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He stared at a literal crowd of Oujo-samas and his lips twitched. He can’t believe these girls saw what he and Shokuhou Misaki did, he just couldn’t fathom so many people, girls for the matter, saw him and Shokuhou Misaki.

In the eyes of the Oujo-samas, it is only to be expected that a human scum who would declare that he is building a harem would do something like that. Nonetheless, they still wanted to shank the guy.

In front of multiple hostiles, Wu Yan subconsciously retreated a few steps, running away as fast as he can is now an option he is seriously considering.

Right when Wu Yan wanted to run, Joou-sama finally regained her breath, she opened her starry eyes and saw Mikoto who stood not far away along with the divine host of Tokiwadai a.k.a the Oujo-samas. Her face instantly flushed red.

Assaulted by Wu Yan and engrossed in the pleasure, Joou-sama forgot that she was being tailed by people.

In other words, they all saw it.

Shokuhou Misaki felt so very embarrassed. It is only natural for any girl to be embarrassed if they were caught doing hanky-spanky stuff. But, being Joou-sama, she quickly recovered.

She slowly stood up and tidied her attire before looking at Mikoto and giggling.

“Ara, Misaksan, what brings you and the girls to this amusement park.

Mikoto cursed at the sheer shameless attitude she has after being seen fooling around with Wu Yan, how can she greet her so elegantly after the fact?

“Shokuhou Misaki, time and time again you challenge me with your acts, did you really think I won’t fight back?”

“Misaksan, what on earth are you talking about?”

Shokuhou Misaki tilted her head and had an expression that said she didn’t understand what Mikoto is saying.

“Did I offend you in any manner? Why would you say I am challenging you?”

“Explain what you did just now with my boy-boyfriend. You were so intimate surely you are not a thot in disguise right?”

Mikoto is not holding back her words, much to the surprise of the other girls.

Shokuhou Misaki lightly smiled, it is almost hard to believe that the very same person was heaving on the ground a few moments ago. She covered her mouth and laughed.

“Misaksan has no charm that’s why you can’t keep little Yan infatuated with you. And so, Little Yan had to get intimate with me.”

“What did you say?!”

Mikoto shrieked. Wu Yan also yelped.

Wu Yan looked anxiously at Joou-sama who is still grinning. He scolded her silently for being so devious, now that she said something like that, he’s going to get butchered.

As expected, Mikoto turned her attention away from Shokuhou Misaki and focused on Wu Yan. The smile on her face had a very dangerous undertone to it.

“You! Say it loud and clear, is it because I didn’t have any charm that you had to seek out this woman?!”

Wu Yan lifted a hand and he pressed it against his forehead. How he wanted to cry but for the want of tears can’t.

Railgun’s body might be lacking in some places but due to his diligent development, it started growing in the right places and Railgun became more and more attractive.

Even without all that, Railgun is still the same Railgun he had adored. It’s ridiculous to say that he isn’t attracted to her.

Compared to Joou-sama, she might lose if based solely on charm but she still had her own unique charm.

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

“I say, it’s very troubling that you believe other people’s words so easily.”

Scanning Mikoto’s body, Wu Yan recalled something and continued.

“Do you still remember when we were at the hotel, that morning, you and Hinagiku….”

Before he could continue, Mikoto shut his trap with her two hands.

“I know I know, jeez, you didn’t have to say it!”

As if he is out on a petty revenge trip, he pulled down her hands and continued talking in a holier-than-thou manner.

“Why shouldn’t I? This way, you will know just how sexy you are in my eyes!”

Mikoto wanted to bite the guy to death, she screamed at him while blushing.

“No need for that now! It’s my fault, okay? You don’t have to continue talking about it anymore!”

“Oh, so you admit you’re attractive to me?”

Wu Yan grinned and Mikoto’s blushing face took on a deeper hue of red. She turned around and stared at Shokuhou Misaki.

“My brain must be malfunctioning to believe a word you say!”

Shokuhou Misaki huffed.

“Was I wrong?”

She ran in front of Wu Yan and linked her arms around his neck before she purred.

“Little Yan, was I mistaken? Did I not have any appeal in comparison to that underdeveloped woman?”

He lifted his eyebrows, he endured the urge to spank Joou-sama’s butt where she stood. She’s obviously playing games with him.


Mikoto almost cussed but because she wasn’t good at using her words as weapons, she didn’t do so. Without any useful words coming to mind, she could only point at Shokuhou Misaki with shaking fingers.

She didn’t want to compete with Shokuhou Misaki using figure comparison yet Shokuhou Misaki compared herself to her, she was just too stunned for words so she could only go ‘Yo-you-you’ like a broken record.

Shokuhou Misaki threw a teasing glance at Mikoto and then looked back at Wu Yan with woeful eyes before she continued in a lovely tone.

“Little Yan, does little ol’ me not attract you?”

Mikoto stared at Wu Yan, she seemed to be waiting for him to answer her. To be stuck between a rock and hard place is making his mind numb.

“Would it kill you girls to not quarrel for a day…?”

Shokuhou Misaki curled her lips because she didn’t get the answer she wanted. She remembered something and blushed but when she saw Mikoto’s fuming expression, she steeled her resolve.

She grabbed his hand and in front of everyone, she placed his hand on her magnificent cans.

“Wh-what are you doing?!”

Mikoto screamed at her while flushing red. She seemed very shocked by Shokuhou Misaki’s spontaneous action.

Wu Yan’s mind went blank, the softness he is feeling is a testament that this isn’t a dream. Joou-sama really did go to second base in front of everyone.

Blushing like mad, she decided to continue because she had already been touched in a similar if not more perverse manner before, what with being kneaded and massaged. Being touched again is no biggie.

Regarding the fact that people are watching, Shokuhou Misaki decided to ignore them. They had already seen her getting it on with Wu Yan in a hotter fashion. Plus, there are only the girls and Wu Yan here, also, the girls are students from the same school as her. If not, she really wouldn’t have had the guts to pull off such a daring manner in front of everyone.

She just has to remember to delete their memories of today after this incident…

Joou-sama laughed and stuck out her chest so that Wu Yan would get a better feeling.

Her eyes started turning weird, intentional or not is something for future scholars to debate but she continued.

” Little Yan, you like them don’t you? I must be better and more alluring than that underdeveloped woman right?’

Wu Yan didn’t answer, his brain had a short circuit from her sudden actions. He looked at his hands on her exquisite hooters in a dumbfounded manner.


Lightning flashed pass Mikoto’s forehead, a sign that she is losing her cool. She heard Shokuhou Misaki and saw what she did as well as the hands on her breasts. Fury took over her.

She is so mad she did something that made the other girls whos jaw had already dropped to the ground, jaw drop even further.

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