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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 210: Yeah, fight on, Astrea!

The fight had only been on for not more than 1 minute and the area looks like it had been through hell.

The main architect who did this is none other than the man standing before Wu Yan, Accelerator.

His ability is really terrifying just by seeing first hand. He only needed to exert a small amount of force and amplify it multiple iterations to wreak such destructive forces on his enemies.

It didn't help that any attack directed at him is reflected back…

His defenses and offenses are ridiculously well balanced and potent. How is he going to get past them…

Only, Wu Yan didn't think that the feelings were mutual…

Accelerator had a pretty grim face. The main reason for his expression is the male and female pair standing before him, they were competent enough to hold on for so long. Well, he did say he wanted them to last longer but it really irks him when he hadn't taken them down by expending this much time.

"With their abilities, they should be no weaker than lv5, why is it that I haven't heard of any of them before?"

Accelerator narrowed his eyes, since he can't figure it out, he's not going to spare the mental resources to pursue the matter.

He stomped the ground and the earth trembled. The ground that had suffered massive restructuring once again experienced another round of devastation.

Through some sort of manipulation, Accelerator had managed to force pillars to emerge out from the ground in an attempt to impale Wu Yan and Astrea in a straight line.

Iron sand burst out from the devastated ground to form thick iron whips that destroyed the pillars.

"Hyahyahahya! How about this and this!"

Accelerator laughed like a madman as he stomped the ground, creating multiple earthquakes that forcefully shot out pillars from the ground. Instead of just one direction like before, this time, the pillars came at them their six, three, nine and of course, twelve.

Wu Yan was surprised by the sudden surge in intensity, Astrea was the same as well. If she could use her wings, this kind of attack would amount to nothing more than an annoyance. But, the short time span didn't allow her to deploy her wings.

The pillars surrounded them from all sides and converged with Wu Yan and Astrea as the center.


The pillars crashed together in a huge collision, completely burying where Astrea and Wu Yan were moments ago.

Accelerator grinned, seemingly not disturbed by the fact that he might have killed someone, it's like he just killed a bunch of chicken. He looked very sinister but no one would know what he is really thinking inside.

His smug grin didn't last long. A red hue dyed his face as the stone pillars started rumbling.

Red light reminiscent of flames started leaking out of the mountain of stone pillars. And then, a huge sword beam emerged from within the stone pillars.

The stone pillars were smashed to smithereens from the sheer force of the sword beam, the remains of the stone pillars littered the area. When the dust settled, Wu Yan and Astrea emerged from within, Accelerator turned grave.

Wu Yan held an object in his hand, a nimble nodachi, Nietono no Shana.

He used the [Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz] to break his way out of the stone pillars. It was easy but the execution left him very dusty. Luckily, this isn't his true appearance.

"Master, are you okay?"

Astrea didn't notice her nose was dusty as well when she asked him. Wu Yan giggled from her appearance.

"I am alright."

"You guys look okay…"

Accelerator's voice entered their ears.

He saw the rubbles and clicked his tongue.

"Looks like this kind of attacks won't hurt you guys huh? Perhaps the attack didn't have enough juice…"

Wu Yan twitched his lower lip.

"You practically turned this place upside down and you said there wasn't enough power…"

"So what if I turn this place on its head, you're still alive and well. You challenging me?"

"If I am peerless, small fries like you wouldn't dare to challenge me would you?"

Accelerator pointed at Wu Yan.

"You lot keep coming here one after another to challenge me for my title. Even nameless characters like you guys are here to challenge me, tell me I am wrong hmm?"

Accelerator kept rambling on in anger but Wu Yan paid no heed to him. The more he listened, the more pity Wu Yan felt for Accelerator.

Incapable of making extravagant demands, this poor fellow chose the wrong path for the solution of his problem. This guy is probably the one he should feel the most pity for.

It's unclear whether he is acting out or just saying it for fun, the moment he noticed Wu Yan and Astrea lack of response Accelerator grinned before continuing.

"If I become invincible, no one will dare challenge me ever again. Since you guys are here to hinder me, it's time to die!"

The winds changed direction.

Air started converging on top of Accelerator, the winds roared with vigor.


Wu Yan stared at the vortex forming atop Accelerator, he nodded towards Astrea who had a very serious expression. Astrea smiled and data started flowing past her eyes…

The vortex was shot out at them. That wasn't the end, behind them were huge boulder raining down at them like meteors.

Wu Yan merely stepped back a bit against the combo of attacks. He gripped Nietono no Shana with two hands as he stared at Accelerator.

Astrea's sci-fi esque red eyes examined the oncoming boulders and vortex, her back trembled slightly before a pair of pure white wings emerged with a fwip.


Accelerator frowned at the sight of Astrea's wings. He's not interested in her wings per se. Rather, why would he? His arch-nemesis, Kakine Teitoku has 3 pairs of wings.

He frowned because he had a sudden sense of foreboding.

Astrea uttered a battle cry and took flight. With supersonic speed, she came before the vortex before she promptly split it apart with her photon blade.

With the vortex cut in half, the remaining force of the vortex fell on the ground in two sides. When the vortex got stopped, the boulder attack had arrived.

"Aegis L! Deploy!"

Data streamed past her eyes and her buckler shone bright before a crystalline wall made out of what appears to be fortified data spread out around her.

The area seemed to be larger than her previous deployment of Aegis L.

Something like this I'd imagine.

Boom boom boom boom…

The boulders collided with her barrier but the boulders were swiftly turned to pieces of rock upon hitting her barrier. The boulders failed to do nothing more than make noises against Astrea's Aegis L.

When the boulders had all been but blocked, the tiny meteors were disappearing as well…

Accelerator's expression turned grim again. This time he knew he had once again underestimated the enemies' skill, attack power, and defensive power…

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