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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 242: Meteor Shower! Destroying the Sweep!

Archangel, Gabriel: Level 75

Wu Yan's face turned grim when he saw the angel's level, his starry eyes had a serious glint in them. This archangel possesses strength almost a tier above him.

With his level, he would get slaughtered if he went up against the archangel.

If he weren't using Joou-sama's body, he probably could get by somehow by relying on True Ancestor's immortality. But if destroyed Joou-sama's body, that would bad in multiple ways.

He sighed and looked at Kamijou Touma and Kanzaki Kaori who are both still on the ground. He relaxed his expression just a little bit.

With both their strength, it should be possible to take on the archangel.

Kanzaki Kaori: Level 72

Kamijou Touma: Level 10

He almost fell down from the sky when he saw Touma's level. This kid is about as useful as Anne Frank's drum kit.

Wu Yan is aware that his level is misleading, his strength is not well represented by his level in this sense. His imagine breaker is his real strength, his level being low isn't really a party pooper in his books.

As for Kanzaki Kaori, although according to his senses, Kanzaki Kaori is still far from someone who achieved Level 72, once she unleashes her saint powers and uses the Stigma she has with her, she could probably fight Gabriel one on one.

While he's thinking about stuff, Kanzaki Kaori who thought he's too shocked by the archangel's appearance yelled at him to run away.

"Leave this place at once! It's very dangerous here!"

Wu Yan stopped ruminating and gazed at the magic formation in the sky as his eyes steeled up.

He moved his ruby lips and Shokuhou Misaki's tender voice came out of his mouth.

"True, it's quite dangerous here…"

He covered his mouth with one hand as he lightly laughed. He didn't notice that his action didn't fit with his self-perceived image of being a manly man.

"This Sweep is really dangerous indeed. It's high time somebody got rid of it…"

Kanzaki Kaori flinched in surprise, how did this person know about the Sweep. But, his words suggested that this person didn't appear here on chance.

He glanced at the archangel and talked to it like she's not a tier above him, rather, a tier below him.

"Archangel, some power of god you are. You would destroy a world to return to heaven? Well, that's not something you can do before we, the guests in this world, agree to it…"

He ignored the fact that his words shocked Kanzaki Kaori & company. He looked at the formation in the sky and lifted his hand.

With a flash of light, a bow had appeared in Wu Yan's hand before Kanzaki Kaori, Kamijou Touma, Kamijou Touya, or Gabriel knew what's up.

The bow's design resembled a wing, its body a lustrous black with tiny lights that resembled stars visible in its body.

Meteor Shower.

Aiwass himself stated that he has no confidence of blocking an attack from this bow without suffering injuries.

The already dark surrounding found itself suffused with light once more. The light is like that of fireflies, they floated around the area before accelerating towards Meteor Shower in silver rays of light, coalescing with it as the center.

The starlight gathered at Meteor Shower and Wu Yan grinned. He is excited at the prospect of finally getting to use this bow.

Slowly, he tugged Meteor Shower.

The starlight coalesced into a beautiful and radiant arrow nocked on the bow.

The appearance of this arrow of light made the archangel's calm face take on a dramatic turn. Kanzaki Kaori also discovered that the bow emitted a sense of danger even greater than that of the formation in the sky.

"Wh-what is that bow…"

Kanzaki Kaori gulped and gawked at the longbow in his hand.

"To think it is even more dreadful than the Sweep…"

Actually, it's not as scary as the formation once it is complete. Not even Meteor Shower could compete with it when it's done.

Because the formation is still not yet complete, its power had yet reached full charge so Meteor Shower exuded a more powerful aura in comparison.

The starlight wafting around Meteor Shower and Wu Yan accentuated Shokuhou Misaki's body making her look like a goddess of the night, suffice to say it was pretty picture-esque.

Ignoring Kamijou Touma and Kamijou Touya who looked pretty charmed, even Kanzaki Kaori is stunned by his appearance.

Gabriel seemed too shocked by the Meteor Shower to remember that the bow is aimed at the formation in the sky. At that moment, it had forgotten how to react.

He lifted his head and saw the huge formation overhead as he pulled the bowstring back. The light around him continued suffusing the arrow, further augmenting its power.

When it reached its peak, a meteor shot out from the bow. It streaked across the sky, space, and the night. In front of Kanzaki Kaori, Kamijou Touma, Kamijou Touya, and Gabriel's multitude of expressions, the meteor hit the formation.

No fantastic boom, no phantasmal explosion, no aura of terror emanated from the collision. The starlight from before had disappeared without a trace the moment the meteor hit the formation.

And yet, there the formation remains in the sky, still circulating as if what happened before was but a mere illusion.

A moment later, in front of a stupefied Kanzaki Kaori, a crack appeared in the formation.

More clacks followed the initial clack as the formation started breaking apart like cracks on a glass.


The formation in the sky broke into fragments before disappearing.

Kanzaki Kaori is deeply shocked by the sight of Wu Yan bathing in the broken fragments of the apocalyptic spell as he put down his Meteor Shower like it was a walk in the park.

Everyone was immersed in the elegant and beautiful sight brought forth by that bow and meteor.

Just who is this woman?..

Kanzaki Kaori thought while still stunned by everything that is transpiring, her shock became curiosity and consternation in just a bit of time.

Perturbation because his Meteor Shower did something she, a saint had never heard records of, specifically, an equipment capable of dispelling an apocalyptic spell's formation.

Not even the legendary pieces of equipment said to be left by God Jehovah himself could do something like this!

Such a fearsome weapon in his hand, what if she belonged to a hostile faction. Kanzaki Kaori can just imagine that annoying Archbishop of Neccesarius losing sleep over this.

She's curious about Wu Yan. Just who is she? A magician? An esper? An independent individual? Or someone already belonging to a faction?

All these were a mystery to her and that's why she couldn't react in time.

Of course, Gabriel was excluded from this…

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