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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 238: Urban legend and the aftermath after the date

"Sit in seiza!"

Wu Yan's body twitched as he hurriedly did as told. He lifted his head and saw Mikoto and Hinagiku judging him in a manner not unlike those of a judge against a guilty defendant. Meanwhile, Astrea looked on in amusement at this spectacle. If he had any tears left, he would have surely shed it by now.

Who would have thought that the day when he would be made to kneel down would come so early. Well, he's just sitting at the moment though.


Ikaros can't help feeling sorry for her master who sat there with wavy tear trails coming down his face. She turned towards Hinagiku and Mikoto.

"Ikaros, a plea for lenience will not be entertained!"

Of course the girls knew what Ikaros was thinking about, they knew that she who held Wu Yan as the center of her universe would do so they flatly denied her silent plea.


She clasped her hands together and closed her eyes, not willing to see Wu Yan descent into the flames of purgatory.

Wu Yan knew he's fucked this time. Even Ikaros could do nothing to save him. He's in for a long struggle now…

With crossed arms, Hinagiku narrowed her eyes at Wu Yan.

"You caused quite a stir yesterday, Yan…"


Astrea nodded energetically. If he could, he would have grabbed her and spanked her hard. Her master is in great peril and instead of inaction or better yet do something to save him, she decided to make his death even more gruelsome.

Hinagiku presented an interface to Wu Yan, on it:

"Close to 80% of Tokiwadai's female students without a boyfriend got screwed by a human scum. The female students responded by organizing themselves into an army and chased down the human scum with unrelenting momentum, that is, until the human scum was saved by an angel with pink wings!"

Looking at this new urban legend known as the "Wanted fuckboi", his sweat started pouring. If it wasn't pouring enough, it's most certainly pouring by the time he read the comments.

"Har? Betraying more than 80 percent of Tokiwadai's Oujo-samas? Surely, OP be jesting. Who would possess the finesse required to two-time so many chicks at one time, more so when the chicks concerned are the Oujo-samas of Tokiwadai."

"Angel with pink wings? OP please get a checkup at the hospital. Specifically, seek specialist help from psychologists…"

"OP, contact of this 'Wanted fuckboi' please, I want him to mentor me!"

"Fuck yeah, do it!"

"The third and fourth poster are too obsessed with girls…"

"No no no, they want to be the human scum in question!"

"Hi, OP. Bye, OP."

Wu Yan wiped away the sweat on his forehead and beamed at Hinagiku with a bitter smile.

"Yan, you got quite the skills there, to net so many girls…"

Wu Yan started sweating heavily.

"Come on, Hinagiku, you know that's not true…"

"Of course, I know that's not true!"

Hinagiku slammed the table. Or at least, that was the plan. She accidentally hit Astrea's hand which was slowly making its way over to the fruit bowl on the table. The blonde lifeform yelped in pain and blew at her hand. Hinagiku awkwardly smiled in response.

Mikoto saw this scene unfold and she facepalm-ed. When she saw how Wu Yan is trying to hold back his laughter, she got mad.

"Stop laughing! I am not done with you just yet!"

"What did I do now…"

He said in a meek manner. He cursed at his rotten luck, he thought he got lucky when Railgun and Joou-sama pampered him with benefits.

Fat luck that was, the Alter army chased him down with nigh unstoppabled momentum, and they chased him through nine streets, almost half of School District 7. It's no wonder that an urban legend would arise.

If Ikaros had not descended to save him, the result might be…

Recalling the manic host of Tokiwadai Oujo-samas, he shivered subconsciously. His attitude infuriated Mikoto.

"What did you do?…"

Mikoto pointed her finger at Wu Yan in anger. Her face flushed red as her finger trembled.

"You did so much stuff in front of the Tokiwadai girls, and you have the balls to ask me what did you do wrong?!"

Wu Yan was dumbfounded

I-it's my fault? But you grabbed my hand and pressed it on your hooters!

Wu Yan has conveniently forgotten the fact that although Mikoto was the one who placed his hand there, he was the one who decided to massage her hooter.

Mikoto yelled in a bashful manner at him.

"Now everyone in Tokiwadai knows about it, that I… go-got fondled by you in front of an audience. How do you expect me to look at the students straight in the face like this!"

Well, if it's possible, I wouldn't want to meet students from your school as well.

"They said something alonge the lines of: 'To protect Misaksama from being near the human scum.' And they decided to lurk around my surroundings. They even tailed me when I went walking on the streets. If I didn't sneak away, I wouldn't have been able to come here…"

Lucky you didn't lead them here, otherwise you would need to make arrangement for the picking up of my body…

"And Kuruko, she saw me and you being intimate so she started suspecting that you attacked me a few dozen times in one night. She even said she wanted to check if I am still a virgin or not…"

I am frankly surprised that perverted Yuri lifeform didn't choloroform you.

"And the worst thing of it all. The teachers called me to the office to lecture me. They said stuff like I am still young don't overdo things. Some of the lectures are too ridiculous, they told me to make sure I am taking care of my body…"

How the hell are they teachers…

"I am still okay with the teachers lecturing me but even the dormitory supervisor called me up and said although she can't control my actions, dormitory rules must be upheld and there will be no instances of me bringing a guy over for a night or any of that crap. She drilled me with dormitory rules until my brains felt like they were bursting at the seams…"

Badass dormitory supervisor is badass…

"Are you even listening to me?!"

"I am! I am!"

Wu Yan hurriedly said. Railgun is very emotional at the moment so if he triggered her any further, he wouldn't be worried about his own body so much as he would be worried about the structural integrity of his newly bought house.

Saying so many lines at once caused Mikoto to feel thirsty, she grabbed a drink and heaved after drinking for a moment. She turned away in a huff.

"Say, what am I supposed to do now!"

Wu Yan flinched.

"What do you mean what to do?"

Mikoto slumped down on the table and moaned.

"My life is a mess now, I can't deal with life at Tokiwadai anymore. If this keeps up, I am going to die soon…"

Mikoto lifted her head and stared at him before yelling at him.

"Give me some ideas! You're the one who caused all this mess!"

"Okay okay, hmm…"

Wu Yan helplessly said.

"Oh I know, why don't you come live here with me…"

Mikoto's eyes beamed but then it quickly dimmed back down.

"Uu, the rules at Tokiwadai are very strict, students aren't allowed to stay over night at unauthorized locations, moving out is a bigger no."

"Well, you can stop worrying about that…"

"Oh you can relax about that…"

Wu Yan grinned.

"I got my own ways, you will get that permission pretty soon!"


Mikoto doubted Wu Yan but he just nodded in confidence. Aleister probably won't turn him down over something so petty.


Hinagiku clapped her hands and grabbed Mikoto.

"Let's stay in the same room!"

Wu Yan, surprised by her statement, pointed at himself.

"Erm, what about me?"

Hinagiku blushed and glared at him.

"Get your own room!"

He dejectedly lowered his head and then looked at Ikaros with hopeful eyes. Mikoto shot him down by saying:

"Ikaros, let's talk all night long!"

And just like that, they took Ikaros away.

Stunned by the proceedings, he looked at the last person here.

Astrea blushed like mad and yelled at him.

"Master! You dummy!"

And she left him all alone there to lick his own wounds.

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