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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 204: What now?…

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes the moment he heard the voice coming from the other side of the phone. Everyone was puzzled by Wu Yan's behavior as they exchanged looks with each other.

He recognized the voice. There is only one person who can call other people youngster with such an annoying tone as to incite others to punch him in the face, with a hardcover dictionary. It's that annoying glasses guy who asked him to take some of Mikoto's blood.

Sensing that the girls were confused, he signaled for them to remain quiet. He then took on the tone of someone who didn't understand what is going on.

"You? Who the fuck are you? Do I know you"

"Oh? Youngster, judging from the fact that you have forgotten about me so quick, it seems your impression of me wasn't as deep as I thought. I really should find another chance to block you and give you a piece of my mind."

And then the guy laughed like a total retard. Wu Yan rolled his eyes at the pussy ass poser laughing his arse off.

Well, he's not going to get outshined in terms of acting skill by this poser. He used a startled tone and yelled out like he just recalled.

"Y-you're the glasses guy from that day!"

The glasses guy on the other side of the phone choked when he heard Wu Yan. He didn't know what to say in response because he distinctly remembered he didn't tell Wu Yan who he is. Not that he can divulge his identity. So, he replied in frustration.

"T-that is right, I am the glasses guy from that one time…"

Wu Yan sniggered silently before he continued in a shaky voice after a brief delay.

"What business do you have with me?"

The glasses guy snickered in a cold manner. It seems the owner of the voice is pissed.

"Youngster, I think you're forgetting you owe me a bit of help that is still left unfinished…"

"I didn't forget! I didn't forget! Look, I still remember, it's true!"

Wu Yan cried out in a panic. The glasses guy got into the impression that Wu Yan is scared of him. Only the girls sitting in front of Wu Yan could see just how he is playing the glasses guy, they grinned at the sight of it all.

"Is that right?"

The glasses guy dragged his suspicion out.

"Yet, I find no news update regarding your job? Did you really obtained Mikoto's blood?"

Because the whole place is silent, the sound from the other end was easily transmitted into everyone's ears, including Mikoto's.

Mikoto stood up in a hasty fashion. It is clear from her expression that she is both surprised and confused by what she heard.

She didn't want to know who was on the other side. She only needed to know that the other party is out for her blood and therefore can only be someone aligned with the forces that wish to resume the Lv6 shift program.

And if her ears didn't deceive her, the other party seemed to have come to Wu Yan for help in obtaining her blood. Moreover, Wu Yan seemed to have agreed to do so.

She's confused but not suspicious of Wu Yan. If she were told he's working with them, she would be the first one to voice her doubt.

She's just too sensitive to any talks about her blood and DNA.

Wu Yan signaled for Mikoto to sit down and calm down. Her expression had started turning green.

It's another one who wants her blood…

The other girls heard it as well. Those in on it, Hinagiku, in particular, started turning serious whereas Astrea didn't dare to even squeeze a fart out. Ruiko, Kuroko, and Uiharu were the only ones lost right now.

Wu Yan bitterly smiled. If he knew this would happen, he wouldn't have received the call here. Hinagiku and Mikoto are fine as he didn't intend to hide the contents of the call from then anyway. But what about Kuroko and the other two girls, how should he deal with those girls?…

"I haven't obtained the blood yet. You should know that she had already ascended to No.2 and I am just an Lv0, do you expect to go over there and just stick it in her?!"

"I don't give a flying fuck!"

The glasses guy said in a furious tone.

"I couldn't give a rat's furry ass what you do. We want results!"


Wu Yan considered his next words and chose them wisely before replying.

"If I go to her asking for blood, she will definitely get suspicious…"

The glasses guy uttered a hmph.

" I came to you because I heard you were on friendly terms with Mikoto. Based on your relationship with her, the chances of you getting her blood is higher!"

"Also, if you can't complete your job…"

The guy is obviously threatening him but Wu Yan can't do anything for now but to ignore him. This tone, however, is making him really unamused.

Suppressing the emotions brewing within him, he turned on his Oscar-winning persona again.

"Gi-give me a bit more time please…"

"No! No more delays!"

The sound of glasses guy hitting a table can be heard over the phone so it is clear that the glasses guy is very agitated.

"We want her blood by today!"

"Th-this is impossible, you're asking me for the impossible…"

Wu Yan is thinking up of countermeasures as he said that pathetic line.

It seems the fact that Mikoto beat Kakine Teitoku and becoming the new No.2 had a big effect. Otherwise, the guy wouldn't be in such a huge hurry.

The glasses guy is also at his wit's end. Mikoto had defeated Kakine Teitoku, overturned Parameter List's estimates, the implications were huge.

There are a ton of individuals who want nothing less than to dissect Misaka Mikoto and see just how she achieved such a feat of overturning Parameter List, including the organization he belongs to.

This isn't just about L6 shift program anymore. This was related to Parameter List. If he could just figure out how she beat Parameter List, perhaps the results could be replicated on other people?

If so, couldn't they beat Parameter List and make a ton of strong espers as well?!

Just thinking of the possibilities had the scientists and researchers all riled up. They were all looking for Mikoto on the surface and the dark side of the Academy City. It is the same situation over at glasses guy's side.

"I already told you, that's your own fucking problem!"

The guy said, or rather roared.

"I want to see Mikoto's blood by tonight! After you obtain her blood, come to…"

The glasses guy revealed an address that stunned Wu Yan. The reported address is the place where they were keeping the last of the sisters.

The glasses guy didn't spare any more moments after giving him the address, he hanged up straight away. Wu Yan didn't mind the rude end to their call because he hadn't recovered from what he had just heard. When he did recover, a grin slowly spread across his face.

Finally, a legitimate excuse he can use to sneak into the research firm and rescue the remaining sisters!

"Yan, what's going on? Who is the other guy?"

Mikoto asked the moment he got off the phone. She wanted to know what they were talking about.

Wu Yan sighed. He knew that Mikoto is worried to hell, she thinks this is somehow her fault but with Kuroko and the other girls still here did she really expect him to spill everything?…

He disclosed the trade he had with glasses guy while omitting anything related to Lv6 shift program.

The result is that Kuroko, Ruiko, and Uiharu were all very confused about why the other party would want Mikoto's blood. However, they are sure that they aren't up to anything good that's for sure.

Her sense of justice and her concern of any topic related to Onee-sama compelled Kuroko to stand up.

"This matter has the sign of a crime written all over it. As part of Judgment, it is within our jurisdiction to apprehend the ones behind this and bring him to face justice!"

Wu Yan bitterly grinned. The Academy City wouldn't be so riddled with darkness if some faction belonging to upper management of Academy City got caught by an organization comprised of school kids.

"Kuroko, it is better if yous tay out of this!"

Kuroko flinched and protested.

"Why not!"

"This matter is on a greater scale than you can imagine, you girls would do well to not get your hands dirtied!"

He didn't wait for Kuroko to reply before he turned to Mikoto, Hinagiku, Ikaros, and Astrea. He laughed and continued.

"I've got a plan!"

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