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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 244: The reactivation of the Sweep! In the nick of time?

The ice pillar and sword beam canceled each other out, saving Wu Yan from trading blows with the angel. He released a sigh of relief as he realized that he might stand a chance now with her joining the fray…

Kanzaki Kaori pointed her Seven Heavens Sword at Gabriel. Her stern face contrasted the hint of self-deprecation.

"Who would have thought that an agent of the church such as myself would one day point my blade at an angel of the church…"

She relaxed her breath and focused on Gabriel as she yelled.

"Kanzaki Kaori of Neccesarius, magic name …"

"salvare000 (be the salvation of those who cannot be saved)!!!"

She swung her blade and the air around the blade formed into a wind blade that swept towards Gabriel.

Now that she had stated her magic name, this meant that Kanzaki Kaori thought of Gabriel as someone who must be defeated. In other words, she's going all out this time.

But, it looks like she's not planning on using Stigma. Understandable given the fact that once she used it she would be able to contend with the Angel but only at the risk of overexerting herself as the human body simply cannot handle the stress brought about by the power belonging to the son of God through her Stigma.

Even without Stigma, Kanzaki Kaori is very strong. With her as the main fighter and him playing the support role, it is possible to fight the Angel.

Wu Yan immediately pulled a distance away and aimed Meteor Shower at Gabriel. Kanzaki Kaori caught on and unleashed her blade.

Sharp noises filled the air as thin wires that could shred the average human followed the air blade towards the Angel.

"Seven flashes!!!"

The torrent of attacks came tearing through the air with power that would severely wound any tier 7 struck. However, Gabriel wasn't impressed even by a bit. She flapped her icy wings and a giant ice pillar emerged from the ice wings to block the Angel from harm.

The air blade and seven flashes hit the ice pillar, shredding it to pieces. But the attacks were stopped as well.

Gabriel didn't look at Kanzaki Kaori, she turned towards Wu Yan and flapped her icy wings and her wings turned into ice spears aimed at Wu Yan who was about to draw his bow.

Her action suggested that Gabriel deems Meteor Shower as more dangerous.

Wu Yan helplessly dodged the ice spears as he retreated further away. An ice spear followed soon after he dodged one ice spear. To his surprise, more ice spears followed thereafter.

He smacked his bow against one of the ice spears and used that contact to push himself away from the ice spear salvo.

Gabriel expressionlessly looked at him dodging and drawing distance. The ice spears were like mobile spider legs, they spun in the air and homed towards Wu Yan. The Angel appeared to be aiming for a swift victory.

"Seven flashes!"

Kanzaki Kaori is a bit mad that Gabriel ignored her. She sheathed her blade and swung the scabbard along with the blade, bringing forth another wave of wire attacks to destroy the ice spears.

After using her wings as homing ice spears, the Angel called towards the ocean and a water tornado emerged. The target wasn't Wu Yan or Kanzaki Kaori but Gabriel herself.

The water tornado hit her back and froze into thick ice. When unfurled, her ice wings began emerging once more on her back, good as new.

while Gabriel is still forming her ice wings, Wu Yan steeled his gaze. He didn't want to keep receiving attacks like this, he's not that masochistic. Since the Angel won't let him use Meteor Shower, he is going to try another method.

He started working the formulations in his head as lightning crackled around him.

At the same time, the clear night sky became clouded with thick thunderclouds that masked the night sky. The surrounding was calm not unlike the state before a major storm. Instantly, the area became as tense as near the mouth of a volcano on the verge of explosion.

Thunder began happening and lightning danced around in the clouds like dragons playing hide and seek in the clouds.

Kanzaki Kaori was tunned.

"This isn't magic, this is ESP!"

She looked at the sky, at Wu Yan who was lightning clad and accompanied by a lightning storm, her eyes narrowed.

"She's  from Academy City!"

Kanzaki Kaori couldn't relax even if she knew who Wu Yan was. In fact, she felt a bit upset because the magical world and the scientific world don't have a very good relationship with each other.

With the abilities Wu Yan demonstrated, Kanzaki Kaori needs to take Wu Yan very seriously, she is sure that it would be hard to beat Wu Yan without using her Stigma.

Furthermore, that terrible bow she has…

She buried her thoughts pretty quickly as this was not the time to be thinking about stuff like that. What's important is stopping Gabriel.

Wu Yan closed his eyes for a moment before opening them. A rampaging force of nature emanated from the clouds above. So enormous was its influence that Kanzaki Kaori stopped her Seven Heavens Sword midswing.

Lightning bolts emerged like gigantic dragons hidden in the clouds. The lightning bolts coalesced into a single gigantic ball of charged power.

"Lightning strike!!!

Wu Yan cried out as he pointed at the white lightning sphere above Gabriel. With a swing of his hand, massive lightning crashed down from the heavens above, mercilessly hitting Gabriel in just the span of 1/1000 of a second.


The lightning fell and hit Gabriel dead center. When the lightning had already engulfed Gabriel, the thunder finally arrived.

"What a strong attack!"

Kanzaki Kaori clenched down on Seven Heavens Sword's handle.

She then continued in a voice that only she herself can hear.

"It's even stronger than Seven Flashes. Its speed and magnitude are on par with Single Flash. If its casting speed decreased just a bit more then…"

Did that work?

Wu Yan panted as he watched Gabriel who is still covered by the massive lightning bolt. He looked pretty tired.

Lightning Strike could be described as one of the most potent techniques in Electromaster Lv5's skillset. It's even stronger than Railgun in terms of destructiveness. Even he felt a bit of fatigue from pulling this move off.

Wu Yan looked at the place where the lightning bolt fell and he thought this fight isn't going to be as easy as he thought.

Gabriel expressionlessly floated there, basically unharmed despite the conspicuous attack. Her wings are a bit tattered but that's all it took for Wu Yan to know what Gabriel used to block the attack.

The angel cracked its neck like a mannequin, making him bitterly laugh. As expected of an agent of God, a puppet for its master.

Her eyes shined a bit and she adjusted her posture a bit before she flapped her ice wings.

A circle of light emerged from the ice wings and Gabriel tapped it. Instantly, a familiar magic formation appeared again to cover the whole sky.

"The Sweep!"

Gabriel isn't going to waste any more time with this feud.

The formation in the sky had a brilliant cold blue tone to it. It emanated the oppressive aura as it did before. This time, however, the formation and Gabriel slowly disappeared following a boom from a distant location, much to the surprise of Wu Yan and Kanzaki Kaori.

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