fiasco…

After Flandre-chan's unstable mental state was quelled by Wu Yan, the blood red quasi-space receded into nothingness.

The sky returned to its usual blue luster. The ground also got its color back from the domineering red. The sea returned to normal as well, not looking like a literal sea of blood at all.

After the bloody aura receded, Flandre-chan's aura of fear disappeared as well. At last, the sky, the sea, and the land returned to its normal state.

If not for the missing sleeve from Wu Yan's shirt, probably no one would have guessed there was an epic bullet hell here before.

Wu Yan released a sigh of relief when he saw everything returning to its usual state. He subconsciously rubbed away the sweat on his forehead. This accidental summon had really messed with his plans…

Flandre-chan, who was afraid of his True Ancestor aura rediscovered her love for Wu Yan's scent. She rubbed her face in his chest a few more times before lifting her head and asking him.

"Will Onii-chan play with me in the future?…"

Wu Yan sighed in a pathetic tone. He's not sighing because Flandre-chan wanted to arrange a play date in the future. It's because she rubbed all her snort and tears on his shirt.

But, when he saw how happy Flandre-chan looked, the sacrifice of this shirt, or even a hundred, or a thousand more of this kind of shirt would be worthed it.

Plus, she pretty much destroyed his shirt with her waves of attacks anyway.

He pinched her nose and grinned.

"If you promise to be a good girl, I will take you out to play right now!"


Flandre-chan perked up and she vigorously nodded. As if she's afraid that Wu Yan would go back on his words, she clutched onto his tattered shirt while staring into his eyes.

"Flandre-chan will listen to anything Onii-chan says!"

"Well then…"

He presented the red half of the sealing bracelet to her with a serious face.

"Put this sealing bracelet on, please."

She liked the bracelet at first because of its motives and design, but, she hated it after learning of its effects.

Wu Yan took the opportunity and he managed to persuade Flandre-chan into liking the bracelet.

A child's propensity to change their mood resembled how women can do the same.

Rubbing away any leftover tears, Flandre-chan nodded and she received the sealing bracelet. Slowly, she put on the bracelet as Wu Yan watched.

When the sealing bracelet was put on, the bracelet, larger than her first in diameter shined bright red.

The bracelet started shrinking until it fit Flandre-chan's wrist in just the right size.

The sealing bracelet resonated with Wu Yan's half in a prismatic light show. After that, the two halves of the bracelet returned to its inert state.

When the light show receded, he looked at the bracelet and he hesitated for a moment before he issued the command.


The white bracelet  shone brightly and while dazzled by the light shows, Flandre-chan felt a mysterious power suffusing her from the red bracelet.

Flandre-chan could feel a cold stream coursing throughout her body, the gargantuan amount of power within her slowly got reined in by the cold power until they retreated into the deepest recess of her body.

Flandre-chan flinched, the Eyes that only she could see were disappearing at a fast pace.

When all of her power retreated into her body, the Eyes disappeared altogether. At this point, the red bracelet stopped sending cold power into her body, the restricting force disappeared into her body as well.

Wu Yan's white bracelet dimmed down as well.

When he checked Flandre-chan's status…

CharacterFlandre ScarletAbilitySealedStrengthSealedEnduranceSealedAgilitySealedIntelligenceSealedEquipmentNoneLevelSealed

Each of her parameters was reduced to 0, even her equipment became empty, she was reduced to level 0 from Level 82.

Her vampiric attributes were mostly sealed as well. Besides her ridiculous regeneration, she's basically a harmless human now…

the sealing bracelet on Wu Yan started taking a red hue. This meant that the bracelet is currently sealing Flandre-chan's power.

If Wu Yan issued a command to release the seal, the red hue would disappear and Flandre-chan would get her mighty powers back, making her a tier 9 again.

He could seal or unseal her at any time, the convenience was baffling. It's basically an item made for Flandre-chan who could not control her own power.

The two bracelets cannot be taken down once equipped, the bracelets are also indestructible.

Wu Yan basically can manage Flandre-chan's power.

Wu Yan released a sigh of relief as he marveled at the bracelet's ability that allowed even a strong foe to be subdued once persuaded to wear the bracelet. If a normal individual with no powers was to wear the white half, then he basically had influence over a super strong ally.

If the ally had his power sealed and controlled by a normal person, it made no difference what strength the normal person had, the one getting sealed would still have to answer to the one with the controlling bracelet.

Of course, the bracelet had restrictions as well. The one getting sealed must be aware of the effects and must put it on with no strings attached. Who would put the sealing bracelet on, knowing its effects?

Flandre-chan who had a low mental age got persuaded into wearing the bracelet by Wu Yan who enticed her with the promise of treats.

And that is how you get someone to wear the red half of the bracelet.

Wu Yan didn't take any particular note of this though. It's because Flandre-chan's circumstances are a bit special, otherwise, he had no intention to manipulate other people's power output.

With Flandre-chan still within his arms, Wu Yan felt happy now that he could finally bring Flandre-chan home to let Katsura Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the others meet her.

Flandre-chan felt much better without needing to see the Eyes. Meanwhile, Wu Yan mumbled inside his heart.

You won't be alone from now on!

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