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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 239: A sudden Angel Fall!


Rolling around on the bed, Wu Yan tried multiple ways to lull himself to sleep. Despite that, he couldn't get himself into dreamland.

He is already used to a life of having someone to hug and doing the blanket dance at night. Now that his lifestyle had abruptly changed into that of guarding an empty room, he felt like the inner him had cried multiple times already.

He gnashed his teeth, how he wanted to slap himself hard for sleeping alone despite having four very beautiful girls staying under the same roof, three of them being his wives.

Hmm… perhaps I should go and try my luck?…

A tempting thought, he had done something like this before, heck, he even managed to pull of a threesome on some occasions. Although there are 3 people over there and a foursome sounds awesome but he decided to shelf the idea after taking into consideration that Mikoto is still pretty mad at him.

After a bit of time had passed, he finally felt the sandman calling for him. His eyelids twitched and slowly closed before he slept.

When a mechanical sound started ringing, Wu yan didn't catch it.

His quality of sleep is bad, he's semi-conscious and his body itched all over. He felt very uncomfortable as he tossed and turned, it didn't felt like he was sleeping at all.

Finally, she (Tl: author changed from he to she here) felt a pressure on her chest, a previously unknown pressure (Tl: changed back to he here). He frowned all through the night because of the pressure.

This feeling tormented him and for the entirety of the night. When the sun shined on his ass, he wanted to stay in bed because he felt so tired.

That is, until a scream woke him immediately.

The scream was from Mikoto and the girls.

He climbed up, more like leapt up, actually. He went for the door of his room. It must be something big enough to make the girls who were pretty masculine to scream out loud like that.

He kicked the door wide open in a frantic manner.

"What happened?! Mikoto! Hinagiku!"

The scene he saw caused a deep sense of conflict within him. He was very surprised by the whole thing.

Confused, he rubbed his cheek trying to figure out what is happening.

In the living room, Mikoto practically jumped up and down at some issue he had yet to understand. Meanwhile, Hinagiku looked at Mikoto with a cool expression. It seemed like nothing in the world could rid her of that calm expression.

Ikaros and Astrea stared at their own body in surprise and shock, adding to Wu Yan's confusion.

He quickly replaced that surprised expression with a befuddled look. If his ears didn't deceive him, he seemed to have yelled in a very sweet and gentle voice.

That was clearly a girl's voice.

Before he can regain his senses, the girls turned around in response to the door being kicked open. They flinched at the sight of Wu Yan.

A short moment later, Ikaros lifted her finger and yelled at him.

"Thot! Why are you here!"

Wu Yan was stunned, how can he not be? Ikaros yelled at someone is already a pretty unscientific feat, next…

What was that?


Wu Yan kept his jaw from dropping before he mechanically said.


The next thing he noticed, not only did his voice change, his body felt strange, his chest felt especially heavy for some reason.

Synthesizing that fact with Ikaros' statement, a sense of foreboding arose. He looked at his chest.

He saw a magnificent pair of hooters blocking the view of his abdominal region. Examining further, he noticed radiant golden bangs on his forehead and slightly ruffled blonde hair.

Heaving ever so slightly, he looked at the four girls who were very out of place and his own body as he looked up at the sky.

"So, let me get this straight, Mikoto is now Ikaros, Ikaros is now Hinagiku, and Hinagiku is now Astrea and Astrea is now Mikoto, did I get that right?"

The blonde male/female sat in the living room as he glanced at the girls before finally sighing.

The girls nodded and Ikaros, or rather, Mikoto who looked like Ikaros looked at Wu Yan, unamused by his appearance.

"And you turned into that hateful woman!"

Wu Yan sighed, he wanted to cry. He had turned into a she, what's more a very familiar one at that.

He had become Shokuhou Misaki, the Joou-sama.

He had liked this body, now he didn't want to see this body anymore.

Hinagiku, in Astrea's appearance started examining her body before she frowned and crossed her arms, her magnificent pair of jugs bounced her arms away though much to her chagrin.

"According to you, this whole shenanigans is caused by that Angel Fall?"

Wu Yan nodded.

"This is the only logically explanation as to why we are what we are."

Mikoto, or rather, Astrea in Mikoto's body panicked.

"What do we do? Uuu, I don't want to stay in this kind of body, master! Think of something please!"

"Hey you! What do you mean this kind of body!" Mikoto slammed the table. Wu Yan felt very strange to see Ikaros slam tables.

It's very hard to see someone who used to be a Kuudere and a natural airhead slam tables.

Hinagiku bitterly laughed before turning back to Wu Yan.

"Yan, Astrea's right. This cannot continue. We should find a solution soon, I am not used to other people's body."

"Is that so?"

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes at her.

"Tell me, why do I get the weirdest feeling that you seem to be enjoying your current predicament?"

All eyes fell on Hinagiku. She froze up and looked away in an awkward manner.

"N-no such thing…"


Wu Yan, Mikoto, Astrea, and Ikaros stared at her.

Those eyes were saying they aren't buying her lie. She instantly got mad and pointed at Mikoto.

"Oh please, Mikoto likes her own body at the moment as well no?"


Mikoto hurriedly defended herself.

"I am not!"

Her voice grew weaker and weaker as more holes could be poked in her tone.

Wu Yan helplessly shook his head. Railgun and Kaichou-sama always had A cup angst. Now that they have a chance of experiencing what it feels like to walk around with a bombshell body, of course they would be happy campers.

"Anyway, let's think of how to deal with this Angel fall shall we?"

Wu Yan continued.

"At the moment, there should be people from the magical side of the world resolving this Angel Fall issue, but since relying on them would be ill-advised. Let's take things into our own hands as well!"

Hinagiku, Mikot, Ikaros, and Astrea all nodded in tandem.

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