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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 241: When Tou-ch-ass-ma pulls his fukou da on you…

A shota is currently operating the helicopter. He has a lot of questions but he chose to keep silent for now. Only Cirno would mind the detail right now.

Because he had wasted too much time with the girls at home, Aleister's effectiveness and the operator's speedy transport could do little to give him an advantage in the race against time. At this rate, the sun is going to set soon.

He's not too sure when The Sweep will happen but he is telling himself to get there as soon as possible.

He kept looking at the sky for signs of the ritual being conducted only to find nothing there, adding a bit to his relief…

The quiet sky didn't last long. Soon, an ominous magic formation that had apocalypse written all over it spread out in the sky. Within less than a second, the formation had filled the sky.

"Are we there yet?"

Sensing the dangerous aura coming from the formation, Wu Yan started feeling anxious. He frowned and told the operator to hurry up.

Before the redshirt operator can reply, a small figure appeared within his sights as he turned grim.

The figure's appearance could not be ascertained at this distance but he can see she had an ice wing like that of a spider's legs.

A power of God, Archangel Gabriel!

With the ice wing, the archangel floated in the air, the disproportionately large wings making the figure look small in comparison.

Under that wing and giant formation, there were 3 figures that Wu Yan was familiar with, despite this being the first time he met them in person.

It was 2 male and 1 female. The males consisted of 1 older male and 1 younger male who resembled each other. The older male had stubble and looked like a mature adult while the younger one had urchin hair, a face that looked like it could attract bad luck and the favor of gods of poverty. He elicited a sense of pity in others towards him but at the same time, he wanted to punch him as well.

a and, respectively.

Wu Yan ignored Touya and looked at Touma, the Main character of this world he is in.

When he looked at him, Wu Yan wanted to whoop his ass, this urge is kinda like what the others felt when he was with Joou-sama and Mikoto. It's the feeling of hate, jealousy, admiration mixed together a potent feeling.

An urge every man would feel when they see a winner in life.

Well, he kinda stole all his girls but Touma is still a winner in life.

His affiliation with alone earns him a death by burning as many lolicons watch.

The female instantly had his attention as well, even though he is still on the helicopter, he knew who she was.

Short white T-shirt tied into a knot at the bottom, a pair of jeans with the left pants leg cut off short. Her attire looked very appealing. She had black long straight hair down to her waist tied up in a ponytail and she was pretty tall as well, her milky white skin adding to her charms. She had a nodachi that looked a bit like Fei Fei's Night Fairy.

In summary, a total bombshell.

Even if he had beautiful girls that stood out in their own unique manner, Wu Yan who had developed a certain standard of taste had to compliment her beauty.

The girl's name is .

A magician belonging to the Anglican Church organization of Necessarius. A magician that ranks among the top 5 magicians in London, one of the 20 Saints in the entire world. She also used to be the Supreme Pontiff of the Amakusstyle remix of Church. She can use part of the power of the son of god to augment herself, capable of incorporating this Stigma into her heart, skills, and body.

This information which he had read from the screen before was again on display in his mind. He also started taking her more seriously because of it.

Kanzaki Kaori: Level 72

As expected, she's at tier 8.

Kanzaki Kaori, Kamijou Touma, and Kamijou Touya didn't notice a helicopter flying towards them because they were too focused on the archangel floating in the air.

Kanzaki Kaori gnashed her teeth when she saw the magic formation in the sky and the archangel standing above them.

Lowering her head, she continued in a low voice.

"The rain of arrows that wiped out an entire civilization…"

She yelled at the archangel.

"You would destroy the whole world just to return to heaven? Answer me! Archangel!"

Kamijou Touma looked pretty grim as well, he tightened his fist and yelled.

"Destroying the world? Don't screw around!"

"Kamijou Touma!"

Kanzaki Kaori looked at Kamijou Touma with a steely gaze.

"Are you going to interfere? Your opponent is an angel, even if you have Imagine Breaker, the next fight is way out of your league, you're just an ordinary human."

Kamijou Touma gnashed his teeth in frustration as he retorted.

"You want me to just stand here and watch the world end?"

Kanzaki Kaori didn't say anything and that's when Kamijou Touya suddenly shouted.

"There's a girl falling down from the sky!"

Kamijou Touma's face brimming with justice instantly collapsed as he looked at his own father and yelled at him.

"And you! We are at a very dangerous situation here, can you please stop thinking about some unrealistic stuff like a girl falling from the sky?"

Kanzaki Kaori looked up and is apparently surprised by what she saw.

"No wait, there's actually a girl falling down from the sky!"

That's when Touma finally saw a super hot blonde woman falling from the sky. He was stunned by the sight, although it is unknown whether he was shocked by the fact that a girl is falling down from the sky or because of her sheer beauty.

When he regained his senses, Kamijou Touma realized the girl is doing a freefall. Shouting: "That's dangerous!", he quickly reached out in an attempt to grab her.

And grab he tried, indeed, his right hand whether intentionally or unintentionally reached out for his breast with pinpoint accuracy.

Unknown to Tou-ch-ass-ma, the girl in front looked like a girl but his soul is that of a man.

This "girl falling from the heavens" is none other than Wu Yan who had arrived just in time as he jumped out the helicopter after bidding the operator farewell.

Wu Yan's expression is looking like the character 囧. No wonder this guy is the infamous Fukou Da Tou-ch-ass-ma, he would attempt to grope people even during their first meeting, and with such accuracy as well…

Wu Yan decided to stop freefalling, he spun around and much to the surprise of the 2 males and 1 female, he floated in the air after reducing his velocity.

Kamijou Touya gawked at the beautiful woman flying in midair as he mumbled.

"The chick is flying…"

Kamijou Touma nodded in a stunned manner as well. Kanzaki Kaori was not amused by this father and son duo.

"Think about the time and place! Stop playing around!"

She yelled at the two unreliable men. They instantly straigthened up in fear as she looked at Wu Yan who is still floating in midair. She shouted towards him.

"Hey you, unrelated personnel, you better leave this area soon, it's going to get dangerous as time goes on!"

Wu Yan grinned and he didn't reply, instead, he glanced at the archangel. His expression turned stern when he saw its level.

Archangel Gabriel: Level 75

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