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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 216: The System is being awfully generous?…

Wu Yan laid on the bed, apparently staring at the ceiling. His consciousness, however, delved deep into System…

Mikoto, Kuroko, and the other girls headed to their respective schools. Meanwhile, Hinagiku, Astrea, and Ikaros went back home so it's just him in this room.

Consciously manipulating the System interface, a projection appeared in front of him and he checked it out.

Unit:Wu YanAbilities:'Kendo Master''Master Chef"'Impeccable Memory'Chaotic 'Return to Horizon Waltz''Electromaster (Lv5)Equipment:Nietono no Shana (Grade C), Conceptual Dragon Armor (Grade C)Summons:Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros, AstreaEquipment points:71'000 → 171,000Item points:8'800'000 → 7,400,000Ability points:101'000 → 201,000Summoning points:120'000 → 220,000Level:65 → 66Unit:Misaka MikotoAbilities:Electromaster(Lv5)Power:BEndurance:BAgility:APsychological:AEquipments:noneLevel:70Unit:Katsura HinagikuAbilities:NonePower:BEndurance:BAgility:APsychological:BEquipments:Shirosakura (C grade)Level:60 → 63 UnitIkarosAbilityUranus Queen modePowerAStaminaBAgilityAPsychologicalAEquipment:Artemis 'Perpetual homing missile' (Grade C), Aegis 'Absolute Defense Perimeter' (Grade C), Apollon (Grade C), Uranus System (Grade B)Level78Unit:AstreaAbilities:Close quarters combat expertPower:AEndurance:AAgility:APsychological:CEquipments:Chrysaor (Grade C), Aegis L (Grade C)Level:75♦ ♦ ♦Wu Yan is surprised that he jumped a level. Was it from that time he beat Accelerator?Accelerator is lv70, it would be odd if he didn't profit from the experience. Not to mention, he gained experience from defeating Mugino Shizuri and Kakine Teitoku as well, it seemed reasonable that he got a level up.He hadn't heard the notification because he was unconscious from the fight with Accelerator…To think that it would require 2 tier 7 and 1 tier 8 opponents to increase his level by one, it seems the experience curve is an exponentially increasing one. Oddly enough, Hinagiku seemed to be much more enlightened by all the encounters as she increased by 3 levels, almost catching up with him.He should be counting his blessings though, seeing as Mikoto, Ikaros, Astrea didn't experience any increase in level.♦ ♦ ♦Copy world: Toaru Majutsu no IndexWorld Mission: Rescue!Mission 1: Save all 20,000 Misaka sisters. Revive all the dead clones, repair the sisters and store all 20,000 clones into bio-containment unit. (Completed)Reward: 100,000 Equipment points, Ability points, Summoning points, Item points.Mission 2: Defeat the strongest esper in Academy City, Accelerator. (Completed)Reward: Random summon x1Mission 3: Go all the way with at least 3 individuals in the copy world and get them to follow the player out of this world.Reward: Free summoning of the individuals fitting the criterions set forth in Mission 3.♦ ♦ ♦Wu Yan couldn't believe what he is seeing. He was thinking that System had become the coolest wingman ever…This is basically the opportunity to further expand the development of his crystal palace.Wu Yan fell into a world of infinite joy, his lewd and drooling face a testament to his personality. It's lucky that there is no one else here with him, human scum would be a fitting description for him at the moment if only Kuroko was here.He frowned the moment he deliberated on the details of the mission, The mission is tantalizing at first sight but to dance in t he sheets with at least 3 individuals and subsequently getting them to willingly follow him out of this world would be no easy feat, at least equal in difficulty to the previous two missions.He didn't even have the candidates in mind yet…Looks like there is a long game ahead of him…Wu Yan set aside the mission 3 for now and focused his attention on the summoning interface.His mission 2 reward that allows a random summoning is a prize that he isn't too sure what to feel about. It's certainly not a grand prize but if he used it and some balance breaking girl came out then that would be a different issue.Thinking about it, Wu Yan decided to put off the summoning for now. There are eyes and ears everywhere in this city, the most glaring issue of which is identity. If he summoned then the summon can only stay at home or go out at the risk of detection.That's why he decided to delay the summoning for now.Examining his status and the 4 summons he has at the moment, he thought that this is probably the time to get some abilities or equipment. The fight with Accelerator made him realize that despite being at tier 7, he's still rather weak…He had experienced injuries since transferring to Silvaria, but he had never experienced such grave injuries before.Recalling the battle from that day, he felt some residual fear. if Mikoto and the other girls didn't save the girls in time, giving him the motivation he needed to continue, he would probably have died down there in the rubble.Accelerator is strong in his own right but more importantly, he didn't have the strength.He wants to up his game as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be hard to face the foes that come after tier 8 like tier 9 or even demigods…He had wanted to save the points for even strong abilities and equipment but right now he's thinking that perhaps it would be better to augment his abilities with all the resources available at his disposal.He already had a candidate in mind…Ability: Bloodline type, true ancestor bloodline:A natural born vampire, the most unique existence amongst the bloodsuckers. Being nigh fairies in existence, bloodline bearers exhibit tremendous resistance to UV, high regenerative abilities, and very resilient properties. Immune to sunlight, holy instruments, and mercury. Bearers are able to regenerate instantaneously despite being disintegrated. Immortality and perpetual youth are characteristic of bearers. Bearers are also able to turn humans into lesser vampires by sucking their blood. The only weakness to this ability is that the user will have an uncontrollable urge to suck blood.Cost 500,000 Ability points.The main selling point to him is the perpetual youth and immortality, his close brush with death gave him a slight trauma. In summary, he's now very afraid of dying…He wants to buy it sure, but it is only a demand when one is both willing and able to buy. True ancestor bloodline is powerful and so the cost is a whooping 500,000 Ability points.He is short almost 300,000 points. At this rate, the bloodline is only something he can see and never hold. But, there is something else he has a ton of which he might not fret if a significant portion disappears.He opened the Item interface and scrolled through the list. Very soon, he found the item he wanted.Bloodline indulgence (Tl: indulgence as in the roman catholic jargon for payments in exchange for pardons): User can trade Item points to obtain a discount on bloodline abilities for any bloodline under 500,000 listed cost.10% discount: 1mil Item points20% discount: 2mil Item points…100% discount 10mil Item points
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