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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 256: The dogfight in the night sky. Again.

Kakine Teitoku dodged the railgun pretty easily. But, Kakine Teitoku looked like he had managed to save his life by dodging it.

Kakine Teitoku didn't notice that this railgun lost on speed and power when compared to Mikoto. He gnashed his teeth at Wu Yan who is still on the ground.

"Why are you using railgun? Isn't that Misaka Mikoto's ability?"

Wu Yan kept the smile he had all this time as he amused himself with Kakine Teitoku's terrified expression. He shrugged and took out another coin, he dismissed his question with a laugh.

"Saa, who knows?"


Kakine Teitoku is fuming, he flapped his wings and the wings took on a white sheen.

Following that, six pillars of lasers were emitted from them.

The six lasers were met with 6 railguns.

Everyone was surprised at how easily he shot 6 railguns to intercept the lasers. While they were busy being surprised, the railguns had pierced through the laser to assault Kakine Teitoku.

Kakine Teitoku felt that the railgun had no juice behind them but he can't help but feel intimidated.

Kakine Teitoku chose to evade the attacks. His mastery over flight using his wings was pretty deft, despite the railguns' speed at 3 times the speed of sound, Kakine Teitoku dodged them easily.

Wu Yan laughed as he didn't mind Kakine Teitoku dodging his railguns. He took out more coins and fired them at Kakine Teitoku. Kakine Teitoku dodged the railguns by flying around with a flap of his wings.

Kakine Teitoku didn't notice that he had gradually distanced himself from the ground by dodging the railguns.

Mugino Shizuri, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou were numb all the while he fired railguns as he took out coins after coins. They were confused as to his motive.

It's clear that his railguns won't work against Kakine Teitoku, why then does Wu Yan continue to fire them?…

Kakine Teitoku who was real cocky with his words chose to evade railguns that probably couldn't even scratch him. Why is he steadily being forced into defense?

Kakine Teitoku dodged and dodged but he started doubting everything. These railguns weren't as strong as Misaka Mikoto's…

He was uncertain but he chose to not block the railguns. He kept dodging the railguns by flying further away from the ground.

When Kakine Teitoku looked like a dot in the distance, Wu Yan smiled and stopped firing railguns.

He channeled electricity that danced between his fingers and poured it into the ground. The next second, small grains of iron coiled up his limbs.

He glanced at Mugino Shizuri, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou before smiling.

"Wait here, I am going to end this real quick."

He didn't wait around for their replies. He floated up under the surprised gazes of the girls as he shot towards Kakine Teitoku with the speed of a rocket.

Kakine Teitoku breathed a sigh of relief when the railguns stopped. Before he can relax any further, a figure appeared in front of him.

The familiar face shocked Kakine Teitoku. He didn't think his opponent could fly.

A hand grabbed his collar and threw him further into the sky.

Kakine Teitoku rolled around midair with a tacky appearance. His expression is one of anger due to utter humiliation. From the very start, he had been played by this bastard that he didn't think is worth his time.

He steadied himself and shot lasers back at Wu Yan.

His golden eyes shrunk and he promptly dodged the laser while leaving afterimages.

Kakine Teitoku flapped his wings and this time, it wasn't white lasers anymore, he emitted black flames and shot them at Wu Yan.

Wu Yan flew forward to dodge the dark flames as they had a dangerous vibe to them.

When Wu Yan dodged them, the black flames followed him, homing in on him. Wu Yan is slightly confused by them and Kakine Teitoku snickered. He had a very smug smile on his face. Creating something that can home in on targets is like child's play to him. He could easily set the flames to home in on a target based on smell, aura, and/or movement.

Wu Yan focused on Kakine Teitoku, he turned around and saw that he was very far away from the ground before he grinned.

The dark flames caught up to him faster than one would think. When the flames almost touched him, he used a torrent of lightning to intercept the flames.

During the interception, the flames dispersed with dull booms when they touched his lightning.

He sped up and stopped some distance away from Kakine Teitoku. His golden eyes had a stillness to them like he's looking at a dead man walking.

Kakine Teitoku frowned, he mocked Wu Yan who stopped.

"What? Giving up? You think I am going to call it quits just like this?"

Wu Yan laughed in a light tone, he looked around the wide sky and continued.

"It's pretty up here isn't it?"


Kakine Teitoku exclaimed. He shook his head and laughed at him.

"To think you have the time to look at the environment, or could it be that you're stalling for time? Did you call your little girlfriend and she's on her way right now to save your butt?"

"No, I told you, I am here all by myself. Plus, I don't need to stall for time anyway."

Wu Yan shook his head. His golden eyes had a thought-provoking air to them, he looked at Kakine Teitoku before continuing.

"I just think that it's a good place for you to die…"


Kakine Teitoku laughter grew louder and louder. At this point, his laughter had filled the sky which had dimmed down.

"You're saying that you're going to kill me here and now? Hahaha! A fine joke if there was ever one!"

Kakine Teitoku lifted his hands up. Countless black dots appeared from nothing, they appeared like little fireflies as they surrounded Kakine Teitoku and floated towards his two hands.

The black dots gathered in his palm and two dark orbs appeared in his hands.

With the two space-distorting orbs in his hands, Kakine Teitoku sniggered and told Wu Yan.

"I want to see you try!"

"Oh, you will know soon enough…"

Wu Yan drew a transparent longbow out from thin air.

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