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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 213:

In the rubble where Wu Yan is buried…

He laid amongst the rock like he is sleeping. Drifting in and out of consciousness, even breathing had become a labor for him…

The throbbing pain didn't wake him but he couldn't be bothered to recognize the pain. He just the pain flow through him…

So tired… this is so troublesome… I want to sleep so bad…

Still half conscious, this is the only thought going through his mind. The thought is so strong that it pretty much clouded the sense of pain and suffocation.

Conceptual dragon armor got shattered. Because of the armor, he managed to block Accelerator's attack. Also, because it is broken, dragon armor won't trigger for a certain period of time.

His full power attack got reflected back at him, that coupled with him being smashed into the ground…

Wu Yan is not like Accelerator who can use his vector manipulation to reflect the force away from him upon impact with the ground. That is why he suffered extensive damage…

Buried within the rubble, the pain and lack of oxygen had all but drained him of his strength. His thoughts grew fuzzy, he wanted to just pass out like that…

Just as he is about to take a nap, the winds began roaring, it kept him from passing out.

So noisy…

He pried his eyes open but all he can see is darkness. The only thing he can hear is the roaring winds above him.

Can you guys pipe down over there? I am trying to sleep here, why is the fan on so loud?…

Argh, I don't give a fuck anymore. I am just going to sleep here. God, why does my body hurt so much…

His eyes slowly closed. Wu Yan thinks it would be the best if nobody disturbs him. The lethargy is just too much.

The heaven had different plans for him, an emotionless mechanic voice rang just as he is about to pass out.

"Beep! Mission 1 complete! Obtained 100000 Equipment points, Ability points, Summoning points, Item points."

Mission 1? Equipment points? Item points? Ability points? Summoning points?

What's that?

Oh yeah, my missions…

What was mission 1 again? I think it was to save all the sisters? I've completed it?

Mikoto, Hinagiku, and Ikaros did it huh? As expected of them.

On the verge of fainting, he started resisting the drowsiness. He wrested control from the pain and suffocation tormenting him.

Mikoto and the girls already did their part, how can I fail like this?!

Wu Yan's body trembled as his eyes shot open, grasping onto Nietono no Shana…

♦ ♦ ♦

Accelerator stood there, still gathering the winds, the area around him didn't have any rubble as they were all carried away by the wind.

Accelerator gathered and ionized the winds of Academy City. Slowly but surely a plasma formed in the center of the gathered winds.

More and more wind gathered and the plasma ball grew bigger. The bigger the ball grew, the more insane Accelerator looked.

It was just a flight of fancy that he gathered the winds in Academy City, Accelerator hadn't expected that the winds would become ionized.

He isn't surprised by how it turned out, Quite the opposite, he's excited at the power of the plasma he had conjured.


The plasma ball grew more and more while he laughed. This time for sure, he can blow the winged lady to hell!

The storm caused Astrea to shield herself from the winds as the feathers of her wings started falling.

Her wings that she took pride of had become a hindrance to her, the winds were too strong so she couldn't get close to Accelerator. She watched as the plasma grew larger and larger…

She kept her wings as close to her body as possible while she steadied herself so she wouldn't be thrown off her balance. She can't advance any further than this.

Accelerator's ball of plasma is probably something she can't block with her Aegis L.

Accelerator is a formidable foe, in terms of level, Astrea is much stronger than him. But in terms of strength, she is only superior by a little margin.

If the battle had dragged on, Astrea would have won. Now that Accelerator brought out this plasma attack, the result is becoming very uncertain…

Astrea can't stop the attack and she can't advance either. She lifted her buckler in the hopes of blocking the plasma with her Aegis L.

"It's useless!"

Accelerator maniacally laughed as he shouted at Astrea.

"Even if you have better defenses, do you have the confidence to block 2 or 3 more of this kind of attacks? With my computational power, I can fire these babies at least another 4-5 times. Tell me, do you think you can block it all?"

Astrea didn't say anything, she held on to her buckler, a silent testament of her resolve…

Accelerator wasn't amused, he flicked his hand and the winds gathered at a much faster speed as his expression grew grim.


Astrea looked at the plasma ball and recalled Wu Yan's warm smile. Her expression became even more resolute.

I can block it for sure!

The plasma had grown to a size about as big as an average person's face. Its power had also grown tremendously, the whistling wind is also not a good sign. Astrea's expression turned into one of anxiety.


Accelerator manipulated the winds and compressed them into the plasma ball. In just a bit more time, the plasma ball would have enough energy to rip through Astrea's Aegis L.

A red swordbeam cut through a pile of rubble, shattering the rocks. Shortly thereafter, an orange beam came from the dusty rubble and shot towards the plasma ball atop Accelerator.

The orange beam turns out to be from a railgun projectile.

In front of both Astrea and Accelerator's surprised faces, the railgun hit the incomplete plasma ball. The different rays of light created a brilliant light show. The railgun detonated and erased the plasma ball…


As the plasma dissipated, so too did the raging winds…

Astrea and Accelerator looked at the direction where the railgun was shot from. The two of them spotted different expressions, Accelerator had a look of malevolence while Astrea had a look of joy.

Clothes torn to shred, dusty all over, Wu Yan stood there panting. He can barely stand but he held a sword in one hand while his other hand is still crackling with bluish-white lightning…



The perpetrator is without any doubt, Wu Yan!

He steadied his haggard body while trying hard to regain his breath. He's pale although one couldn't tell if he is pale from using railgun or because of the damage he had suffered. But, he had a smile on his face.

"I, am not done yet…"

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