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Everyone but Mikoto is stunned.

One of the hands on Shokuhou Misaki’s hooters had disappeared and re-appeared on Mikoto’s hill.

He can feel great volume in one hand and a small but perky volume on the other hand. They were both soft yet they felt different when touched. It’s to the extent that Wu Yan can’t believe how different they both are.

Wu Yan’s disbelief is shared by Shokuhou Misaki. Besides Wu Yan and Kuroko, Shokuhou Misaki’s the one who understands Misaka Mikoto the most.

This tsundere girl probably would blush so hard she would lose control of her electricity if someone so much as hold hands with her, let alone reaching the second base.

But look at her, an easily embarrassed girl holding a guy’s hand to her chest in front of an audience.

Shokuhou Misaki thought she’s being pretty brave herself but it seems she underestimated a woman’s competitiveness, this allowed Mikoto to do something even braver than she did. That’s because Shokuhou Misaki could erase people’s memories after this event but Mikoto couldn’t do the same.

Kuroko is too stupefied for words, she looked like somebody who got broken through 100 rounds of kinky you-know-what. She looked at the hand on Mikoto’s chest as her mouth opened and closed, too stunned for words.

Even someone as perverse as Kuroko is too surprised for words, what’s more to say for the other Ojou-samas who are so pure they probably haven’t watched an adult video before.

Smoke started coming out of Mikoto’s head, she’s so embarrassed she could faint but when she saw how Shokuhou Misaki is aiming for her man, she gnashed her teeth and hysterically shouted at u y.

“I-I won’t lose to that woman! Isn’t that right?! Yan!”

Her shout called back his soul which went to infinity and beyond. He looked at his hands still savoring the feeling of two cans as he put on a stupid grin.

It’s not the first time he reached second base with two girls before. But, this time it’s far more exciting than before.

It’s in front of an audience and his partners are two nemeses who are always at each other’s throat; Railgun and Joou-sama. It’s so unreal it’s like he’s dreaming that’s why he’s grinning like a fool.

He tightened his hands and the two squabbling kittens mewled at the same time as they twitched. They then fell into his embrace.

Feeling up Joou-sama who had a bigger cup size and Railgun who had a smaller one, he was filled with a rich sense of bliss. This is even better than that one time he groped two girls in the butt!

Because he lost to the carnal flames within him, he started massaging them titties.


Their moans escaped their bodies with his masterful moves. They fell onto him while being unable to stop their moanings.

Wu Yan received them both into his arms and he continued groping them by reaching through their armpits. And so, the two girls looked at each other as they laid on his chest.

Two equally red faces stared at each other. The feeling coming from their breasts and the audience consisting of Oujo-samas watching them had made them lose any strength to speak.

Both pairs of eyes, starry eyes & tecolored eyes became moist. As they heaved and moaned, their breaths which hit the other one only served to make them more bashful.

They never saw the possibility that they, who are mortal enemies, would one day fall into the same man’s embrace and get groped at the same time.

Neither of them wanted to surrender so they could only swallow their bashfulness and moaned to the tune of pleasure being serenaded to them through his fingers, all this, despite trying to stare the competition down.

It’s just that, it felt a bit awkward to stare at each other with passionate eyes.

Wu Yan is so pleased he could die. His hands never stopped going to town with their tits. He enjoyed every second of their moans and whimper, it fueled his lust even further.

Just when he is about to lose control of his mini-me, a sudden chill hit him with all the intensity of a hurricane when he was adjusting the two girls for the next series of “action”.

His massage session came to a stop and his head mechanically turned around to see a scene that would cause him to freeze up and feel utter intimidation.

They looked like full-fledged soldiers, by them, the subject refers to the Oujo-samas led by Kuroko. They all had their heads lowered, their expression couldn’t be seen because of the bangs covering their faces.

Although he can’t confirm it visually, he felt a sinister force coming from all of them. It is only then that he saw the dark aura emanating from them.

He can see that the girls at the front are mumbling something. His shirt became thoroughly soaked with sweat the moment he heard their mumbling…






Like a ridiculously well-tuned army, their chant had an almost clockwork precision. They chanted the verb die like they are doing a count off as they do in military drills.


Wu Yan gulped as he faced the girls who seemed to be possessed by the Grim Reaper, his smile looked even sadder than a his crying expression.








Another wave of chill hit him, he actually feared for his life from the depths of his heart, a fact that shocked him.

As a True Ancestor, he is immortal, the concept of death should have been a stranger to him after buying True Ancestor.

How could this army of girls who he could take on with ridiculous ease when confronted on a person by person basis, bring him the fear of death. Could it be that after they had gone Alter, they became invincible?…

He kept hearing the demonic recitation of the word “Die”, his body felt like it had fallen into an icy pool of water against this army of girls who seemed to have lost all grasp on what it means to be human.

Subconsciously and definitely not on purpose, he squeezed Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki’s hooters making them yelp in pleasure.

The moment they moaned is the moment the dark aura went into overdrive. The dark aura seemed to be covering the sky, the earth as they lifted their heads.

On their faces, each adorned a broken and/or disturbing smile. Kuroko laughed as her body trembled.

“Hey, human scum, you wanna die? Or do you wanna die? Maybe you wanna die? Or are you going to dig your own grave? You want a shovel to dig your grave? It’s a good day to die today?”

“Everyone… calm down, please?…”

“Oh, he does want to die. If so, let us make your wish come true…”

He twitched and retreated with a leap, the next instant, countless attack hit where he used to stand, gouging out a big ass hole in the ground.

Looking at that abyssal hole, Wu Yan’s face lost its colours. He quickly put down the two girls in his chest and ran as fast as his dear legs can carry him towards the exist!

“Stand there you abominable scum!”

“Die mofo die!”

“Today’s the day you meet your maker!”

The divine or rather, demonic host of oujo-samas gave chase.

The next day, a new urban legend appeared that goes something like this: over 80% of the girls in Tokiwadai who had no boyfriends got screwed by one fuckboi and they decided to team up into one hell of an army to hunt the guy down until the day the sun stops rising from the east.

The human scum, however, got saved by an angel with pink wings.

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