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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 203: Academy City in uproar…

The owner of the voice knew about the Parameter List. Or rather, anything that Aleister knows, he(she?) would know as well.

But, the owner of the voice couldn't figure out what Aleister is thinking about. If one were talking about power, then no doubt, the owner of the voice is the stronger of the two. In terms of brainpower though, the owner of the voice has yet to see anyone surpass this individual before him.

After seeing that Aleister had gone silent, the owner of the voice knew that he must be thinking about something and so chose to shut up as well.

Aleister recalled the day the first sister went missing. Since that day, his plans had been met with setbacks and chaos, his plan that was until that point, accurate to a fault.

The sisters being stolen from him is the first time he had miscalculated.

Nobody is safe from his manipulation because he had Under_line crawling all over the city. Anything that transpires in the city is within his palms, not even the rat pissing in the sewer will have its privacy spared.

Losing the sisters left and right had really made him lose faith in his Under_line. With his personality, he didn't get mad at how things went. Instead, he reminded himself that this is a lesson he should learn.

This series of setback had taught him that he shouldn't rely too much on Under_line.

He swiftly set up an information network with ridiculous efficacy which he then integrated with Under_line, all so that he will know about every little thing going on in Academy City.

He thought he would be able to quickly return the plan to its original path. Mikoto's unprecedented increase in strength had exceeded his expectations yet again!

This all seemed to stemmed from a root cause, the stolen sisters and everything else that happen afterward if he could just get his hands on the root cause…

Thinking about what went wrong these days, he shut his eyes…


♦ ♦ ♦

At the same time, a shocking news was being displayed on the blimp that seems to be forever floating in the sky without ever descending to the ground.

Mikoto's photo appeared on the wide screen and right next to it were a few lines of text…

Academy City's No. 3, Railgun, Misaka Mikoto just beat Academy City's No. 2, Dark Matter, Kakine Teitoku!

Everyone saw the text and started chattering about it.

The impact of this news is not a small one. Railgun ascending to No.2 is something that utterly changed the perceptions of those working in the dark side of the Academy City, those who knew about Parameter List. This revelation is like a mind bomb that just blew their mind.

Destined only to stay at No.3 and never to surpass No.2, Mikoto had broken past Parameter List and 's estimations, she broke her own calculated limits.

To deny Parameter List, what is the implication?

It implies that those who they had deemed to be ants and were subsequently thrown out as garbage might very well have been wrong.

It might also mean that these lab rats who they deemed to be valuable might turn out to be huge mistakes.

Any research pertaining to abilities would be affected and in Academy City, aren't all research related to abilities in some ways?

Those research that base their studies on Parameter List's result would have their designs questioned. The researchers who had made their fame by doing such research, as well as those that are currently researching all,  got really upset at this prospect.

Of course, the researchers that got real mad were limited to those working in the dark side. On the brighter side of Academy City where "If one worked hard one could increase their strength" were thrown around as a cliche. This much is intriguing but not worldview changing, except for Tokiwadai…

Mikoto's face was plastered on walls, displayed on any electronic screen in Tokiwadai and the Ojou-samas couldn't stop celebrating that their ace had risen up in rank and became the strongest excluding the number one in Academy City.

Those Ojou-samas that looked up to Mikoto fell deeper into their worship of her…

The other lv5 residing in Tokiwadai, Shokuhou Misaki displayed unusual behaviors…

Mikoto who had ascended to No.2 and had enjoyed a greater increase in influence within Tokiwadai did not seem to faze Shokuhou Misaki who treated Misaka Mikoto like her arch enemy. She was unusually indifferent to the proceedings.

She would normally manage the affairs in her own faction but she suddenly seemed to stop caring about the affairs.

The reason she is like this is probably only something she would know.

♦ ♦ ♦

School district seven, Wu Yan's house…


Wu Yan, Mikoto, Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, Kuroko, Ruiko, and Uiharu got together to celebrate. They lifted their drinks and slammed them together.

"Misaksan, congratulations on making it to No.2!"

Ruiko energetically said to Mikoto. Uiharu also smiled at the side. It is clear that these girls are happy for Mikoto.


Mikoto scratched her head in a bashful manner. Wu Yan wanted to call her shit right there and then as she was the one who wanted to celebrate her moving up a rank…

"Hm hm! With Onee-sama's power, moving up to No. 2 was just a matter of time…"

Kuroko said with arms akimbo in a rather smug manner. She's probably the happiest of the bunch as she likes Mikoto in a not so plutonic way.

"No.2 is just a stepping stone. Very soon, Onee-sama will be able to beat No.1 and become the strongest esper in Academy City!"

Kuroko clasped her hands together as her eyes turned into shiny stars. Her worshipping eyes glazed over in an enraptured manner.

"Oh, Onee-sama, my beautiful and strong Onee-sama, please permit Kuroko to hug you as a gesture of my heartfelt passion!"

Kuroko disappeared the next moment and appeared in Mikoto's arms, she grabbed her by the hips and rubbed her chest that was slowly developing just nice under Wu Yan's manipulation.

"Kuroko! Let go of me!"

Suddenly being grabbed by Kuroko and in front of everyone including Wu Yan, she got as mad as she is embarrassed. She grabbed Kuroko and pulled her away from herself.

The two got into a friendly tussle and everyone laughed. He has got to hand it to her, Kuroko has the ability to turn any ordinary event into drama with a snap of her fingers…

While grinning as he took in the sight of Kuroko messing around with Mikoto, he thought about something else.

It is a good thing that Mikoto ascended to No.2 but similarly, this meant that her fight with Kakine Teitoku was observed by Aleister.

Not that he has got anything to lose by Mikoto getting the spotlight. He had stolen the sisters, looted all the DNA and this made Mikoto stood out. This news will only serve to make the entire affair more salient and convoluted if anything. Hell, with how things are proceeding, he might just be able to obtain the remaining sisters when everybody is not paying attention to him.

Granted of course, that these will have to wait until further notice…

At this moment, his phone suddenly rang and the place fell into silence. The girls might be partying but some of their attention were devoted to Wu Yan, including Kuroko, Uiharu, and Ruiko. He's the only guy here how would they not be aware of him?

He apologetically smiled at everyone and then took out his phone. He tilted his head in confusion at the unknown caller ID.

Everybody he knows is here so who would be calling him? Moreover, it's from an unknown number…

Bewildered, he picked up the phone while everyone watched.

"Hello, what can I do you for!"

The caller on the other side stayed quiet when Wu Yan picked up the phone. A brief while later, he heard the voice that made him wish he could portal punch the guy on the other side.

"Hey youngster, you remember me?"

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