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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 231: Trolled to the death? A bunch of Haraguro Ojou-samas from Tokiwadai

Everyone who saw the roller coaster go backward started freaking out. Some good-natured individuals already went in search of controllers but they couldn't find any controllers so they decided to see how this pans out.

Thus, there were many onlookers watching the roller coaster from down there while Joou-sama's shriek echoed throughout the park…

What's going on?

On the ride, Wu Yan is currently being choked to death while enduring screams that threaten to burst his eardrums. Her screams were enough to cause his head to feel like it's going to explode anytime now. The asphyxiation brought on by her ridiculous grasp on his neck also made him feel like he's going to die even if he's a True Ancestor.

The vestigial consciousness left in his mind is what he used to think about this sudden onset of "malfunction". Oh wait, nope, the last of his brain cells got ruptured by the banshee screaming beside him.

Further away, Mikoto snickered at the sight of Shokuhou Misaki who was so scared she went pale. At least, she seemed pretty satisfied by what she saw.

Standing at her side, Kuroko gnashed her teeth as she cursed Wu Yan who is apparently unharmed (Author note: ?). She is very frustrated by her Onee-sama who picks side, choosing to stand by Wu Yan rather than punish him as well…

Still gnashing her teeth, Kuroko suddenly had an idea. She sniggered and stepped back to talk with the other Tokiwadai girls.

When Kuroko told those girls what she had in mind, the other Ojou-samas' eyes beamed and they agreed in an energetic manner. They all shared a sneaky grin together.

The next moment, Wu Yan who was on the ride felt his body becoming light and the next thing he knew, Joou-sama was no longer holding on to his neck. Out of nowhere, a wind blew and he was swept from the roller coaster.


Before he could drop the bomb, Wu Yan fell in a freefall, a magnificent 10-meter descent onto the pavement below.

Still screaming like mad, Joou-sama hadn't discovered that her biggest pillar of support is currently falling face-first down to the ground. She also didn't notice that the "Wu Yan" she is hugging onto is now a pillar.

The ones who noticed that Wu Yan is falling yelled out loud and scattered quickly. Clearly, nobody is planning on rescuing him.


Mikoto yelped on top of the fake mountain. She recalled something and glared at Kuroko and her gang of Ojou-samas. They already planned for this and the culprit all acted really surprised.

Wu Yan looked at the ground that is not far away and he sighed. He didn't know just where did this bad luck come from. He didn't know that his current predicament is a result of being screwed over by other people.

Focusing, he turned and did a 180-degree flip, leaning down a bit he made sure to kick the air right before he landed.

With one hand and his feet on the ground, he crouched slightly and as he fell back he dragged a two-meter-long trail before he stopped the momentum and stood up, unharmed after the whole thing.

"What the fuck!"

Kuroko and the other Ojou-samas yelled out loud. When Mikoto looked back in confusion, they hurriedly went back to their usual expressions.

How is he not dead…

They are treating him as though he is just some powerless lv0. Moreover, it seems they were intent on trolling him to the death.

When the roller coaster came to a stop, Joou-sama still sat there hugging a pillar, she doesn't seem to have regained her senses from how she is still screaming while shutting her eyes tight. Wu Yan couldn't help but adopt the 囧 expression.

"I say, Joou-sama…."






Mikoto laughed out loud while flushing red, she couldn't help it. The other Ojou-samas who hadn't seen this side of Shokuhou Misaki before couldn't help but laugh a bit as well, though they tried their best to contain it.

"Where is the controller? Where the heck is the controller?"

Shokuhou Misaki stomped. Her pale face had recovered somewhat but one could still see that she is angered as well as embarrassed.

Shokuhou Misaki felt that her reputation she spent her whole life building had been tarnished in a matter of minutes. She wanted to cry but couldn't for the lack of tears.

Wu Yan held back the urge to laugh as he patted her shoulders.

"Maa, Joou-sama, as an elegant young lady of Tokiwadai, it isn't appropriate to make trouble like a rebel…"

Shokuhou Misaki blushed and she glared at Wu Yan. She decided not to yell for the controller anymore. She uttered a cold hmph and turned around before walking away.

"Let's go! To the next attraction!"

"You still wanna play?"

Wu Yan couldn't believe his ears but he still chased after her.

Mikoto is a but surprised seeing Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki walk away.

"That woman is still planning on continuing?"

With the way she acted, it is as though Mikoto is here to crush her date.

"Onee-sama, should we follow them?"

While saying that, if one were to take a closer look at Kuroko's eyes, one would notice that she is still beaming at the opportunity of fucking around with the guy and preferably putting him in stitches.

"Of course!"

Mikoto yelled. She then moved her legs and followed them. She was accompanied by all the other Ojou-samas as they marched on.

Wu Yan frowned as he kept turning back and would rub his face from time to time. He seemed really doubtful of the whole situation so Shokuhou Misaki asked him.

"What's the matter?"

"No, it's nothing…"

Wu Yan rubbed his chin, he then voiced out his doubt.

"It's just that, this doesn't feel right somehow…"

Shokuhou Misaki grinned.

"Surely, you're not afraid of being caught by your little girlfriends?"

Wu Yan glanced at her and then continued in a matter-of-fact manner.

"What do you think? Third mistress."

"Third mistress?"

Shokuhou Misaki stopped and looked at Wu Yan with her starry eyes.

"If I remember correctly, it seems someone else already has this 'third' spot right?"

Wu Yan is choked for words. Shokuhou Misaki turned away in a huff, her blonde hair almost slapping Wu Yan's face.

"Thinking about other girls while on a date, how lame…"

Wu Yan felt helpless. The one who mentioned other girls first was her but why…

Girls can be very fickle and Shokuhou Misaki is a very good example. A few moments ago, she was annoyed with Wu Yan, now she's hugging his arm again.

"Oooh, she's sticking so close to him…"

Mikoto gnashed her teeth when she saw her hug Wu Yan's arm.

From her point of view, she could clearly see Shokuhou Misaki's magnificent hooters clamping his arm. She's both unamused and impressed at the same time. Basically, she's jealous yet she can't help but admire her at the same time.

Looking at Wu Yan being all smiley also made her very displeased. She can't hold herself back anymore so she stomped and a bit of electricity started making its way over in Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki's direction.


Shokuhou Misaki who was hugging Wu Yan's arm suddenly let go, she felt like something had bit her.

Startled, Wu Yan asked her.

"What's the matter?"

Shokuhou Misaki touched the back of her hand and confusion could be seen in her starry eyes.

"I don't know, my hand felt numb for a moment"


The moment he heard "numb", something clicked within him but he just couldn't figure what it was. He stared at her hand in an utterly dumbfounded manner. The whole thing felt very peculiar to him.

Shokuhou Misaki frowned as she looked at the back of her hand. Suddenly, she saw a figure…

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