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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 257: Another 1 hit kill

Black crystals designed in a wing esque motif, the longbow is transparent and there were little lights twinkling inside the body as if they are tiny stars that lit up the night. Anyone who saw the bow would probably describe the bow as elegant, beautiful and downright charming.

Kakine Teitoku flinched at the sight of the sheer luster of the longbow. His eyes can't move away from the longbow, he almost dropped the dark orbs in his hands because of his lack of attention.

The true MVP in his last fight against the archangel, Meteor Storm.

Lifting the bow he slid his finger across the body of the longbow. Meteor Storm is a very exquisite weapon, even though he is the owner, he had the urge to bring it out to gawk at every day.

He looked at Meteor Storm and turned towards Kakine Teitoku.

"Hey, do you know? I had a bit of a headache at the thought of fighting you.

Kakine Teitoku flinched and turned his attention away from Meteor Storm. He grinned at Wu Yan.

"What's the matter? Suddenly regretting the decision to fight me? Alas, do you think I am going to let you go just like this?"

Wu Yan shook his head after glancing at Kakine Teitoku. He replied.

"Your Dark Matter can create material that never existed in the first place, your power allows you to create these kinds of materials and manipulate the chemical and physical properties of these materials."

Kakine Teitoku frowned as he coldly stared at him. He was confused, he didn't know why he is explaining his power.

"Creating something that didn't exist, giving it properties and manipulating it allowed you to attack, defend, fly, and even create storms, shockwaves, and lasers. It's nigh-omnipotent if viewed from a certain perspective…"

He started feeling a bit annoyed that he analyzed his ability to this extent. He even felt a bit anxious.

Ignoring the anxiety and annoyance boiling up within him, Kakine Teitoku scoffed at him.

"Well, somebody did his homework. That is correct, my Dark Matter is very powerful, even knowing all that, how, I ask, will it help you? Psychological attacks? Let me tell you first that you're bound to fail!"

"Dark Matter is indeed powerful…"

Kakine Teitoku turned dark when he heard Wu Yan. It's clear from his face that Wu Yan didn't want to talk to him.

Kakine Teitoku got mad and threw his dark orbs at Wu Yan.

The dark orbs drew a fiery trail like mini shooting stars, even if they don't look big enough, their power definitely can blow a person to smithereens.

Wu Yan didn't take the dark orbs seriously, he called forth a wave of iron sand. He molded the iron sand into multiple iron sand swords. The iron sand swords were aimed at the dark orbs.

The iron sand swords were fired in two batches against the incoming dark orbs. When the two sides collided, it was like a fight between two large armies, even if one side only had two orbs against a sea of iron sand swords.

Despite the numerical advantage, the two dark orbs slaughtered its way through the army of iron sand swords. Everywhere they went, the iron sand swords got demolished.

The iron sand swords didn't stand a chance at all, the number steadily decreased as the dark orbs made their way over to Wu Yan. The iron sand swords were returned to their original state of iron sand when touched by the dark orbs. The dark orbs looked like they were invincible.

If the dark orbs were like rolling death machines, the iron sand swords would be like an army of ants that is going to kill an elephant with their sheer number. Although a lot of ants are going to die going after these 2 behemoths, the ants are relentless in their numbers.

The two elephants started losing strength against the army of ants. Even though countless ants died in the process, the incoming ants gnawed on them, slowly bringing them down to the ground.

Finally, the death machines lose momentum and stopped.

The ants that defeated the elephants also earned a pyrrhic victory.

At the end of it all, only the two owners were unharmed in this confrontation. They stared at each other, one of them had a very calm face while the other looked very upset.

Wu Yan grinned and his golden eyes examined the layer of Dark Matter covering him.

Wu Yan asked him.

"Kakine Teitoku, do you know why I am so talkative?"

He didn't let Kakine Teitoku answer, he continued with a line that almost made Kakine Teitoku broke out in laughter.

"That's because there's not much I can do against your Dark Matter…"

Wu Yan shook his head with a helpless expression.

"Even Mugino Shizuri's Meltdowner and my railgun can't do anything against your Dark Matter. Oh, woe be me, what can I do against such an opponent?"

When Kakine Teitoku heard Wu Yan, his expression turned sour, why was he so afraid of his railgun.

Kakine Teitoku's sour expression didn't escape Wu Yan's eyes. He grinned.

"It seems somebody got screwed real hard by Mikoto's railgun last time…"

Wu Yan lifted his longbow and continued with a nonchalant attitude.

"This bow, Meteor Storm is my ace up the sleeve. I didn't think I would need to use it two times within such a short span of a few days."

"This is all so amusing…"

Wu Yan laughed and he turned back towards Kakine Teitoku who kept changing his expression. He drew a cold sneer.

"You must be wondering, why is this guy so chatty?"

Kakine Teitoku flinched and frowned. Wu Yan had a cheeky grin.

"That's because I was trying to divert your attention away from the fact that I am bringing you further away from the ground!"

Kakine Teitoku was surprised by this revelation. He looked at his feet and saw a small layer of iron sand lifting him up from under his Dark Matter.

An arrow made out of starlight started forming…

"The railguns, iron sand, analysis of your Dark Matter, it was all a ruse to bring you high up into the sky!"

His clear voice was accompanied by radiant starlight that borderline blinded people. A terrifying vibe hit Kakine Teitoku and he could sense that it came from Meteor Storm, the aura had him in a vice.

"That's because…"

He slowly adjusted the arrow to aim it at Kakine Teitoku who is already starting to turn pale.

"My Meteor Storm could destroy the Academy City if I don't take proper precautions, you see."

The next instant, a meteor came out of the bow and it pierced through space, the land and sky, and Kakine Teitoku's frail body…

When Kakine Teitoku realized what's going on, his Dark Matter had been pierced through just like his chest, leaving a huge gaping hole.

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