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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 258: Dark Matter died.

An explosion of starlight occurred in the night sky.

The arrow which had turned into a meteor shot towards the far end of the night sky, after an unknown amount of time, there was a light humming in the distance and a torrent of energy burst forth spreading far and wide in the sky.  The energy rippled in the night sky.

Whenever the ripple touched a cloud, the cloud would dissipate like an ice cube placed in hot water.

Like a wave of divine fire, the ripple caused an immediate surge in the local average temperature.

Under the night sky, in Academy City.

Countless individuals looked up at the sky as if entranced by this light show. Even though they were far from the event zone, the sheer power displayed made them all subconsciously feel despair.

They all stood still as they watched the explosion, they all exchanged glances. They all just couldn't fathom why they can't admire this firework even if it's this beautiful.

Staying in his shooting stance, he looked at the wide gaping hole in Kakine Teitoku, he looked at the place where the arrow exploded. After feeling the familiar aura, he slowly put down Meteor Storm.


Kakine Teitoku looked like someone who is drowned,  he made groaning sound but he just can't put any strength, Kakine Teitoku slowly lowered his head.

A big piece of meat was missing from his center, no blood flowed because the impact area had been instantly cauterized by the sheer heat of the attack.

When he saw the hole in his body, Kakine Teitoku's eyes went wide, he touched it as if to confirm it.

A sharp pain followed soon and it tormented him to no ends. The last emotion he felt was not of anguish but of regret.

He regretted being so haughty against the enemies. He regretted the fact that he got Wu Yan as an enemy.

Regret remedy is an item that not even Wu Yan's System has. Of course, Kakine Teitoku can't find such a medicine to let him live life once more.

His consciousness became more and more blurry. He reached out his hands and tried to reach for Wu Yan as if he wanted to grab something. However, his failing vision caused him to close his eyes and his hands naturally fell.

His wings slowly collapsed into feathers and his life force faded. When Kakine Teitoku started falling, a hand caught him before he fell even one meter.

He stored away Meteor Storm, his golden eyes returned to its usual red color. He wiped away the sweat on his head and released a sigh of relief.

Although Wu Yan made the whole fight look pretty easy, it was hard and Wu Yan didn't let it show on his face.

Accelerator's reflect could be dealt with in one way or another but Kakine Teitoku's Dark Matter is really hard to deal with.

His Dark Matter layer that can decompose nigh everything is a troubling power to deal with. For the most part, it renders his attack useless, he would only be able to end things with a draw without Meteor Storm.

It's only due to Meteor Storm that he can kill Kakine Teitoku instantly by piercing through his defense.

But, when he looked at Kakine Teitoku's body, he laughed and thought that it was all worth it to get Meteor Storm…


On the ground, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou looked at the beautiful firework in the sky with stark amazement.

"In the end, what happened to the guy?…"

Since she can't explain the phenomenon in the sky, Frenda decided to shift the subject to Wu Yan's wellbeing, she managed to call Kinuhata Saiai and Takitsubou Rikou back from being dazed.

"I think he should be super fine. It's already super long, if that guy super died, super Dark Matter would have returned by now…"

Takitsubou Rikou nodded as she clenched her fists looking up at the sky.

After experiencing a close encounter with death, she experienced a drastic change in attitude. Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda can't exactly point out what's wrong but it feels like she is more motivated now than she was before.

She didn't look so tired with everything now, where she would sleep if she feels like it. She seemed to appreciate every second her eyes are open.

Only Takitsubou Rikou herself knows that the change is not only external. Even her feelings had shifted, she started wanting to know more about a certain douchebag who would take advantage of girls and play hero when the right time comes along.

"Hey, Kinuhata, Takitsubou…"

Frenda turned around and looked at Kinuhata Saiai and Takitsubou Rikou with a sneaky grin.

"Maybe we should take after Mugino and sneak away?…"

Kinuhata Saiai and Takitsubou Rikou signaled their disagreement by shaking their heads, a very surprising action to Frenda.


Kinuhata Saiai and Takitsubou Rikou choked, they wanted to defend their answer but they just couldn't voice their thoughts out. They just didn't want to run away.

Frenda started getting anxious, she jumped and stomped.

"Essentially, if we don't make a run for it now, when Dark Matter returns, we are going to be so screwed!"

Frenda saw Kinuhata Saiai and Takitsubou Rikou beaming up at something behind her.

Frenda grabbed her beret and screamed at them in a frustrated tone.

"In the end, you girls should say something, let's just make a run for it!"

Kinuhata Saiai and Takitsubou Rikou looked at Frenda with very confused expressions. Frenda couldn't fathom why they would suddenly pity her as if telling her to turn around.

"A re~"

Kinuhata Saiai and Takitsubou Rikou's expression started getting to her and a voice came from behind her. She didn't why they were looking at her like they are looking at a ghost.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Before she can continue asking, the sound from behind her made her froze up. She swallowed all the words she was about to say.

Gulping, she laughed in a dry manner as she responded to that familiar voice.

"You've got to be kidding me…"

Kinuhata Saiai and Takitsubou Rikou nodded, affirming her suspicion. Cold sweat started appearing on her.

Her neck made very eerie cracking noise as she slowly turned around like a mannequin to look at who is behind her. The guy had a wry smile on him. And so, one very sweaty face was met with a grinning one.

Frenda broke the silence between them by tilting her head and lightly knocking her head with her fist. She stuck out her tongue while closing one eye. Combine her teehee sound effect and her cute face and you have the blobbiest moe creature you will ever see.

Someone didn't care for her cheeky little sketch. He lifted a hand and knocked her head, the strength, however, is completely different.

"You can't slide your way out of this one by being moe!"

The moe blob yelped in pain as she ducked down for cover by deploying another skill belonging to a moe blob, the moe guard. She stayed down as tears started appearing at the corners of her eyes.

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